methOD ACTing Deleuze & Guattari's Anti-Œdipus whil st untRAVELing [deTERRItorializing [re\VERSEnC0DING]] X-country ' hatCHing cLams & calaMARii

ABSTRACT: this is a REcordING of th' reADing of ANTI-ŒDIPUS by Gilles Deleuze & Félix Guattari i began as wewere cage sinew a i t i n g at GATE 53 of oUr PLANE WxSExNE | thIS ' back in the mid|bim of August 09 | thESE r ' my reflect ions on RReading th' bOOk ' inDUCEd IDEAs & GENEral musings whilst we dROVE back all th' way from SF to NYC via New MEXico to ex OR cise oUr possessIONs & HATCH green chiles & DEtroit to REtrieve calaMARii | > mERE REflectIONs ' th'is my DEcontruction & REconstruction o ANTI-ŒDIPUS ['n the GUISE of a traveLOGue] o 'n D&G terms ' a " deCODING" in SPIREd by 'em [who in t-Urn stAND on many a sHOuLDer] cage tempoEVErything "in quotes" HEREIN 'r from ANTI-ŒDIPUS ' th' rest 'r mindEXPIREmentations ' me METHod ACTing to get INT.o CHARacter & to REmain in CHARacter on this herE ARK of Natural hyStories cagey tundracage iching

i didn't CONSCIOUSly pick|up ANTI-ŒDIPUS | i was killing time at McNally Jackson AFTer DEVouring 2 CALEXICO TACOs [since when did theY begin labelling th' PHILOSOPHY section of bookstores: 'IDEAS' ?] & it caught my ∃Y∃s F P L P E D  P E C F D ...

eye chart

th' subTITLE [of which ANTI-ŒDIPUS is [1 of 2] books] is "Capitalism and Schizophrenia" 2 topICs i might nøt un der norMAL cirCUMstance be kEEN on reading up on given

Anti-Oedipus by Delueze and Guattari

∀ll ELSE ' but sumhow JUXTAposed w/in the conTEXT of th' Oedipal comPLEX ' & w/ th' cover by Fritz Khan ' it soundED e nough in|SANE & couldn't REsist cracking th' sPINE ' & once cracked couldn't stOP reading & i couldn't've pIcked a betterbook to endurstand th' CURRENT state of aMERica [deSPITE D&G BEing French] & me own PLACEr in it ' eSPECIally 'n CONTrast to livINg abROAD 'n AFRICA last year | @ it's CORE ' ANTI-ŒDIPUS is a bout w/th' western world's HERD inSTINCT & how it's maniFESTered itSELF in our media ' govts & th' core of our eCONomic sySTEMs & how this herding sickness is ROOTed 'n th' Oedipal complex [which is ACTually nøt so "complex" but an over-simplification in conTRAST to D&G's SCHIZOANALYSIS ' which is by nature a deliBERATE biFURcating rhiZOME of inCREASING complexity] & free-thinking inDIVIDuals DIVurging from this NORM 'r conSIDEred SCHIZO | i hav n=ever FELT comFORTable living 'n th' poliTICal & capitalisTIC temPLATE of wHat has be come AMERICA & this book clarified a lot of preVIOUS unARTiculates for me | i won't bother sum MARizing the book since there's probably plenty of places: Anti-Œdipus has been ____ANALyzed proper ' inSTEAD will hone in on me own angles [writing & th' economics of pubLISHing a MIdST oUr UNtRAVELing w/a traVOIS]

travoisNTI-ŒDIPUS is a BOOK ObJECT [k]NØT MEREly mean+ to be READ ' but read & forgotten ' then REwritten ' as th' Oedipal comPLEX i'self it is no+ som thing we should be con scious of in daytoday living: "This ability to produce the myth is born out of awareness, out of ever-increasing consciousness. [...] it is only through desire that we bring about the immaculate conception." +here | +hat's how QUOting D&G appears ' tho [in this case] it's ACTually D&G quoting Henry Miller | gleened is that [nøtso] MODern [Freudian] pscyhoANALysis is a bout UNDOING the CODEX of our subCONSCOUS & SCHIZOanalysis [th' subject of ANTI-ŒDIPUS] is a bOUT GOiNG w/th' FLOW cage flow cage iching

X-ING HOOVEr dam [getting a head of meself]: new BRIDGE unDER CONSTRUCTion

Bridging gap


NYC [via CLEaVeland] to SFO | FLIGHT CO625 | 09 AUG 14 | 5:21 AM

aWoke at som hOur thAT falls som whereCage LOOM BEtwix late & early to catch a fLight | our only conSOLation for waking at 4 AM was a free upgrade to 1° class & 400 pgs of Deleuze & Guattari ahead of me aMIdST the perMUTATIONs & LINEar regression of th' retURN:

"Whereas the "either/or" claims to mark decisive choices between immutable terms (the alternative: either this or that), schizophrenic "either ... or ... or" refers to the system of possible permutations between differences that always amount to the same as they shift and slide about. As in the case of Beckett's mouth that speaks and feet that walk: "He sometimes halted without saying [...] Either he had finally nothing to say, or while having something to say he finally decided not to say it."

