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Rem+Rom: A Raft ManifestRem+Rom: A Raft Manifest

Rem+Rom: A Raft Manifest

Chaulky White: SSES SSES SSEY

The Becoming

Untitled: under the auspices

Ark Codex

Derek White: Marsupial


629> Driving a steak thru her heart to eat stake + steak out a hearth to call m-self = hoam (as washed ova by MOLG)
The key is taking a holistic systems approach + in order to truly due dat folks need to lose themselves. Let your jeans take over. Inevitably our jeans want all jeans to survive cuz a good % we share w/ ∀ll humanidad. Bad apples still put on the same genes as every 1 Ls in L moondough, 1 leg at a time. If we entrust ourselves to hit, our coded systems will go beyond humun concerns, or even [ ... ]

628> Fish outta water on cobblestoned streets flopping necks 2 humdog's pandora vox
one might question the idea of silence in a place where millions of user-ids parade around like angels of light, looking to see whom they might, so to speak, consume. the silence is nonetheless present and it is most present, paradoxically at the moment that the user-id speaks. when the user-id posts to a board, it does so while dwelling within an illusion that no one is present. language in cyberspace is a frozen landscape. i have seen many people spill their guts on-line, and i [ ... ]

627> Peru-fest 1991 (the sun also rises): summer solstice at Sexy Woman, at gun point
At least 2 sketchy characters offered us drogas to enhance our Machu Picchu experience. After chowing + wandering, Max + I went to the hot springs. We were expecting trippy Shirley McClaine freaks + we were not let down. In the main pool were about 20-30 hippy sudamericanos in a circle holding candles, burning incense + chanting to new age music. They hugged in mass, contracting + [ ... ]

626> Pronto to rexhume Textilioma + the pro'SSES" of listing sidewaze in Δ-shifted non-state (dat inkloots U, cari!)
don't use no aposttrophy. Ulyssesses? A long line of 'em. We carry the torch now, dat's what we doing a key hoy 2 day. Finishing the relay race for hour airmano to let lie. In the prosses of tilling hisstory of our trip to go looking for what Ulysses was looking 4 4 hour lieboro we feel inklined to 1st transcibe our ℝeel moondough journels from our peronal liebury, of our journey. N Odysseyian gurney. [ ... ]

625> worksongs: I, AI, Ǝxist to search for work in IA, UI, UX + d-Zine or as n über driver
... we're @ the wheel but not toetilly in command of our ¢enses, @ 1 point deriving from the backseat. Shore it's got sumping to do w/ angziety over gaining control + where we're going w/ our life. So sum trax in the above mix got to due w/ dat as well as information architexture—the commun link we detourmined b-tween our art + profe$$ional careers. It's all about information entropy, S [ ... ]

624> "Rats! Taxes! Mort the gauge!" we chant, sipping last drinks from the ever-flowing fonts
... "i smell a rat" or as symbols of deception, witch might be a relevant expression in regards to the skeptickle anxiety we've bin feeling as of late. Others say if a rat scurries cross yo path it means u being aksed to assert yoself in areas u aint yet explored, that it's high time for new biginnings. True dat. Or that we need to evaluate the clutter around us + purge old baggedge, witch mos def = true, as [ ... ]

623> SpqR: rising/falling to wipe the slate to leave roam w/ no b-longing
Last night we was halving dinner on a porch somewhere tropickle + we saw 2 majestic lions playing in the surf of what looked like a caribbean I-land. Twas an inspirational sight. Our bedder-½ said she din't have her iPhone which normally she always does (tho she did decide recently to stop posting on Instagram... perhaps what inspired this) so we fumbled for our camraw to snap sum photos but [ ... ]

622> Floating notes on a mortgage calculator where the heart layz
Outside we hear megaphonic yelling + screaming from protests as usual. Can't understand ½ of what they say which suits us fine. We never did feel like we belong here, even if our "belongings" are here. We've spent our life thus far longing for elsewhere dove l'erba è più verde, now it's time to realize it don't matter where long as we are w/ our bedder-½. La casa è dove si trova il cuore. [ ... ]

621> Honing in on owning home + not to rome so much
Toured around the 1st day + didn't see much that struck our fancy. After a few minutes in the 2nd or 3rd house on the 2nd day we said this be the 1. We'd bin scouring Redfin daily for a few weeks + seen things come + go before we even got a chants to see 'em... well this 1 came on markit morning of, on Redfin for no mo than n hour so our agent tells this guy we came all the ways from Rome kin we [ ... ]

