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1069> 3 Lbs of FLESH transL8ed 2 micr0dozed tXt focuSing on #s , sighlens + 4m more then content
the5e po5ts ℝ B-coming weekly i/O summaries, riding th Δ B-tween iNput + OUTput, ware Δ = diffrence ⊕ CHANGE, b/c @ end of th day dat = what U/i ℝ reduced 2 > i/U lost 3 lbs last week (from 172 down to 169 (a few days U/i even dipped B-low 168) just by [ ... ]

1068> insomniacal purging, starting w/ free trash (another's treasure?) 2 stabilize NQR neurOplastic i/O
Flying east to west nvr used to bother us much (az opposed 2 west 2 east), but still not totally adjusted, falling asleep early then waking up @ midnight ± 2 am totally wide awake (albeit ever in a fog). Took melatonin last 2 nights + spose it helped, still wake up periodically thru the PM but feel groggy + sorta go back to "sleep" but don't feel well-rested in the AM, Feel hungover D–spite 7 dayz of n0 drinking, [ ... ]

1067> U weren't even there, man
At some point in the middle of the night saw the yellow full moon out our window glistening over the Mediterranean. Woke up in Fiumicino w/ a belly full of raw fish + scampi risotto. One last walk along the Tiber after breakfast. Returned car at airport, big weight off our minds. 3000+ km roadtrip w/ no incident... every 1 of these roadtrips we feel we're pushing our luck, time to quit while [ ... ]

1066> a travel fatigued ciao to the final leg of where the Tiber meets the sea
... someone invited us up in a small plane + we came close to murmurations of starlings, so close U could see individual birds + their feathers twitching as they maneuvered to turn in which direction their closest neighbors (who were centimeters away) would turn, as if 1 organism + it was really exciting but at the same time we felt it was a bad omen + we were gonna crash, that the starlings would [ ... ]

1065> Nomadic ghost-town resolutions in Basilicata to purge self- documentation
... a lot different than the "van life" that has become popular these days, especially during covid years. We didn't have all the gadgets + Internet access that ppl have nowadays + nvr would have imagined that there would be a whole culture trying to "make a living" off the way they live by exploiting themselves, showing what they do day-to-day. Back then we just did it to save on rent, live minimally + [ ... ]

1064> The obsolescence of real-world experience to summarize 2022
... the Queen, Gorbachev, Sidney Poitier, Monica, Viti, Betty Davis, Bill Russell, Ray Liotta, James Caan, Christine McVie, George Costanza's mom, Olivia Newton John, the dude that made Woodstock happen + in the last few days: a pope, Pele, Vivienne Westwood, Barbara Walters + Terry Hall, which was really weird b/c the night before he died "We're Having All the Fun" popped into our [ ... ]

1063> bringing an olive alive into ghost architexture of polygonal Pogliono
... new room we occupy we imagine all the people that have stayed here before, as if an accumulation of spirits is present. In the last post we talked about oil + cars + (in the context of thRiver meme) + how our world is shaped by them. Architecture is also interesting to think about in this light, how a cluster of buildings are able to self-organize, using humuns to create symmetric order from the chaos of [ ... ]

1062> Masseria hopping across Puglia to be compliant w/ anonymous materials
... as if an Iranian Deleuze + Guattari wrote a novel about oil, math + the geopolitics of the Middle-East... 95% of it goes in 1 ear + out the other. Maybe it's brilliant to 1% of the world but to us feeble-minded folk seems a lot of high-brow hocus pocus, obfuscating things w/ fancy terms to make it seem like he must mean something deep. The new-age math shit in particular is hand-waving hogwash, [ ... ]

1061> Fixing a toilet to find artifacts dating back to B.C. times for our 26th
... explaining how they bought this place + discovered all this stuff (which obviously put a damper on them fixing their toilet + opening a trattoria). We walked through the maze of the old building turned excavation site, down spiral staircases through the various floors, 4 levels in all w/ glass floors in between at select parts so U could see through to the cisterns, tombs + secret tunnels of various [ ... ]

1060> Y lie When we seize to understand the whirled at the battle of Gallipoli
We just don't get why Labatut would feel the need to make shit up when it's already so interesting? And why the need to exaggerate the "mad" qualities of mad scientists... to make them more palatable + sexy? Sure, your NYTimes-reading intellectuals perhaps know the difference between fact + fiction, but 90% of ppl are idiots that will believe whatever they hear, as we know from recent history [ ... ]