BoEING 737-800 | th' ANTIcipation of WORDs BEcomING REALity | th' ANTIciPATIOn of +ravel plans unBEcomING conCRETE: "Conforming to the meaning of the word "process," recording falls back on (se rabat sur) production, but the production of recording itself is produced by the production of production." | YEs ' TH'IS the PROCESSion ' th' CHRONicling in RETROspect & production = publishing cage iching

as w'ere lan ding in CLEaVeland my eYes scanned these liNes: "The disjunctions characteristic of these chains still do not involve any exclusion, however, since exclusions can arise only as a function of inhibiters and repressers that eventually determine the support and firmly define a specific, personal subject [...] these chains are the locus of continual detachments—schizzes† on every hand that are valuable in and of themselves and above all must not be filled in." wHere schizzes is a word coined by D&G [from the French SCHIZE ' based on the Greek verb SCHIZEIN: "to split ' to cleave ' to divide"] cage iching

KnowLEDGE of SUMthing & how u ACT on it are 2 different items | inbeTWINE reading i GrAZED on th' landSCAPE be LO th' HOLD: th' 6 hour AERial VERSeon of what would take > 6 days [via land] on th' surFACE ' nøt including stops | th' writing [& subSEQUENTIAL reading] nøt to be N y shorter [N duration] than th' ACTual EXPIREnce As Boriginal dREAMtime a viCARious deCODing of th' landSCAPE by FEATureS re:tained w/in MYTH | th'is th' reVERSE [geoGRAPHical] ROUTE of our forthCOMING trip HOME [via land] | getting us only for to begin achaIN & th' [AERIAL] MApping itSELF was a PREverseCURSOR of why we need to get tHERE to beget [What the Irreversible Free Path Delineates] as we drop altitude over th' HETCHY HETCHY RESERVOIR cage iching


cage yarnre:VISITing wHERE i gradu ated from HIGH school ["memeory can be corrosive [if you let it]" i saID] | time to kill AFTer our plane LANDed --> emBARKed B.A.R.T. to th' emBARCadero w/our baggauge sum >$10.00 for a few stOps com pared to <$2.50 any where in our CITY on NYC Metro | it's no wonder CALIfornia is bankRUPT | PUBlic transPORT nøt nearly as efficient [w/overall imPLIcations to dePENDent proDUCTions]:

"Desiring-machines, on the contrary, continually break down as they run, and in fact run only when they are not functioning properly: the product is always an offshoot of production, implanting itself upon it like a graft, and at the same time the parts of the machine are the fuel that makes it run [...] breaking down is part of the very functioning of desiring-machines [ ... ] the work of art is itself a desiring-machine."

wHere desiring-machines 'r 'n conFLICT w/BwOs & in my LEXicon BwO ≠ ARK | thus D&G suMMed up meyes CURRENT state ' of LIFTing themsELVES by their bootstraps ' living viCARiously ' w/out poSSESSions | this as we flew [never taking for granted] over The Bay Areas dis crete circu[s]itry of productION & tOIL re:FINEriers [what's do[i]ng here] | nøt only of this VOYage but also how i enVISION matters FUNCtioning on my own ARK ' for this here ARK is my desiring-machine HOLDing ll walks o LIfE em bedded 'n me genes & memes holoGRAPHic at that [each part retaining inFORMation of th' [w]hole [genUINE[Freudian slip]] BEING moBILE & MODular & disJOINted nøt only 'n me life but 'n writing: "Every composition, and also every decomposition, uses mobile bricks as the basic unit [...] These bricks or blocks are the essential parts of desiring-machines from the point of view of the recording process." | thIS as i PIEce THis togather ' reCORDing me kindling | "There are no desiring-machines that exist outside the social machines that they form on a large scale; and no social machines without the desiring machines that inhabit them on a small scale."

cage hollowne nøteION i learn+ conDUCTing a '66 VW Bug in th' Bay Area is to alWAYS CARry spare parts ' i had spares of BELTs & HOSEs & PUMPs & most analYthing so n=ever had to preOCCUPY mySELF & speaking of "desiring-machines" in th' CONtext of Frisco ' anyonere rememember Survival Research Laboratories ? D&G are as VISCEral as SRL in so MANy wORd MACHines ' pu shing th' LIMITs:

"What we are really trying to say is that capitalism, thorugh it's process of production, produces an awesome schizophrenic accumulation of energy or charge, against which it brings all its vast powers of repression to bear, but which nonetheless continues to act as capitalism's limit [...] it continually seeks to avoid reaching its limit while simultaneously tending toward the limit [ ... ] Capitalism tends toward a threshold of decoding that will destroy the socius in order to make it a body without organs and unleash the flows of desire on this body as a detrritorialized field."

