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424 > Fancy that our 0° kidnap begins «ma I am» as Dr. Awkward dawns a pair uv genes searching for xpression

like chewing on carrots or white chicken meat which lots uv ppl like (specielly white 1s) but we wonder if we lack an essential enzyme cuz we just keep chewing + chewing like we eating wood pulp but the cud too dry to swallow [...] like-minded homebodies (not even mall-crawling) > like cats that never leave the apartment > + how our boring day-to-day space becomes a closed system subject to [ ... ]

423 Pictures of matchstick men: a nü moon eclipses entropy + failure «crow-bars breast milk» machine-wise

.. got us th-inking uv text as resolved flux field .. each word a cullapsed node of potential .. + energy flowing tween the lines ment to induice mism b-rain circuisry .. triggered via wired induction .. dependent of course on the cerebral state of reader déjà cashed w/ cullapsing .. membering back when we took Statistical Thermodynamics (which we got a C in (failing for grad students) despite [ ... ]

422 ... the same ruthlessness and aggression concealed within a set of polite conventions

.. the more creature comforts + conveniences u give ppl the more they focus on petty shit .. especially in such close proximity w/ other humans .... inevitably a hierarchy forms .. a true utopia or anarchy cannot exist .. just like in Lord of the Flies sooner or later ⍺-assholes come along to exploit the situation + take power .. pulling the rest of us back into the primal muck [ ... ]

421 «These words lack the language game in which» hangs the bay of Naples

.. just a hivesh din of good-vibed real-world socialization in the dark piazzas + streets .... got to our car + guys w/ puffy jackets + faux-hawks (the prevailing look here) sitting all over it + another car double-parked blocking us in .. fortunately open so leaned in on their horn .. thawt we might just have to have another drink + stay out all night but owner finally came .... even still stuck in insane traffic [ ... ]

420 Comparative phylogenetic etymology: return to the planit of asshole apes + dickish chimps still evolving form

.. starts stop thinking it weird that here he surrounded by clothed apes in the same roles he = used to seeing humans fulfill (for example ape cocktail waitresses) .. starts to forget it weird + becomes normalized .. .. cocktail = another one of them words causes u to stop in your tracks for a sec .... another weird thing .. that we use the word ape as a verb to mimic .. when do apes ever mimic us? [ ... ]

419 Reaching the self-extinguishing finish line of our Maphattan Project only to say we quit .. proSSESed on the fly

.. beyond all this tho there = a certain vanity of aspiration ever-pervasive in NYC .. every1 coming here to become sum1 only to end up disappointed + bitter .. + those born here or that came a decade or 2 ago stubbornly entrenched + resentful of these aspiring newcomers .... we long for the day when every1 stops trying to become sumbody + just becomes how they already came into the world to [ ... ]

418 $tate of the archive + the measure of true currency

.. that time of year dear Inurnet (+ specifically those of u curious about the realities of running a small independent press) when our financials we make public (this = what to publish means after all .. etymologically) .. tho 2014 = the year when we dropped (or released) the pushy word press from our name so we shd say for the intrest of any1 crazy enough to want to start a publishing archive [ ... ]

417 Surfacing from the Death Sentence of the burgeoning bourgeois-ville of inturned stiled cities

.. keeping some1 from death = just as bad as killing some1 against their will .... the book itself becomes framed in the writing of it .. in a sort of death spiral .. morphemed social insects marching in circles to death .. his writing like dividing by 0 .. not linear but circularly cullapsing into itself .... in the beginning Blanchot tells us he destroyed the 1st draft of the book .. so what becomes this book [ ... ]

416 Nomadic Rome-antics riding Paul Revere's wolf to No Place on Earth in particular flushed awkwordness

« .. one of those moments of doleful lucidity when he perceives the thought behind every play of features, the meaning behind every word, the reason for every action—moments when everything, most of all he himself, lies exposed in its nakedness and poverty, and loathing enters into him, and words are like toads jumping out of his mouth and the mouths of others.» [ ... ]

415 The traumatic language of dead dads + a Roaman wolf revisited

.. @ sum pt every 1 has a dead dad (unless u die 1° .. in which case your dad belongs to the club of dads who outlive their sons ± daughters .. a club even sadder than the dead dads club) .... we ourself joined the dead dads club @ age 15 .... + we also belong to the dead brothers club which feels sadder still than the dead dads club .. + this means our mom belongs to the club of moms who [ ... ]

414 Just like the 1-winged crow becoming a fish out of water in Aragon's Paris

.. both of us trying to sleep it off holed up in a typically tiny dank hotel room .. of all places Paris .. nowhere else do we feel such the fish out of water as France .. even living 3 months in Nice never adjusted culturally .... nowhere else do we feel so detached + self-conscious .. so unhip + unfashionable .. tout trop étranger .. maybe sumthing to do w/ the language .. our français est merde .. other places [ ... ]

413 The morality of landscape + sherpas as we fishtail to walkabout Annapurna communing w/ animals

.. thinking now about what we thawt whilst walking + those long cold nights laying there not sleeping .. thinking what our brother-½ thawt about or xpected to find + like him inevitably coming up empty handed .... where do all those thawt thawts go? .... sorta of like the Aborigine walkabout custom of formulating songlines from landscapes .. retrieved only when repeating the same walk [ ... ]