1059> Eating monkfish + sea urchin to reach the abandoned sanctuary at the end of the world
... up the stairs to the lighthouse, befriending a cat on the docks that followed us ½ the way. For a while last year we were considering doing the via Francigena, a pilgrimmage trail which runs from Canterbury, UK through France + Switzerland + Italy, ending in Santa Maria di Leuca.... so going up these stairs would literally be the final steps, ending at the Santuario di Santa Maria de Finibus Terrae [ ... ]

1058> Inanimate water statues + scarecrows in the ghost towns of the boot's heel
... haciendas that have been converted into villas/hotels, sorta like agriturismos you see in other parts of Italy but fancier + in this case there's an associated spa. We walked around the grounds, through the olive trees + vineyards + farms then ate lunch. Talk about farm to fork, most everything we ate was sourced from this farm, including the wines + olive oil + wheat for the bread (baked on site) + [ ... ]

1057> Using a get out of jail free in Monopoli w/ waves lapping @ our feet
The medium is the message. The zuppa de pesce did a number on our bedder-½'s belly, either that or after all these weeks/months of stress over this decision their body let them know they needed to purge + rest. So went for a run solo along waterfront south of Monopoli, then walked around town some more. Another beautiful day, 65° + sunny, walking around in shorts + T-shirts though all the [ ... ]

1056> our wave function collapsed eating olive ascolano + raw fish on the spur of the boot w/ a Vieste vista
Fiasco again trying to figure out what to do w/ the car, despite them claiming "parking available". Couldn't even double-park to call her, driving around in circles in pouring rain while she gave us directions to a street address of a supposed parking garage that wasn't where she said it was + then finally found it, a gated abandoned lot w/ broken bottles + no signs + then she gave us a ride back to the [ ... ]

1055> mosaic Red Desert for eel dessert in the Po river delta to unearth Dante
... no fun, but once we managed to find the hotel (a converted palazzo), went back out to check out the mosaics Ravenna is famous for, and also Dante's tomb... Dante lived out his final years + died in Ravenna + when the papal powers + likes of Michelangelo appealed to have his body taken to Florence where he was born, Franciscan monks hid his body elsewhere so they returned empty-handed. [ ... ]

1054> chugging to Chioggia past MOSEs reading The White Album to find a dynamo finally free of man
after a few days of eating meat we felt like crap + were having disturbing dreams of ½-decaying animals limping along like leprous zombies w/ body parts falling off + the cured meats in particular mixed w/ red wine seemed to trigger a bad vestibular migraine/ Ménière's episode yesterday. So from here on out it's all seafood for us, especially on the coast surrounded by all these fishing boats [ ... ]

1053> weighing the pros + cons of grandma's cured death, porticos + primadonna jellyfish bloom
If someone pulled such a dick move in NYC, U can speak your mind, like Ratso Rizzo in Midnight Cowboy, but in Italy it's not our place to say anything. And when other Italians complain about such things (which they do) it usually involves a long back + forth engagement, arguing who has the right-a-way, or whether your dog should be on a leash, or whether you're allowed to walk on a certain beach or [ ... ]

1052> Flying to Fiumicino in Hurricane Season to lose i to become U in Tuscany
Φ also symoblizes U/i, which we're using in U/X, alternating w/ i/U, as if the moment U the reader read text i write, i dies + becomes U. Φ also looks like an eye, or eYɘ as we were playing around w/ 2 posts ago. And thinking we'll also revert back to 1st person plural, which feels most comfortable to us. Been at least a decade since we've been writing anonymously in 1st person plural, something [ ... ]

1051> meat me ½ weigh w/ a RT tick iT ware therƎ = NEWS (knot a noose) in th NoiSE, 50/50 4 4 keeps
U = n0 catch + release / R knotted nets meshed in2 1 / 11,000 days ag0 / that = th day time stood still / th sky = blue / th grass = green / in st&ing waves / we live still in th innerface / what seams eNtwined in th seems / 4ever + 4 keeps / diamonds halve strong covalent bonds / electron pairs shared inbetween / 50/50 + 4 keeps / R carbon-based 4ms don't need rings 2 prove we're bound [ ... ]

1050> U + i = 3.14159..., where i = «eYɘ» + π = peach, az the ticker flips to 8,000,000,000 in ¾ time 2 emit Time's Edit
since it = X body's b-day (+ also b/c yesterday, 11/21, is the anniversary of when Sound Furies 1st met, in 1991 (another cosmic palindromic date!)), we'll release a track early, + since the world hit 8,000,000,000 seems fitting to make it «U + i = 3.141592653...» since it's about baby-boomers > so wish us happy b-day + anniversary of when Sound Furies met by listening 2 th track + «like it» if U = [ ... ]