that es ' LATHer than conFINE th' deSIRE of traditi onal psychoANALySIS [w/capitalISM as it's manIFESTation] their brand o' so-called SCHIZOANALYSIS sOUGHT to liBERATE de sire | S&G trEAT[ed] deSIRE as a REAL proDUCTive force whereass psychoANALysis limit[ed] de SIRE to iMAGhINEry FANTAsies cage iching


San Frisco

" ... Desire then becomes this abject fear of lacking something" wHere LACK stems from th' French 'MANQUE' meaning lack & need 'n a psychoLOGical ¢ense ' bundled w/want o scarCITY 'n an ecoNOMIC ¢ense | w/MANQUE in mind we mannEQUINS WANDered a round th' city up MARKET ' thrU th' TENDerLOiN & th' MIssION & UnION sQUAre  ' FLâneURing ' g=ravitating to NORTH BEACH | BELLYing up for a REQuisite beer at Vesuvios | [beSIDEs BEing a hangOUT for BEATnik poets ' th' inSCRIPTion a boVe th' enTRANCE reads: "we are itching to get away from Portland, Oregon," PORTland BEing me own HOMEtown [of birth] & The Bay Area beING th' Area of me graduation alWAYs wanderING if this was written for meme] cage iching



AFTer browsed a round City Lights City Lights bookstore p/u'ed Evenson's transLATION of Claro's book & sum oth'r items i forGET what | spotted a copy of Stories in the Worst Way & coINciDENTally J was wearing th' very SHOEs on th' COVER [soon to kill her FEET from all th' walking [no easy [sub]way to get to CALTRAIN in Frisco]] | | |

city lights stories worst way

then found an unSPECIfic Italian seafood joint 'n North Beach & ate tAsTEy STEAMers wASHed down w/ANCHOr STEAM [the CLAMs didn't agree w/J the NEXT day] cage clamsum other matters i'm sure i'm forGETting cage iching


there's a dotted i in iDEA buthere's no dotted i in eYe | there are eYe's in eYes & 'n th' verb to see | our bodhies eVOLVing for to carry our eye & i | here's D&G on what we [perHAPs] glorify as flâneuring:

"As for the schizo, continually wandering about, migrating here, there, and everywhere at best he can, he plunges further and further into the realim of deterritorializiation, reaching the futhest limits of the decomposition of the socius on the surface of his own body without organs (BwO). It may well be that these peregrinations are the schizo's own particular way of rediscovering the earth."

J&I wondeRING wolves w/out a home WANDering the cagey tundratUNdra ' perHAPs mutUally schizOphrenic 'n oUr "wandering wombs" | REterritoriALIZED  call me HYSTERical or a hypoCHONdriac | "Deterritorialization" imPLIES more than WATering down territory ' o UNDOing th' LANDscape ' it apPLIES to LANdGUAGE & MEANderING | territoriality is th' DRIVING force but "reterritorialization (remapping of beliefs, models, etc.) is not necessarily identical to the prior territory." | J&I raREly traVEil for th' sake of travelling ' usuALLY an excuse is involved ' this time it was to visit ' her sis & my bro ' my MOTHer [a n0 shOW for th' secund yr in a row blaming it all on a shoulder froZEN DearRIVING X-c0untrY] & to UNDO th' trip that got us here to begin a chain | nøt that we'd evern choo se California as a DESTINation on our own reCOGnizance | feeling lost & DISconnected in th' myriad of vehicles on th' kNØT-SO-freeWAYs | just a COG ' a KINK in th' sySTEM | w/D&G 'n mind conSOLing ' trying to steer clear of rigid imPOSEd hierARCHies ' ARBORescent conTEXTs seeking in vain to PACKage conCEPTS & obJECTS into diSCRETE cateGORizEd UNITs w/singular meanings or IDentities ' toWARD a RHIZOmatic zone of multipliCITY & fluctuant IDentity whERE MEANderINGs & opERAtions FLOW FREE beTWINing said obJECTs ' reSULTing in a dynamiconstantly ichinging {SET} of interCONNECTED entities with GaUSSian INdividUAL BOUNDariescage Gaussian"He scrambles all the codes and is the transmitter of the decoded flows of desire." whereas D&G USE PSYCHObabble to quell Freudian psychobabble | i follow ' a coQUE for a coQUE ' a mannequin for a mannequin in LINE w/the 3+1 Oedipal AXIS am i as Artaud says: I GOT NO/PAPAMUMMY | SUM things i can't RElate to [in person ' why I'm a mannequin]: "In the family, the young develop in a perverse relationship, wherein they learn to love the same person that beats and oppresses them." i n=ever learned to love in th' first place in a familiaL ¢ense only as mannequins we do | D&G speak 'n a broad ¢ense 'n re:gards to "family" 'n criti cizing all things Oedipal ' it apPLIES to soCIeTY as a whOle as th' Oedipal mode L of th' family is an ORGANization that must COLONIZE it's MEMBERs ' rePRESS their deSIRES & give them "complexes" if it is to FUNCtion as an ORGANizing principle of soCIeTY& a ghain in REgards to COLONization: "Oedipus is something like euthanasia within ethnocide." so-called 'primitives' are immune to Oedipus. Oedipus is a sickness of the western or industrialized world. "A Hindu or Eskimo can dream of Oedipus, without however being subjected to the complex." cage iching