412 The Strangers, crows + separation anxiety: 95% the way round the world in 18 days then forking solo

.. saw a tree full of crows all making a fuss + 1 crow dangled from its wingtip unable to get free no matter how hard it flipped + flapped .... disturbing sight .. a murder of other crows gathered watching but nuthing they cd do .... we took this as a bad omen .. considering wether we shd fly today or not .... then thawt (justified) that maybe it meant (since «early bird gets 1st worm») we shdn't go [ ... ]

411 Stuck in Lodi (Delhi) again (.. + Safdarjung's tomb w/ a Huaz Khas complex)

.. them want to take u everywhere + guide u all day xcept wont want to take u to where u ask to go unless u insist .. drops me off in Hauz Khas area but nowhere near the temple complex .. walk thru some janky park w/ either couples making out in bushes our groups of lecherous males w/ greasy hair + Members Only jackets looking for girls .. or guys w/ sticks seeming eager to use them on [ ... ]

410 Inner Experience in India intuiting inroads in nonknowledge in vain (cant see it if u try)

.. so smoggy cd see smog inside the airport .. a thick haze .. eyes + throat burning w/in minutes .. our pineal pinged .. confused w/ time zones + room #s .. probly stayed in a dozen different hotels in ½ a dozen different time zones so far in 2015 .. went to sleep w/ curtains drawn + slept til 10:30 AM (rare for us) .. got up to get breakfast that ended at 10:30 .. told them room 104 + ordered [ ... ]

409 Fleeing the land of doomsday hoarders to Kafka's placeless take on Amerika

.. strange to pack for 6 months .. makes u realize it dont matter whether 1 week or 2 .. or 1 month or 6 .. or 3 years .. if u dont use sumthing 1x a week u dont need it .. a few changes of clothes .. a brush for teeth or hair .. tho longer than a month might actually need a razor .... + of course this machine we write on .. unfortunately we still not weaned of book objects so ½ our baggage composed of [ ... ]

408 Winks undertakings: back on Hudson (in transit) Maphatting south of Canal

.. after a month long hiatus from our Maphattan Project .. we hit the streets again .. perhaps would've tried to finish it all off (only ~26 miles left) but yesterday's snow (or the subsequent forecast of 100% rain that never happened) threw a kink into our plans .. so might just have to leave the southern tip for when we next revisit [ ... ]

407 4 hours in Hong Kong meets Huck Finn The prime American punk

.. reckon many a merican can .... the idea uv striking out in such free-floating independance .. leaving a broken home .. not that we had such an abusive paps .. but drunkard yes + neither parent supporting us to educate ourself but in stead greenly resentful we might 1 up on dem .. + mustering to take credit for what we'd done by our own recognizance .... + tho we never lived w/ no anal widow our [ ... ]

406 Contagion of baseness + buffoonery: reversing reaction of Pure Immanence

Better a nothingness of the will than a will of nothingness! But thanks to this rupture, the will to nothingness turns against the reactive forces, becoming the will to deny reactive life itself, and inspires in man the wish to actively destroy himself. Beyond the last man, then, there is still the man who wants to die. And at this moment of the completion of nihilism (midnight), everything is ready— [ ... ]

405 Jetty jank + street art gimmickry of Georgetown (Penang) [ ... ]

404 Inursecting back: Lombok to Penang isles (via Java) xactly 24 yrs future past

... Hours spent sitting on my pack holding mindless conversations w/ Javanese guys (never approached by women). Finally the train came—got a seat next to some guy reading the Koran. He didn't even look up, read it 6 hours straight without even blinking. It was dark. I could feel motion but all i could see was a crowded smokey car jerking back + forth. Reality + sleep became synchronous. [ ... ]

403 I-land frogging to Penang in a veiled return to undifferentiated animism

.. but the «primitive» makes no distinction between the mystic + material world .. undifferentiated all the same .. them belief system so ingrained + intuitive them dont even call it nothing («animism» an anthropological construct) .. .. «Primitives see with eyes like ours, but they do not perceive with the same minds. We might also say that their perceptions are made up of a nucleus surrounded by [ ... ]

402 Can 1 reason rationally reading How Natives Think w/o killing animist magic or «not knowing any better»?

... the «primitive way» considers all things + beings ± whatever else to be cosmically linked .. in this holistic mindset there exists no distinction between self + everything else .. between subject + object .. between past + present .. animate + inanimate .... of course seems paradoxical or anthropomorphic that Lévy-Bruhl can speak of the inner-workings of the primitive mind as such [ ... ]

401 East meets West Timor in land of living we dead spitting betel-juice

.. after all the requisite formalities + hand-shaking they directed us to stand up in front + this shaman-like guy started in on this intense chanting + the community would chime in on certain words .. he was swaying + getting quite emotional enough to make hair on back of our neck bristle .. not sure what he said (not even in bahasa Indonesian but in their local dialect (dawan)) .. then 2 women [ ... ]

400 We the Living monkey chanting for individualism in the land of fire + water

.. sacrificing self for the better of society .. something Indonesians seems to do naturally (Kecak exemplary of this) .. no 1 needing to take credit .. more about the art than the artist .. a consequence of rice-growing culture .. a crop that requires a lot of community cooperation (to make rice paddies .. irrigation .. etc.) .. whereas wheat-growing cultures tend toward every man for himself [ ... ]

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