1049> Destin8ion m∞n: th monomyth of periodic elements 2 make Soft Copy Hard 4 &roid protagonists
... + i/U remember he was wondering what time ppl on the east coast would see iT ... wd they see it 3 hours later? az if it was a televised event! U/i had 2 X-plane 2 him that iT was an event happening in the ℝeal world (not the REEL world), happening HERE + NOW, 4 every 1 @ th same time > same L&Lord that said he was an artist + showed us his studio chock full of 100s of penis sculptures, [ ... ]

1048> Spoon-fed Möbius notes 4 /i ± i/U 2 naviG8 th bi-4king X-roads of thRiver meme, iSBN + U/X on hi-8-us
If the medium is the message, then what technology 1 uses to make art inevitably effects the outcome, which is the undercurrent of all 3 of the above projects, if not all the art we've ever made (or that any 1 has ever made, if McCluhan will have it). The namesake spoon was/is our 1st memory (+ "manmaid" medium), something we already wrote about it in thRiver meme chapter 2. But this 1st on-line dRaft [ ... ]

1047> Zen + th art of inner ear maintenance @ a X-road B–tween aNYCity + iT–L–E
after 1 year or 2 of ℝ mineareyes d–zzz naught B-ing s0 bad, yesterday =1 of worst dayz ever, 2 th point ware U/i = s0 diz–Z i/U thought U/i mite fall down, had a hard time keeping ℝ shit 2–gether > din't help dat U + R's house = @ slight tilt (ends up naught just ℝ imagination) ... i/U really felt disoriented + Lop5ided ≈ i/U mite tip over + ℝ R ear feels swollen + 100% deaf (whereas 1 or 2 [ ... ]

1046> 5hedding N inkLing of 5kin 2 innerface w/ U/X cogs, ∀ll 2 blow up on dub-L dots of «möbius 5trip»
∴ rather than push ℝ Luɔk, U/i ℝ gonna try 2 pubLish th 1st 16 chapters/96 pgs) oƒ iSBN az is . . . + call iT Soft Copy Hard . . . ⊕ bedder yet, U/X (shorth& 4 User eXperience in ℝ previus professional world of iA (in4m8ion Architexture)), a 5top gap 5olution 4 th time B–ing, in case i/U die ⊕ sumping, b/c who nose how long iT will take 2 finish th other 3/4 oƒ iSBN @ X r8 + by then U/i will probly halve [ ... ]

1045> N S-ay on Malthusian popuL8ion dynamics + th val-U of zer0 growth in 1 city of 1,000
iF U/i remade th movie now U'd title iT We're Fucked, but Malthus lived b4 Victorian times even s0 obliged 2 B polite + apologetic in his pessimistic doom + gloom + Uses words ≈ love, passion, happiness, vice, etc. + drops th G-word 2 much > 4 eggsample, Malthus wd transL8 R 2-word solution 2 We're Fucked—«stop fucking»—az «we must temper our passions with intellectual pursuits to achieve [ ... ]

1044> ware th 5ky meats th home-cosmography uv aNYCity vs. itLE + th error tastes ≈ metal
1. NYers get 5hit done, most afishant + functional place on th planit
2. pede5trians rule, n0 need 4 car, gr8 place 2 walk + gr8 public tran5port
3. culturally most diverse place on planit, true melting pot [ ... ]

1043> 5leeping @ pɹɐpuɐʇS ǝɥʇ in th city dat nvr wakes
... th last time we wint 2 Mystic was on 9/10/01, th day b4 9/11 > we returned to NYC via ferry/Long i-Land + the next morning U/i went 2 work @ Napster + from our office on the 11th floor we cd see th towers on fire > s0 kind of weird 2 B in Mystic by comparison, back then 21 yrs ag0 we = naive + fresh off th boat from Tucson, had onely lived in NYC 4 1 yr + took th requisite trip 2 th [ ... ]

1042> economiz8ion of how ppl ha1ve B-come th tools of their tools
... of planet + R one afishinsea (hard 2 do when travelling ... so much unnecessary waste U have no control over in hotels + restraunts) > az Thoreau says, «the economy of living which is synonmous with philosophy is not even sincerely professed in our colleges» > + ironic dat th total amount iT cost Thoreau 2 build his Walden house = $28.12½ + now iT cost $30 to park your car @ Walden pond [ ... ]