Mesostic MANneQUINs from the LANDFILL | SOUTH bay to SxSW | 09 AUG 17 |

aWoke & rode a bike all along th' SALT marshes cagey tundra of th' bay ' what USEd to be a GARbage dump in my time NOW a MANIcured landfill "The Oedipal wad does not absorb these flows, any more than it could seal off a jar of jam or plug a dike." manneQUINs on BIcycles on a paved bikepath ' was this [______] once me [?] CONsciously losing consciousNESS as i REwrite this past HANGAR 1 where i once deLIVEred a pizza in that 66' BUG when i worked at DOMINOS ' what was once th' largest enCLOSEd structure [it's own weather sySTEMs eveN] ' now i doubt it | what do D&G mean by these mannequins & [___] machines [?] nøt the 66' BUG nor th' computer used to quote this:

"A machine may be defined as a system of interruptions or breaks (coupres) [...] Every machine, in the first place, is related to a continual material flow (hylè) that it cuts into. It functions like a ham-slicing machine, removing portions from the associative flowCage Arrow: the anus and the flow of shit it cuts off, for instance; etc."

where Cage Arrow is tranSLATED as a "skimming or a draining off; a removal of a certain quantity as a sample or for purposes of testing."Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle where ΔX re:preSENTs our POSITion & ΔP re:preSENTs our momentUM ' which was gathering ...body without organs

our BwOs beCOMing ' flowing from th' goldEN Gate & Half Moon Bay cage corniceLAMs & AnCHOR stEAM] GATHe ring stILL from th' SEDENtary & FAMILIAr reserVOIR of th' BAY to head out TO morROW | th' whirlwindPLAN: E thrU the Sierras & M0N0 Lake ' into Nevada ' S thrU Death Valley ' may be VeGa$ ' diag thrU AriZone to Tucson ' E thrU HATCH to AlbuQUErQUE ' whereby swITCH from car to truck ' RE:POSSESSions ' N thrU CO to SD ' Black Hills ' Bad Lands ' E to de troit ' p/u calaMARii ' then E "home" our only OBJECTive to obSERVE:

for NOW ' looking WEST over the "GOLDen GATE" [nøt neCESSarily th' bridge] out to PAciFic



"UNUSUal WEaTHER we're having, ain't it? 
& u ' Señor Don QUIXOTE ' yer HEAD is gonna END up a STRANGEr to yer NECK."

windmill golden gate park


ExSE from INITial CONDITions of The BAY in to W I D E  O P E N  E X P A N s e  

rented a RED rental economy car | no GPS | no iPOD jack just AC/DC and CHANGES ONEcage or whatEVEr ELSE RANDOM came up on th' radioDIAL:

radioCAST of our X-country trip deSCRAMBLEd in 2:15



9:41 AM Aug 19th from TwitterBerry # Driving on RIGHT side for first time in a year. Stocked up at Trader Joes.

"For example, in the capitalist code and it's trinitary expression, money as detachable chain is converted into capital as detached object, which exists only in the fetishist view of stocks and lacks."

once WEwe're driving & a way we de sided nøt to fallow th' ORiGINal routE | inSTEAD veered SOuth thru th' valley of th' History of LUMINOUS Motion ' forging the semblance of a LINEAR narrative:

"All previous history is recast in a new version in the light of castration."

EVEning in the shadow of DEATH VALLEY

death Valley


SHOE modeling on the SALT flats ' 113°F

Jess leopard paws


10:31 PM Aug 19th from TwitterBerry # Pahrump, Nevada

in th' state of Nevada u can't help but to th'ink of a[o]b$tra[u]cton o' ¢ense REmoved from it's value 'n eX¢hinge ' CASTRATEd from MEaning | a fake a norMAL lie ' nEVEr to thINK twice about th' pri¢e of FUEL i ching cRASHed in some randOM Pa's Rump iching 3 in th' moUrning we PLOWed on into VEGAS i ching 3

Vegas abstract

there's no longrr exCESS o eLITism 'n Vegas | even to th' layman it is ACCESSible ' th' aMERican dREAM wherein u neVer WAKE up & nEVEr FALL a sl e e p  stucK sum of th' whereabouts i n b e t w i n e d:

"The schizophrenic voyage is the only kind there is. (Later this will be the American meaning of frontiers: something to go beyond, limits to cross over, flows to set in motion, noncoded spaces to enter.)"

