Rem+Rom: A Raft Manifest

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Rem+Rom: A Raft Manifest

Chaulky White: SSES SSES SSEY

The Becoming

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Derek White: Marsupial




580> Tromping Monti w/ the patron saint of tramps, St. B.J. Labre
A spooky thing happend 2 us as we flâneured our way down via Serpenti. A'proaching the coroner w/ via Baccina, we god this creepy feeline dat sumping brushed by our leg, like a dog, but we looked down + dint see nuttin. Hard to discribe, felt like a ghost passed rite thru us, sending a chill down our spine. When we god to the coroner we tole our bedder-½ + she looked at us w/ jaw drop'd + said she [ ... ]

579>A Sisyphean search for Mt. Analogue in the South Seas: flashing back to Fiji 1990
Weird ritual. And the guy sitting ½ naked on a box plucking the washtub bass. The M.C. very serious in his serving of kava, going round the room 1 by 1, bula bula. Spoons rattling in coke bottles. The diligent young lad pounding the kava to the beat. The virgins spitting. All night. Eyes glance around. Everybody in their own inquisitive thoughts. Ever reminded we're but social animals. I can see the moon [ ... ]

578> Mum's the word in the realm of the unreal, n outsider free-floating w/ no famous last 1s
... worth, the skinny dirt, Giordano's hood, hung still in bronze, from dusk to dawn, on death row still, against god's will, with Gallileo + Brahe's brass nose + Neruda's noose ... unearthed to no avail the sails mizzened at ½-mast despite no wind, you face the waving flag cast from the gallows to an unmarked grave save the date, any famous last words? to carve in stone or camel bone atone for the undead [ ... ]

577>N OUTpourine of Yodaphonic telepathy 2 mash IN mach 5 X-isle 4 2 stop making cense
... knot as simpul as just recommending 1 provider ova n udder, bud a filosofickle + hystorical die-a-tribe of the Roman pysche... b4 we figgerd may-b she was a vampire, but now we realize she is Yoda incarnated (a Slovenian version thereof, living in Rome since '66) + we felt like a nigh-eve Skywalker knee-deep in da swamp, despirate to just git our Inurnet working when we needid to take a deep [ ... ]

576> @ home in Rome not roamin' no rione but staying caput mundi in our palatial attico
... tempo hitself d-celerates in Rome, tutto takes longer. Still no Inurnet, not direct inny way... using 1 of them saddlelite bumper do-hickys, but even dat broke so we is cumpleatly disconnected. Was reading sumwhere (probly in The Economist, cuz dats all we read these days) how Italy's god the fastest Inurnet speeds in el moondough... problem is gitting hit, they is the slowest in the world setting hit [ ... ]

575>Romin' da ghetto (R.XI) w/Zeno's Conscience on our conchus, narrated, in synthesis, by ...
+ Matt Damon's flat where Phillip Seymour Hoffman git's murderd in The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999) is just b-hind the abuv turtle font. And just outside the center for Amerikin studies on via Caetani is where back in 1978 they found the red Renault w/prime minister Aldo Moro's body, after he was kidnapped for 55 days by the commie Red Brigadge. We had no idea about dis shit til we saw a plack [ ... ]

574> dubble sewer-sided blank tape of mitico d'Irge + SSea horse teeth in ill lofty attico, 66
... mind-boggling in ceremonial formalities + burrocrazy, no capisco ½ da shit day a'saying, probly bedder dat weigh. But we was handid keys + eccoci QUI. Spent the 1° day runnin' round findin' stuff to survive ill nite... sure, we cd of just gone down to a trattoria, but we god engrained survival instinks when it comes to food + H20 @ least to halve sumping edible on hand, specially coffee (still using a sock) [ ... ]

573>Bicycle thieves roamin' a snowdome in clementsea postponed
we int.erupt our regalure roamin' of Rome Rioni to bring u dis rather inclement post... b-sides Trump, we left the east coast to xcape cold crappy weather, but seems it has followed us... bin cold + rainy since we got here + meanwhile word is it's unseasonably warm in DC/NYC. We was living here last time it snow'd in Rome in 2012 + b4 dat it hadn't snowed since 1986 (b-sides a dusting in 2010 [ ... ]

572> R.XII. un RiParian loser brother puts d bank in river w/adamjam'd spacebar!#rippin'cloacamaximanewJanus
Our nu landlord gots sum sirius pedigree, we havent met 'em yet, only dealt w/well-dressed proxys, but weve bin in the secret inner chambers + seen their hairlooms + odd relicks likea branch 1 of 'em was hung from... i mean, their faimlee tree's got popes + shit init! In fact, their's a rione named for Colonna (R.III), tho we aint gunna bunk in dat 1, we gunnalive in R.IX—the pinecone rione, [ ... ]