620> Homer ovacoming Sisyphean mementos + moments of inertia, in keeping farword momentum
1x we was at a friends place in N.J., an Indian coder we worked w/ at Napster + he was complaining about where he lived + we aksed well why don't u move elsewhere + he gave a 1-word response: inertia. And it struck us that there's lots of folk stuck in that same boat, in a cycle they can't get out of, specially by yo bootstraps. We don't got that problema, perhaps we suffer the opposit, who nose how [ ... ]

619> On failure, failing better, Faust, freedom + the currency to be uncool
Those 👍 + ♡ buttons are like morphine drips that feed peepholes ¢ense of self-worth. There's just no way u can please every1—sum like it hot, sum like it cold, sum like it in the pot 9-days old—but disappointing we can't even strike a chord w/ at least 1%, let alone 33⅓. When we were mixing un, a part of us mustered to make it sumwhat axsessible, w/ perhaps a glimmer of hope that maybe [ ... ]

618> Figures on a landscape: cliff-dwelling maze men of the bad lands
... sleeping in a cave sounds like a rome-antic idea til realidad sets in + u discover douchebags in a BWM rented out the hovel above + decided to have a party, stomping around hootin' + hollering.... you'd think caves wood be soundproof but they seam even worse + it wasn't really even a cave so much as a cheap-ass adobe hut built into the side of a cliff + all standard amenities get thrown out the [ ... ]

617> Spaghetti west whirled II further sur
Saw the Celto-Iberian goats again then went to sum secluded beach + there wasn't nobody around + think it was a nudist beach anyway (the way spañoles roll, unlike italianos) so went skinny-dipping in the frigid sea then saw a mother goat + baby just sitting along on the trail a long ways from the flock + thought maybe they was sick cuz they wasn't moving + so we went to investiage when appeared [ ... ]

616> Spaghetti western roadtrip: in throws of pane in sayin' reign on the plane in spayin'
Since we hi-jacked The Daily Noose to be about muse[sic] journihilism, let's talk about the travel mixtape, a vital cumponent to any roadtrip or gourney. Not having a working stair-io in a v-uckle amounts to complete + utter brakedown, no diffrent than throwing a rod. Likewise on a plain, if u forget your walkman u dam well bedder halve a pairachute! Here's the playlist we made for the occasion: [ ... ]

615> Rewinding the Sleepingfish XIV mixtape
As we posted our innog-aural playlist hear to The Daily Noose yesterday we reelized the Sleepingfish mixtape we put out a few months ago was the true maiden mix, the 1 that bridged the gap from litterasure to music in Calamari Archive's current metamorphosis. We made the mixtape last year cuz it occurred to us that a lot of the authors we'd published also had similar musical inclinations. [ ... ]

614> Sad tribal dirges on the sewerside: "about" the face of The Daily Noose + inspiration behind Sound ƒuries
Don't worry, we won't be rambling on as much as we did yesterday on a daily basis... actually we was thinking in loo of writing we might just post a song or 2 a day here on The Daily Noose, of songs that keep us living another day. Daily Affirmations, as Stuart Smalley wd say. And may-b once we figger out Spotify + SoundCloud we can turn them into playlists or whatever it is kids do nowadaze. [ ... ]

613> Wall-walkers circumnavigating il muro Aureliano to tie a knot into news in the new year
From there the wall is 1 + the same w/ the riverbank along the Tiber, on the Testaccio side. It continues up almost to the gasometro, into a no-man's land of gypsy camps, train track wasteland + the mattatoio that we've ventured into before, but garbagemen + carabinieri were blocking our way this time + the slaughterhouse complex wasn't open. It's worth noting that the wall is a popular [ ... ]

612> Lookin' back + b'yond the wall to the graveyard in quarters for The Daily Noose
... guess this is turning out to be hour end-of-year recap to ring in the New Year—a year dat we already said was mostly about making our un album + roaming rioni like hopeless Rome-antics. We stayed "home" for the holydaze, the 1st time in a while, if not ever. A staycation in our attic "launching" our album, whatever dat means. Mustering to at least get our album "out there". A lot of folk [ ... ]

611> hear ye the yere of un—Sound ƒuries + roaming the rioni of Roma
We onelie made 2 copies of the actual "record" just cuz, not sure who else wd be intrested. If enuff folk are may-b wheel halve s'more pressed (on regalure black vinyl). As we said in the "press" release, the date came appropriately on hour 22nd anniversary + also as a culmination of the last 9 months in labor, mostly spent relearning how to play guitar + figgering out the new tools of the trade [ ... ]