2:03 PM Aug 19th from TwitterBerry # Poolside next to shark tank at the Golden Nugget:


Shark Tank Golden Nugget

"In this perspective Foucault announced an age when madness would disappear, not becuse it would be lodged within the controlled space of mental illness ("great tepid aquariums"), but on the contrary because the exterior limit designated by madness would be overcome by means of other flows escaping control on all sides, and carrying us along."

this FLOW came 'n th' form of a watersLIDE ' tunnelling quanta thrU spawnless fish ichingichingichingExcESS EXtraction w/no absTRACT ions this FLOW nowadays perHAPs th' FLOW of disinFORMATION along those lines | | |

7:31 AM Aug 20th from TwitterBerry # Vegas lexicon: a towel on the rack means I'll use again, a towel on the floor means please exchange.

"This is the meaning of the disjunctions where Beckett records his characters and the events that befall them: everything divides, but into itself."





El Cortez




"Even before the capitalist production-machine is assembled, commodities and money effect a decoding of flows through abstraction [...] Simple exchange inscribes commercial products as particular quanta of a unit of abstract labor. It is abstract labor, posited in the exchange relation, that forms the disjunctive synthesis of the apparent movement of commodities, since the abstract labor is divided into qualified pieces of labor to which a given determinate quantum corresponds."

there's no ¢ense 'n GAMBling | GAMBling is only fun if u have means ' moneYe to spare & if u have moneYe to spare u don't need to gAMBLE | it's like aNYthing ELSE REALly | most VICEs | D&G reefer to capital as 'a VAMPire that sucks life from living labor' | writing is all work but no labor for dull boys:

"Writing has never been capitalism's thing [...] writing implies a use of language in general according to which graphism becomes aligned on the voice, but also overcodes it and induces a fictitious voice from on high that functions as a signifier."

Anti-Oedipus is proBABly th' onely bOOk object i'd REcommend to bothe likes of Jeffrey Sachs & Blake Butler ' tho judging by bLAKE's URL i magINe he alREADy has & Sachs ' well ' he reads everything somehow alREADy | | |

7:28 AM Aug 20th from TwitterBerry # Leaving las vegas, unlike nick cage.

aCHain ' headed in a different direACTion then as planned [thrU zION & Bryce & Grand CanYON] inSTead SOu thrU Sedona pLOWing di re STRAIghT nøt feeling TOURistY o cañYOñey | | |

1:25 PM Aug 20th from TwitterBerry # Stuck in traffic jam middle of arizona detour no explanation 101 degrees almost out of gas

de:railed but nøt FOILed thrU phoeNIX before RUSH hour ' th' ostriches taking a break at Picacho [interSECTing along these lines] | | |


9:47 PM Aug 21st from web # Food coma after eating at ouir fave place in tucson, la parilla suiza

QUick early mor ning "run around the block" = 4 MIles in Tucson | 1000+ MIles be hind us ' 2000+ toGO | resting up in th' shade of th' OWL ' reVISITing our old hAUNTs | | |


Objects in mirror


7:28 PM Aug 21st from web # Whats with the fuzzy dice hanging from the rearview mirror?

TH' LineAge of 0UR LANdGUAGE | Tucson to Albuquerque [via HATCH] | 09 AUG 23 |

"What does it mean? No one has been able to pose the problem of language except to the extent that linguists and logicians have first eliminated meaning; and the greatest force of language was only discovered once a work was viewed as a machine, producing certain effects, amenable to a certain use."

i.e. CONtext is EVERYthing ' it takes 2 to tanGO ' etc. tHere's a SUN in ANUS if u kNow wHere to l‰k | th' sky dARKened & th' monSOONs came nEXT moUrning went RUNNing a long th' RIllitO river 'er ' WASH [sand WET but nøt FLOWing] in th' Deleuzian sense of th' woords ' a need for speed PROMPTed onLY by miNimiZing SUN expoSURE & CREOsote conTACT high:

"Flows of women and children, flows of herds and of seed, sperm flows, flows of shit, menstrual flows: nothing must escape CODING."

9:15 AM Aug 22nd from TwitterBerry # hand-written SIGN at Dickman's Meat on ORAcle reads "WE HAVE ALLIGATOR" | is it just me or is everYone outSIDE of NYC on Crystal Meth ?

early moUrning dePARTure before the sun rose | | |

6:14 AM Aug 23rd from TwitterBerry # I love the smell of creosote in the morning.