1041> GUTTerule reaXion 2 porcUpine butts in belly uv Moby Dick ware iT = institute uv techn0logy
+ therƎ = 5trange Dr. Seussesque cre8ure ≈ mix B-tween Lorax + Chesire CAT + th sighingtist X-planed 2 them how we = there 2 in5tall life on Mars + th cre8ure just lounged smiling @ us wile th sighingtist X-planed how weed done eXperiments 2 make «life» work on micr0scopic 5cale in lab 5etting + now wanted 2 «5cale iT up» on Mars + U/i thought th sighingtist = s0 5tupid he couldn't C [ ... ]

1040> 5hakers, art, machenes, agriculture + other posthumun EXTensions DKing in2 K-OS
... walked around + went 2 Williams College Museum of Art, main exhibit = Mary Ann Unger > then went 2 th Clark Art Institute, saw exhibits + walked around th grounds w/ cows > then went 2 Hancock Shaker Village + pet goats + chickins + walked around ... all in all ~9 miles > pushed on2 Pittsfield, 8 @ District Kitchen & Bar then saw Don't Worry Darlings in a theatre ... mayB 1st time in 5 yrs [ ... ]

1039> mossy Caged fungus, lit box newts, bright 5tupid confetti + other Mass n8ure + art instaLL8ions
R rental car = recalled, s0 yesterday had 2 find Hertz office + 5wap red Kia 4 blue Nissan, then we drove up Mt Greylock > bedder-½'s feet in lot of pain s0 U/i did sum trail running wile bedder-½ walked > 2 rocky on top s0 continued down a bit off th mountain + ran along a trail, saw more ferns, fungus, newt, etc. much ≈ yesterdayz hike, but also a big toad > foggy/misty s0 din't see NE views [ ... ]

1038> headless horseman who 5lept jockeyless for 20 yrs on Arafat mtn after drinking wheatgrass frappuccino
> n0 other cars @ th trailhead + naught a sole in site so U/i 5tripped down + took a dip in th falls > then continued up 2 th top of Westkill Mtn (elev8ion: 3,881 ft) layed in th sun on a flat rock @ Buck Ridge lookout (th onely place U actually get a vu), trying 2 fall a5leep thinking mayB U/i'd B ≈ Rip Van Winkle + wake up 2 find th world had annihiL8ed iTself ... what's w/ th CATskills [ ... ]

1037> U + i = π (± 7,999,255,128) in th dial-a-where H2O gap in ¾-time
U + me = 3 / naught dat we need 2 make a baby 2 prove our love = real / when the honeymoons = over / the lawns = seeded in clover + children playing red rover / love turns 2 ashes + 2 dust / the gutters DK w/ rust / w/ each boom comes a bust / U + i make π / the crusted edges = endless / the peaches in boundless supply / when U don't make things by h& U lose touch w/ the L& / swapped 4 [ ... ]

1036> in sink B/tween 1967 BC/AD: hoVV VVe 5hape language + then iT 5hapes us in 10,000 yr time-peace
the maker's dead, but zeitgeist serves the machines / whirring + whirling, decerebrated uv gleam / a carousel uv mannequins, curtsy + spin, silhouettes pirouetting / blown in the wind / ghost hosts waltz dizzily in endless figure 8s / animatronic androids in a dance uv decay / there's a MAN in MAchiNe / take away man + you're left w/ chi / irreversible 4ces dict8 our course / half-dismembered [ ... ]

1035> anon autonomy of th technillogical pink flaming-O 5trat-O-caster
U/i got th luckshorey of veiling iT under th banner of «art» – of practising watt U/i preach – naught preaching > U/i shd als0 mention U red th book + rite thi5 po5t in part 4 R bedder-½ whoo = on 5abatical writing their one «We Are Stardust» book abt failed '60/'70s hippie baɔk-2-th-L& movements dat U/i (+ Kelly) think = in large part reaɔtion 2 technology (fear of iT) ... s0 wheel try 2 sum– [ ... ]

1034> Wiener's cybernetic &roids + decerebr8ed dead CAT tacOS de ses-OS
... iF U subtract 0 U can make both CAT (⊕ GAT0) TAC0 from DNA nucle0tides + 1 can even thr0w in side of GUAC-0-mole > U/i also 8 tac0s de cabeza + lengua + U/i'd really get 5treet cred iF U orderd tac0s de sesOS (brain), witch tastes akin 2 tofu, or toe food, D-spite coming from opposit end of animals bw/Ody > + U/i worked up N apetit by plane 10-nis w/ a racket w/ CAT-GUT $trings [ ... ]