610> A hybrid creature dubble feetsure featuring creepy big-wall tail-eaters + chick p
... no 1 can really afford to actually buy. The hooded Giordano Bruno is barely visible thru all the unsightly tents + selfie sticks, the statue on the spot where he was burned at the stake for having the gall to to think il moondough revolved round the sun. Our hero Bruno has a cameo in 1 of the Sound Furies songs, witch, insidentally the album un is forthcoming in exactly a week, on Dec 24... [ ... ]

609> It puts the vviener shitznel in the baskit
it's all about the high-society of Vienna, basically about him regretting an invitation to an artsy dinner party he's sulking at.... or it starts out dat way but there's a nagging repressed undertone u think maybe at work. His tone is hilarious tho, a cynical misanthrope like us (same age even, 52) that silently judges all his old petit burguoizee friends + basically all of Austrian society (himself included) from [ ... ]

608> Bridging the gap in rione V b-tween storni, Cenci + Mastriani
... they got a bridge in their logo, the 1 Hadrian built crossing over to Castel Sant'Angelo (where Hadrian's buried). Well, then 1 of the popes re-zoned the rioni so dat Ponte Sant'Angelo now lays in the Borgo rione. But rione V kept the bridge in their logo may-b cuz they got no other claims to fame, b-sides it being the rione they parade u thru on the way to the gallows, on ponte Rione. E.g. it was the [ ... ]

607> Ceci n'est pas un record: lost tetrads of defunked recording mediums
9 months ha, like we's having a bebe wich this record also stands in for dat u cd say since we don't buy into bioillogical reproduction... @ least not of the humun race, plenty udder ppl to go around on this dam planit. In the '60s baby-boomer-born folks said "make love, not war" but fuck dat... @ least if u don't wear a raincoat. It's been 60 yrs since the '60s + we say "make art, not babies". Or as the sane [ ... ]

606> Colon codex + dead heads on display in bewildering wonderment
+ well spose that day may as well be now, a good a time as inny if there's ever gonna be 1. Back in 2012 we thought it a good exorcise (in Italian) to go thru line x line + x-late but nowadays we don't got the payshints, call us lay-z, specially when 1 can scan + OCR the pages + run her thru google translate, wich we did, tho the resulting text wood still need sum massaging to be decipherable in plane [ ... ]

605> Flike dog, Inkan fermions + notso dolce vita, in st. x st. bloody d-tale
If u is like us wondering why Fellini's take on via Veneto in La Dolce Vita (1960) or Le notti di Cabiria (1957) don't really look like how it is in realtà, well dat's cuz he reconstructid his controlled version of via Veneto in Cinecittà. The real via Veneto is more how Sorrentino potrays it in his ode to Fellini, La Grande Belleza (2013), w/ AC'd enclosed sidewalk restraunts dat onely rich shieks + shyknees [ ... ]

604> Flipping Galileo's finger, reading Wittgenstein + sleeping a stone's throw from David
Not dat we don't think there's a grain of truth to what she's saying, dat there's some sort of reward mechanism associated w/ breast-feeding, there must be, but by using this word "orgasm" she's making it sound creepy + sexual (mind u this was at a meeting about child welfare). So in this context Wittgenstein is absolutely right, if she can't articulate her thought concisely w/ the rite words then she [ ... ]

603> Alt. sick (d-spite C17H21NO4) @ Σn6/n! in Bolvian altered plano #206 w/the other Derek (1991)
Then i "woke up" + everything was still + silent except for the bus engine idling. I looked up front + the driver was passed out with his head on the wheel. Sleeping, or had we been in an accident? Everyone else in the bus was sleeping, or dead? It was really eerie, like we had all died and now i was a ghost of myself observing the scene. This group of 25 or so people was like 1 organism, a hive, [ ... ]

602> Meandering the meadows... bring on the wild bore!
... meadows (what "prati" means), wasn't until the 20th century it was really developed, so unlike the rest of Rome, it's actually on somewhat of a grid. Which makes it easy to traverse, but also a bit boring, especially the long blocks occupied by military complexes. There's a monument to Teresa Gullace outside 1 of the barracks, to mark the location where she was shot trying to talk to her [ ... ]