SxSW into New Mexico stopping in HATCH for infamous green chiles | | |

11:43 AM Aug 23rd from TwitterBerry # Huevos rancheros with green chiles from the source in Hatch with a bushel to go:


FARM to FORK [the LOOK sPEAKs to th' FIRE inSIDE]

Huevos rancheros in Hatch


ROASTing them there on the SPoT

roasting Hatch chiles


1:18 PM Aug 24th from web # Truth or Consequences getting high off two bushels of hatch green chilies

th' seeds! Deleuze & Guattari are all over th' MAP working on as many LEVELs exploring th' DUALity in/of LlAaNnGgUuAaGgEe eSPECIALly as aPLIEd to th' BINary sySTEM of th' Dogon | causing to REconSIDer everYthing i subSEQUENTly read & write looking beYond th' syMbols to their enTIREd ontoGENic [& phyloGENic] hiSTORies:

"Alphabetical writing is not for illiterates, but by illerates. It goes by way of illiterates, thouse unconscious workers. The signifier implies a language that overcodes another language, while the other language is completely coded into phonetic elements. And if the unconscious in fact includes the topical order of a double inscription, it is not structured like one language, but like two."

then in ALBUqueRque we sHUCKed th' burLAPPED BUSHels of green CHILEs then put them on ice for to KEEP:

shucking the CLAMs

shucking new mexican clams

for we are POST-modern gNOMADs | call us HYPOcritical for tRAVELing in th' (0,1st) place for US tHere 's no SUCH pLace as LOCii carrying what we EAT marrying what we CARRY | J is all about fOOd & i'm all about bOOks | ARTisian yet SCIENtifii' lo-fi lo-brow "SLOW" if posSIBle but nøt so easy fur nomads in a continuoUS whirlWIND ' tornaDOING a cross th' counTry u can think LOCAL whil st ill tRaveling GLOBally here's where i spiral into CHAOS trying to FORM a narrative thREAD sewing up th' burSting SEAMs cage Pod ' reVERSion back to SAVoyAGE | D&G delve into Marcel Griaule's study of the DOGON [our REtiCiENT take on Dogon] in DIEU D'EAU: "something is produced at a certain moment, at the level and on the side of the eighth ancestor: a derailment of the disjunctions, which cease to be inclusive and become exclusive. Once this occurs, there is a dismemberment of the full body [...] in short, a whole ark of alliance." th' use of ARK didn't go uNnOTicED to SELF: delve more into DOGON MYTHology | we went to MALI bLIND w/HINDsight but th'is NOW=America cage iching

"It is rare that one sees myth and science saying the same thing from such a great distance: the Dogon narrative develops a mythical Weismannism, where the germinative plasma forms an immortal and continuous lineage that does not depend on bodies; on the contrary, the bodies of the parents as well as the children depend on it."

i'm picturing th' ScEnE 'n Donnie Darko wherein he sees tUbes of flUid light exTENDing from his familial MEMBERs: these are visualizations of BwOs if ever there were surely Richard Kelly was UNDer th' inFLUENCE of Deleuze & Guattari | D&G in turn dWell on a LOT of writers ' eSPECIAlly BECKETT ' Henry MILLer & of course ARTAUD:

"Artaud puts it well: all writing is so much pig shit—that is to say, any literature that takes itself as an end or sets ends fo itself, instead of being a process that "ploughs the crap of being and its language," transports the weak, the aphasiacs, the illiterate. At least spare us sublimation. Every writer is a sellout. The only literature is that which places an explosive device in its package, fabricating a counterfeit currency, causing the superego and its form of expression to explode, as well as the market value of its form of content."

AMEN ' soon to be th' new calaMARii MANtra | in Tijeras ("scissors") i went for a long rUn a long roUte 66 [ in #onor of # in NewEST TATTOO ] usING a dead rattleSNAKE for a neckTIE ' breat hing high moUNtain piñONy air ' fOLLOwed by more farm-to-fork green chile cheese omeLETs [continuing to get HIGH off th' supPLY] reaDING into more D&G in th' sun of th' room ' ruminating on th' perMANence of writing ' in light of tattoos achain whether D&G kNows it or kNøt:

"...And if one wants to call this inscription in naked flesh "writing," then it must be said that speech in fact presupposes writing, and that it is this cruel system of inscribed signs that renders man capable of language, and gives him a memory of the spoken word."

they of COURSE ride on oTHEr phiLOsophers [mostly in an attempt to deRAIL] & often they reach for th' Nietzsche: "it is a matter of creating a faculty of forgetting (oubli), by means of a repression of biological memory, must create an other memory of things, a memory of signs and no longer of effects. This organization, which traces its signs directly on the body, constitutes a system of cruelty, a terrible alphabet: "Perhaps indeed there was nothing more fearful and uncanny in the whole prehistory of man than his mnemotechnics [...] Man could never do without blood, torture, and sacrifices when he felt the need to create a memory for himself [...] one has only to look at our former codes of punishment to understand what effort it costs on this earth to breed a 'nation of thinkers'!"!"