571>Embarking on roamin' the Roman rione of Testaccio (R.XX)
Doing the eternal city in such a systematic fashion as Maphattan might pose a challenge, considering the rats nest of alleys + streets, far from the organized grid of Manhattan. So the thinkin' is dat we gunna tackle Rome by rioni (districts), of wich dare be 22 (XXII in Roman #s) in toetill + since we's currently bedding down on the Aventino, close to Testaccio (rione XX), figgered she's as good [ ... ]

570> Lungo il tratto non-domestico cercando Rom en home nei ultimi piani di parcheggi ambientali
... come se existe solo l'inglese + tutte le altre lingue sono secondarie + raggruppate insieme, fondendosi in 1. Por otra parte, tal vez es mejor que no apprendiamo italiano, no solo arruinará nuestra escritura de "SSEY' pero también pensamos que quizás es mayhorror que no sepamos lo que dicen los pinche italianos! 1 ting 4 shore tho, we aint gunna miss the sound of ∀merikin inglish nun. [ ... ]

569>Parroting parabolic pairodimes twine DC + B'more mo mo. Rinse. Ripeat.
Up + movin' will make 1 like dis, not able to foke us, limbotic zombees waitin' for time to pass, gittin' thru mediate milestones, dis here removal of our shit bean major 1, aft'r dat 6 weeks sin possessions we used to livin' out of a suitcase like dis... kinda fun actshoally, gits u out of yo ruteen. Wipes the slate clean to stablish new 1s, reinvent 1-self. Seeing sites for the last time makes it a new lens. [ ... ]

568> Georgetown routes to run away in waning days in Trumplandia
... gearing up for our expatriation—make sure we're stocked + loaded w/ Calamari, check. Liquidate xcess (thanx to those that got chef's selection.. only a few days left for those that havent). Set up a virtual mailbox (in West Hollywood, yo), check. Order stuff hard-to-get in Rome (black beans, maseca corn flour, chapulines, canned + dried chiles, habanero seeds to plant our own, etc.)... after all, [ ... ]

567>molting our skin to the quarry, in sum
... 4450 km, not counting side trips (our odometer clocked more than 5000). 2 flats. Lots of animals, not menny ppl, just how we like hit. Endless barren + desolate landxcapes. Now in the waning dayz of 2017... dint do much travelling this year till these past 2 months, December in South Afrikaaa + Namibia + November in Rome, Buenos Aires + London. Other than dat, Mexico x2: Cuernavaca [ ... ]

566> deriving d'ark side of South Afrikaaan landxcape to breach each itch
dilapidated truck w/ disheveled black dudes pulls up blaring loud music (cool beats whatever hit was), fat white fuck w/ buzzcut + Harley Davison shirt marches up to them + hits 'em on the shoulder + barks sumping in Afrikaaans, presumably «shut off dat jungle music» + dare was a short xchange + truck speeds off peeling rubber, redneck glaring at 'em. Everywhere we go all white clientele served [ ... ]

565>Mirror cats reading the news in Kgalagadi transfrontier
... walked around + our guide showed us how bushmen «read the newspaper»... i.e. analyze all the tracks to see who passed thru in the middle of the night, or looking at the tracks grass makes in the wind to predict weather, etc. He showed us medicinal plants which we forgot the names of (usually involved some sorta clicking noise) + we foraged on berries from the shepherd bush, which has an [ ... ]

564> Tracking Kalahari lions in red sands + leafing behind books
A little relief from thunderstorms, tho still dint amount to more then sprinkles. Lightning did knock the power out tho, wich made for a miserable nite sleeping w/ no AC or fan in stifling pitch blacknest, 'fraid to leaf the door ajar for fear of cobras, scorpions, etc. Not menny utters here, hanging mostly w/ some Kiwi cupple reminds us of Justin Theroux + Carrie Coon in The Leftovers. After they googled [ ... ]

563>Bellying up to the waterhole for cheetah exfoliation w/ rainbow lightning
Wint for an early morning walk + saw the cheetahs again, this time they rub'd up against the fence purring loud, wanting to be pet. Then for a long run... felt like Jim Carey in the Truman show, striving to find the edge of the game park, but dint reach the far fence. Chilled in front of the watering hole. Then went for the «cheetah experience»... sorta cheesey, but how else u gunna hang out w/ cheetahs? [ ... ]

562> Pan to a river's dead end into the red dunes of Namibia
... infamous for what, not sure, except that its the closest 1 to the road. Kept going to the end, paid for the jeep ride rather then risk getting stuck... but we had to stop to help dipshits in dinky cars that didn't heed the warning, our driver got out (no way we was volunteering) to help get them unstuck + continue on (despite warnings to turn back) only to get stuck again so we were delayed [ ... ]