601> Calico'd Campo Marzio a far cry from My Own Private Idaho
... Spanish Steps in perticler appears in menny—from The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999) to Roman Holiday (1953). That scene in An American in Rome (1954) where Nando walks naked on the rooftops is in the vicinty + that scene in Suburra (2015) where Filippo takes a piss off his balcony before realizing the chick he just had rough sex with O.D'd overlooks p. Popolo + there's that classic scene where a narco-[ ... ]

600> D.C.+B.roll'n under a rock sleeping @ Watergate, minding the gap
Don't trust crowd mentality, sorce yr one. "Dare wheel always be a next train," Tele scripts Naussica to sing. "Crowdid all the same." An endless stream of suitors + sequiturs, perusing the faux newsstand to come off as innocent bystander. Nods to self: need to stop pursuing suitors, obey rel='"nofollow" tags to optimize SEO. U can't trust in-flight magazines nether. Fake news is nada new. Before Inurnet [ ... ]

599> Launching Sƒ XiV in the ƒ-hole they was born 15 yrs ago, in ink-remnants of i = 0 to ∞
not so much dat da words rhyme + shit, but more dat they inploy consecution—wherein each sillybull feeds sonically into the next + u don't give a crap what it all means onelie how she sounds. Aint no reason we need to keep writing like a 12-yr old uneducated urchin xcept ol' habits die hard. Weren't even our habit anyway but 1 dat Cal (channeling Huck Finnegan) imparted on us when he tasked [ ... ]

598> Hoofing + gobbling in the 4-shadows of a clock-faced baloney sandswitch
See, Bologna is round + there's 12 gates to enter the city walls by, so u can think of it spatio-geographically like a clock. The U dist is between 2:00 + 3:00 in this scheme. SAIS is @ 3:10. There's a park (giardini margherita) good for running just outside the walls @ 5:00, wich is where we'll likely hone in on in our quest for a new home. B-sides walking/running around, we mowed a lot of cibo, had [ ... ]

597> X marks the rione: hobocampin' dogs recapitulating CampyTele yo
+ it's the rione the bedder-½ vox of Sound Furies traverses on her daily walk to + fro from work, wich she just offically resigned from ieri so now we really gots to git a move on to finish the rest of these rioni! Campitelli has the most bad-ass logo dats for sure, sposedly cuz Pope Silvester I once threw a dragon outta the Foro... uh huh. Campitelli harbors duh 2 most prominent Roamin' hills, [ ... ]

596> Riding donkey Xote's fortified horse thru Borgo + Vaticano
... the Marinetti track we already had that sounded about the same (b-sides the content—whatever fatshits issue they was protesting about). We haven't finished the vocals yet so hit aint ready for prime time, but hear's an urly voiceless demo that our bedder-½ (the voice of Sound Furies) said sounded like Joe Satriani (we, the instrumentalist, was goin' mo for the Goblin/Mannheim Steamroller effect) [ ... ]

595> Traversing the travesty of Trastevere (what the hell Ls did u come here to do)?
A few weeks ago we was walking along Lungotevere + saw a dead dude laying mangled on the road, thrown from his motorini... only the 2° or 3° time we've seen a dead body that close. All that kept going thru our head was "don't think that poor fella is gonna make it home for dinner." That + note to self: never ride a Vespa. We only wint as far as Porta Portese, wich we think of as Trastevere, but [ ... ]

594> Chile + Argentina, 1991, harmonically hitch-hiking along Chladni nodal lines
... past more eerie ghost towns, eroded adobe walls, rusted out mining equipment + railroad tracks half-buried in sand leading to nowhere. The Atacama is the purest of deserts. There are areas where it has never been known to rain + where no plant or animal life can be found or has ever existed. Sometimes rocky, sometimes sandy. Sometimes flat, sometimes mountainous. But never any plant [ ... ]

593> Sauntering San Saba R.XXI.
The obelisk of Axum that the fatshits looted from Ethiopia used to sit outside FAO. The Italians agreed to return it in 1947, but it took them more than 50 yrs to do so cuz of "technical difficulties" (tho they had no problem quickly stealing + transporting it from Ethiopia) + when they did finally return it in 2002, it arrived broken in 3 pieces. Typical Italian maneuver. In it's place, the Italians put a [ ... ]

592> We are Sound Furies roming Sallustiano
... when we say "we" now we mean Sound Furies—the project name by witch we make music (made up of the arist formerly known as unknown artist + his bedder-½ on vox cuz he cant sing for shit), witch seams to be how we spend most of our time lately. We ain't produced much textual or visual publications these dayz, tho we's fixing on putting out the Sleepingfish 14 mixtape soon, wich will [ ... ]
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