they also exPAND on Derrida [th' object of my last post]: "Jacques Derrida is correct in saying that every language pressupposes a writing system from which it originates, if by that he means the existence and the connection of some sort of graphism—writing in the largest sense of the term [...] He is again correct in linking writing to incest in a mysterious fashion. But we see nothing in this link that would lead us to conclude in favor of the constancy of an apparatus of psychic repression, operating in the manner of a graphic machine capable of performing as well by means of Hieroglyphs as by phonemes. (...) It challenges exegesis in the name of recitation, pure textuality, and superior "scientificity" (scientificité)."


as i USUally do for no other reaSON then i can i WANDered aimLESSly around our PROPerty [see n in video above] ' th' only beLONGing o poSSESsion of any true subSTANCE that J&I own  beSIDEs books & food of course | nøt that it's been 'deveLOPED' there's nøthing built on it yet | i WANDERed with D&G's knøtion of deterritorialization in mind PONDERing th' IDeas of TERRitory & private PROPerty in all it's imPLIcations ' d'according to D&G it's th' rhizomic root of all evil & capitalism:

"—here we have the whole series: territorial fetishes, despotic idols or symbols, then everything is recapitulated in the images of capitalism, which shapes and reduces them to the Oedipal simulacrum. [...] the ritual primitive direction of Totem and Taboo, and the private direction of modern man the dreamer. (Oedipus can be a myth, a tragedy, or a dream" it is always expresses the displacement of the limit.) [...] and in fact dream and fantasy are to myth and tragedy as private property is to public property."

more than PROPERty [LAND] is this vain deSIRE to own ' MATTERial possessIONS that only come back to bite u in th' ASS:

"That is what the completion of the process is: not a promised and a pre-existing land, but a world created in the process of its tendency, its coming undone, it's deterritorialization. [...] not at all a hope, but a simple "finding," a "finished design," where the person who escapes cause others escapes, and marks out the land while deterritorializing himself."

i'm not unDONE here | th'IS a work in proCESS trying to EVERblow new bREADthe into words that otherWISE might PAint a gRIM landSCAPE:

"We have repudiated and lost all our beliefs that proceeded by way objective representations. The earth is dead, the desert is growing: the old father is dead, the territorial father, and the son too, the despot Oedipus. We are alone with our bad conscience and our boredom, our life where nothing happens; nothing left but images that revolve within the infinite subjective representation.

Delueze himself was CHAINed to an OXYgen MACHine toWARD off th' END of His LIFE [a CHRONnic smoker] EVENTually thrOWING His mannequined BwO from his OwN WINDOW n | | |

FOUND OBJECT along the ROAD circa missOURi

suitcased encased in amber


1717 miles down ' 2320 to go | we picked up our 16" PENske tRuck [smALLest available] & LOADed it w/all our WORlDly POS sessIONS + [still 3/4 emp – ty] then had a last SUpper of pozOLE & gr CHILE | these nøtions of deTERRItorialization TrYING my head in a TOPOlogical knøt ' (0,0)RIGINallY we thoughT to head up via th' Black Hills ' bUt w/newfound time con sTraints we though T other wise | noW he're esSENTially UNdoing th' X-c0untry rOUTe we took 13 monTHs aGO iN getting to AFRICA | nøt that it's as simple as UNdoing th' route ' for inSTANCE clOVER[⌘]LEAF EXITs preSENT a topoLOGICAL concern in reVERSE & of course conTEXT & time means th' worLd | | |

7:52 AM Aug 26th from TwitterBerry # Tucumcari into texas panhandle, ya'll.


1 of 2 claimed largest CROSSes

10.5 foot cross


4:38 PM Aug 26th from TwitterBerry # Driving through OK city in a Penske truck.

[first night lodged in some scary Super-8 w/a kiddie-POOL full of crystalMETHed out truckers | SWitched to SURvival MODE | NOTE to SELF: do NØT get off th' BOAT | this our 5th time traVERSing th' U.S. & there's nøt much to say about th' EntIRE part that lies betWEEN th' 2 coasts [E of th' ROCKies anYway] ' at lEAST when tRAVELing as such carrying th' WEiGHT of all our POSSESSions ] | |

11:03 AM Aug 27th from TwitterBerry # Gassing up in who the fuck knows where. Sky is steely porridge. Big yellow arch spanning interstate.


3:31 PM Aug 27th from TwitterBerry # Missouri ark souvenirs: feral hogs, lotion monkeys and a sign: "somehow nothing satisfies like beef."


self-potrait w/a windSHield stowAWAY [stirring th' GENEPOOL]

self-portrait with stowaway bug


5:20 PM Aug 27th from web # On the right side of the mississippi looking back at the glinty arcH.


7:23 PM Aug 78th from TwitterBerry # l0sing my apetit in Fatfux, Indiana

[secUnd night esCAPEs my memeory ' rePRESSed u might say ' oh somewhere w/lots of corn fields & fat people] | |

8:37 AM Aug 28th from TwitterBerry # Gassing up in Gas City, Indiana.