561>Indexing our own quivering cat's cradle canyon into Namibia
«She said indexing was a thing that only the most amateurish author undertook to do for his own book.» Guess we're amateurs. Haven't had reliable Inurnet for days, a struggle just to check email, if you're lucky it downloads the header, but not the contents. Can't figger out how to download pics from our fancy SLR (w/ a telephoto lens) either, so will have to post those later. For now will just post quick [ ... ]

560> Waiting for barbarians @ the B9 southern cape of good coping mechanisms
At the base of the cliff saw a chain dangling, about 30 feet of verticul that u had to batman up... started to do it + seemed doable, but going up is 1 thing + going down another... dint know what to xpect aft'r dat (googling now seems a bit dangerous w/o ropes). Continued traversing along the base tward the tram, then saw an elephant trail w/ a cuntinuous stream of folks coming up, Germanic bro [ ... ]

559>Buckskin Cocaine + Sisyphus Stones: begins again the renunciation against colonization
Seamed serendicilous cuz as we resently pointed out, Sisyphus is rumored to be Ulysses's true dad + in the book we's writing next (as Anon I'mus) we're calling Chaulky = Ulysses + dare father = Sisyphus. Da book on hold cuz we compiled a cassette + hour anticipating our next move witch might uproot us, sum folks kin ride like dat, bud we need to be sumwhat groundid b4 we kin wrap our head [ ... ]

558> Herding th unheard silence ahead of The Raft's wake: logarithmic confessions of a 4-track mind
[...] the idea of recording, of laying tracks on tape, really struck a chord w/ us, as the sayin' gose. Hit became an obsession, an x-cape (from + @ the xpense of our studies, in math + sighents)... away of chronicling, jus like what we do now w/ writing + in regards to publishing u cd say we cut our teeth on cassettes... no, we dint use tape as dental floss fool, bud the whole DiY sensibilly-t of hit [ ... ]

557>3 nights of serious listening amp'd @ 11, rushing judgment to no-decision to kill ♂ heros
... not a far cry from scientology if u aks us, wanna-be mystic men's club crap cant quiet put hour finger on hit dat bothers us bout such books bud rather than articulate in concise glish wad rubbed us wrongly bout Gurdjieff ± Daumal wheel tock mo' generule (in offshooting pata/dada style) bout concepts of judgment + decision making, weather we be tocking bout manly authors ± musicians ± athletes [ ... ]

556> Plush/safe he think, hulled up in a sports dome of consumer fascism til Kingdom Come
... the Kingdome-ish mega-mall complex where a madman opens fire into a crowd w/ a machine gun... reminiscent yes of Vegas, Brexit + Westgate (∀ll of wich came later) but also channeling the superdomed squalor of Katrina dat came b4... a malaise of passive apathy fueled by patriotism + ignorants dat inevitably brims ova into teaming k-OS + anarkey father fueled by fascist sports + hooligan [ ... ]

555> Don't look now, butt equine conspiracy of 5 senses in the Twilight Zone (Greenwich time)
... Hitchcock never even alludes to a reason for the bird's behavior, whereas Du Maurier reveals far more ominous + brooding undertones in the text—«... how many million years of memory were stored in those little brains, behind the stabbing beaks, the piercing eyes, now giving them this instinct to destroy mankind with all the deft precision of machines.» Bring it on! Weed be happy to give el moon- [ ... ]

554> Manifesto of neglected solar script w/ cryptic decrepit crypts + antiquated luxury
... in facto Xul Solar painted the Aleph + makes a cameo in a Borges cuento or 2... + quizas influenzed sum of Borges' signature motifs that reoccur in most of these 20 or so stories—infinity, labyrinths + the granularity of holographic microcosms—«Homer compuso la Odisea; postulado un plazo infinito, con infinitas circunstancias y cambios, lo impossible es no componer, siquiera una vez, [ ... ]

553> how the present belongs to Anon I'mus, riding w/ Mao II in a car missing a door thru Silvery, Good Air
thru immigration, customs, taxi line, throngs of teenage girls screaming when we exit, mistaken us for some 1 famoso. The celebrity appears + mayhem breaks loose, a moving, hectic mass of paparazzi + girls gritando, in the middle of it can see just bodyguards, red in the face, yelling, covering the celebrity, the chicas that caught a glimpse break out in tears, our entertainment in the taxi queue [ ... ]

552> Launching a Roman raft on the Columbia, still in the Zone composting intelligence on the fly
1 thing nwavo we discovered (back to speaking now in the vox of Anon I'mus) is this Roman tradition of "talking statues" (Pasquino shown above), sumthing our patron Cal, nor Rem+Rom never knew about in them years living qui. They'd seen these, ma non sapevano cosa erano—statues w/ pieces of paper stuck to them (anonymous folk used to stick 'em right on the pedestal, now they put up [ ... ]
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