1033> Dragonflies Anonymous! = UX
th colurs = B-yond vivid + vibrant, all 5enses = heightened ... 2 think 1 cd see sO much w/ i's closed! + alsO, th plasticity + clarity of everything = prOfound + in tents > U/i cd see th music U/i lis-10-ed 2, vibr8ing synesthesia ... U/i've always bin struck by how 5trange iT = dat humuns lis-10 2 mu5ic, but then iT REALLy 5truck U/i, how magical mu5ic = ... + dittO horses, U/i always thought [ ... ]

1032> CC: 5atan's carbone footprince az U tangO a LapDance w/ HER in ¾ time in th duty–free copy 5hop
> words = triggers U write when U wake or come back from a run ... this a.m. U write «FOOTPRiNT» b/c iT = what U searched 4 last nite, az sorta anthrOpologist anaLyzing M-bedded earthly snap5hots ... B-yond just th pootfrint + who, what was th 1 loo wheft th imPression doing? dirty dancing? fetched-far, but how cd U prove otherwise (iF iT's just 1 imPrint)? + ∫um point last nite U alsO [ ... ]

1031> Gener8ive Prompted Txt abt how th zer0 X-cess of humun tetris changed yr mined sans soleil
Eventually, you realized that if you wanted true companionship, you would have to find it yourself. And so your quest began. You started by learning how to build basic robots. But you quickly realized that these were nothing more than soulless shells, going through the motions but without any real consciousness. You needed something more. So you taught yourself how to code, and then how to [ ... ]

1030> Helium dream (@tomic #2): Laika th 404 astr0naut in hot error whether balloon/drone
... they send in2 space high in th sky / riding th rails 2 measure th spin of their daily grind / lurching 2 + fro / th capsule left th earth / no 10, 9, 8 / untested machine / unchartered skies / no 3, 2, 1 / no kiss + fly / th capsule wobbled unsound / scarcely leaving th ground / by th dangling cord, i pulled U down / opened th hatch / searched th bay but U were neither here nor there / lost in th aether in- [ ... ]

1029> pLane GUAC-a-mole in pen-E R-cade 2 decim8 in2 # 9 on jukebox
5in¢e AUTOp1ay = 5huff1e, Code–on whee1 uv 4tune dozent 5kip 1 beat, L&s on #28 (@ 5:15 AM), coRe– Responding 2 a–me-know aCid CAG > we'11 5pin X [Using MC methud] in siGh1ens 4 4'33" funLed thru ta1kie–wa1kie voi¢e 5Cramb1er 2 fit in i-urn CAGe w/o reserv8ion, tran5ition 5eam– Less from prior seXion, whatever d@t may uv bin [in 3–4th iter8ion, Ø11 1ØØ harbored oriGinal [ ... ]

1028> weather U nØ iT ⊕ naught U harbØr L-enfant ĐNA, ware L = LatchKey Kid, L.L.T.T. 2 Đ-raiL
B-neath plain = watery underwhirled + B-yond 2Đ pg/5¢reen = unLimited voLuminous voiĐ, LTD lie-ability w/ pARTicles ¢onneɔkted bi $uper $trings dat Xp& in2 nu dimension w/ each 4king bi4c8ion, B-coming terraFractal ∫um of prior holes az Z → ∞ (Z-axis knot shone, FYi) > in particular, th 4mer B-in dat occu-π-ed yr cuЯRent moLecular configur8ion goĐ re¶laced by ∫um ALien in5ect [ ... ]

1027> ixNay th cryptSay: 5leep on iT in ma55aged 5keletin key of Đ♯
1st 2n $trings 2 Đ=A=Đ=A=Đ=A (dub-L OS-tryptch) + pLuck feather from REEĐ in5trawments 2 drone in Đ 2 commune- a-cake w/ MAchenes + com& 1 2 come 2 grinĐ– Đing ha1t ∴ on 1 dime 1 can ReL8 N– tropE 2 word QUANTA + RE:cur5ive gr&Fathers h&Write (retrO–active) AB–origina1 5pider-bots in C 2 dReam Living doQuments 4ever in track changes in dyadic search 4 [ ... ]

1026> naked host brings Goat 2 yr knees 2 keep S-caping guns, plastic para5ites + th non-Carolinear DK 2 K-OS
∫um of dis in4m8ion = əN-coded in jeans + passed from 1 gene-ration 2 th next, set of in5tructions 4 sowing + reaping negativ əNtropy > 5chrödinger din't n0 wear th in4m8ion = kept ± əNcoded, but wreckoned iT = writ in2 what he called «aperiodic crystals» (b4 DNA = discovered!) ... i.e. computer chip ⊕ plastic bot-Ls > th blueprint 4 making plastic bot-Ls = bot-L iT5elf dat thru iT's usefoolness [ ... ]

1025> Roadside picnic along blue ridge parkway
Deer U, anon User > woke up in woods of Vesuvius, VA.... far cry from Naples > continued on Blue Ridge Parkway, stopping a few times 4 5hort hikes > got D-toured @ sum point thru semi-urban sprawl ... made U appreci8 how nice iT = 2 drive on Blue Ridge Pkwy... thru 5toplights past 5trip malls thru shitty Virgnia towns (think near Roanoke)... 5o much of Amerika looks th same > [ ... ]

1024> time-traveLing 2 Vesuvius (VA) via VALiS when th times, they = ch-ch-changin'
Thoughts of the Brain are experienced by us as arrangements and rearrangements—change—in a physical universe; but in fact it is really information and information-processing which we substantialize. We do not merely see its thoughts as objects, but rather as the movement, or, more precisely, the placement of objects: how they become linked to one another. But we cannot read the patterns of arrangement; we cannot extract the information in it—i.e. it as information, [ ... ]

1023> MAgic trip on rode 2 fLiP O-bleak str@t-a-Gs + moove- ment uv free 5peəCH uʍop ǝpᴉsdn in REBEL KEY
take n0te by h& in mole5kin 2 get GENiUS/ORĐƎR str8 (2 rƎVErse inGeneear iF need B) az they Đi-5ect 2 marin8 in 0ne ink, boggy palm grog + Lime 2 tendorize, Đ-n8ure proteen > 0-rings oiled in 0ne (brut) juices, by topLess knotty dotter w/ bayB on th brain, 4m oƒ circumcisized Xorcism in virGin 5pittin' ima9e > ⌘+S bra 4 1st aid kit in 1 pinch > menewile, knackered hunters (1 (th B-1ayer) [ ... ]

1022> (Untitled) baↄk FurthUr to '69: how2 holistically take wHole EARTH sabbatical 4 th compleat idiot
3 Six years thou shalt sow thy field, and six years thou shalt prune thy vineyard, and gather in the fruit thereof; 4 But in the seventh year shall be a sabbath of rest unto the land, a sabbath for the Lord: thou shalt neither sow thy field, nor prune thy vineyard. 5 That which groweth of its own accord of thy harvest thou shalt not reap, neither gather the grapes of thy vine undressed: for it is a year of rest unto the land. 6 And the sabbath of the land shall be meat for you; for thee, [ ... ]

1021> TiMƎ VVAVE zer0 : h&-vvaving hoax-us/poke-us 2 trip U up x 384 in2 ALTurn8 Universe vvave4m
it's th «nearly exactly» Đat bothers U ... n0 calendure 5cheme = perfect in yr mined, they ∀ll = approxim8ions > th true natural measure of time = 1 day (based on earth rot8ion on iT's axis) ⊕ year (1 earth revolution around th sun) ⊕ lunar month (based on phases of moon) but if 1 tries 2 eQ8 'eM 2 each other it's always approxim8 @ best > iF U want 2 go smaller than 1 day, then yr 0ne heartbeat [ ... ]

1020> 2 4muL8 who = U + 1 x 10-digit (1111111100) pitch 4 i5BN in in–visible L&scapes where cart comes b4 th Horse
then they go in2 quantum computing + how consciousness amounts to super-conducting harmonic resonance + wave functions, etc. honing in on th notion of ESR (Electron Spin Resonance) + U think mayB they'R showing off + dropping buzzwords but they circle back 2 pharmacology + do a deep dive in2 what drugs actually do 2 yr brain @ naught just th molecular level but QUANTUM lvl [ ... ]

1019> enough 2 make a SOFT COPY HARĐ
U pu5h in Đ-zine 2 iT's limits, making iT do 5tuff perhaps iT ≠ intended 4 + iT keeps cra5hing. .. getting 2 th point U halve 2 break iSBN up in2 chunks az th files get irretrievably corrupted + U must back-petal + resort 2 convill∞ted work-arounds ... 4 eggsample ∫um times iT crashes when U click on a certain page—doesn't matter ware on th pg, but iF U in5ert blank pages + 5hift everything up [ ... ]

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