8:47 AM Aug 28th from TwitterBerry # Here I sit on the shitter, giving birth to another twitter.


11:39 AM Aug 28th from TwitterBerry # Taco Hell Ohio, Holy Toledo

then we made it to th' brother Markus residence SOuth of Detroit where we took a load off & loaded up th' calaMARii that'd been stowed in his fruit cellAR this long long winter ' some 2 doZen bOXes o bOOks but sTILL nowHERE near to FILLing our truck deSPITE st00ping at WAL-mart & sTRIP MALLs & bOXstores th' siZe o MANhattan for BIcYcles & bOOksHelves & cases o beer & wine nøt to MENTion th' styrOfoam cooler of roasted green CHILE clams on ice o acorn s & WHATever else we could think of to FILL SPACE ' maYbe eveN tURN a proFIT but no HEadspace for tHAT & then WE're off aghain nøt EVEn stickING a round for th' subURBAN block party to watch bro' morph to cottoncandY PETE |

7:16 PM Aug 29th from TwitterBerry # Napping near Punxsutawney. Groundhogs nowhere to be seen.


7:40 AM Aug 30th from TwitterBerry # Pushed as far as we could into the storm, dropping anchor in poconos bay outside city, readying for early morning raid.

thrU oHiO into PA st00ped at sum rANDom dereLICT reSORT in th' POCONOs w/an ARCade & SKEEball & a KaraOKE bah | out of sheer boreDOM  [& for J & to ENTERtain OURselves] i sang a heartFELT "Losing My Religion" to a bunch o' STRANGErs co-workers that all kNew oneanother but nøt US ["the distance in your eyes ' oh no " I said too much"] then J sang "LandSlide" & then a huMAN leaGUE DUet & from tHere wewere  H O M E  F R E E   all we needed to do was wait for th' light to crack th' sky & in my eagerness to get a move on like ducks to water i FORGot my wallet in the POCONOs reSORT [it feLL out of mypantspocket & UNDER th' BED liKe ol' sMOKeY & i didnt cHECK mypockets til wewere getting breakFAST an h0ur orso aWay] so wehad to backPEDAL 50+ MIles dRIVerING th' same road TWice & then getting to TH' CITY gates w/a truck all ways a nightMARE th' signage never makeSENSE ' everything hapHAZARD built 'n COLONial times serIUOSly & th' holLAND TUNNEL o linCOL°N TUNNEL wouldn't let us thrU i forget whICH but it sucked reGARDless i'm typing T H I S so obVIOUSly we made it LUCKily finding a parkING space out front lugging EVERYthing up to th' 5th floor ' th' 7th time we've moVed 'n MANhattan ' th' 5th time to th' 5th fl00r of a 5th fl00r walkUP [o th' r 2 eleVatored] whata WORKout conVERTing KINEtic enrrrgy into POTENTial enrrrgy | my lower back stILL hurts but ohwhatafeeling whence all possessIONS inTACT in 1 PLACEr eVen tho therewas pulenty of unpACKing to do | | |

12:06 PM Aug 31st from web # Moved in, dropped off truck, now walking home along highline. Yes, home.

grEEN CHile CLAMs & calaMARii resIDUALs & nuMEN perVERSIONS | SEPT 17

[_____] then it was justa MATTER of putting things in their RIGHT PLACE taking sTOCK of th' SITutatIONs finding sPACE in this here LOFT going to th' CONTAINER STORE my FAVorite stORE on principle alONE [_____] ORGANizing ' building bookshELVEs | [_______] INVENTorying calaMARii which I'll spare u details [sufficetosay i upDATEd th' prinTABLE cataLOG & sLOWered prices so help me move sum of these please] & reLEASed a new one too [Boons & the Camp] & retrIEVING th' last REMAINDers from euGENE who had been holding on to them since lastyears Brooklyn Bookfest which i went to achain this year to put things in perSPECTive w/ broTHEr bLAKE who i'd just see n read th' night beFORe w/ broLo & THE dude at Barbès [____] goodtimes anYhoow noow all th' calaMARii isin 1 place | ere's what they alllll look like shelved [exCESS boXes nøt SHOWn]:

Calamari Press

beSIDEs beING a bookIE ' being a foodIE cooking up a FIREstorm w/them HATCH green chiles now that i'm againfully unemPLOYed i've been COOking everY night to $ave been back more than a FORTnight+ & we've only gONE out maybe twice | here's somofwhat u cando w/green chiles:

  • eggs sCRAMbled w/green chiles
  • hueVOS ranchEROS w/green chilE sauce
  • green chile & shrIMP & PINEnuts enCHILadas w/a tomatILLO & chileVERDE sauce
  • voodoo chile & black bean BURRitos w/frESh salsa
  • shrIMP & green chile TACOs w/guacoMOLE
  • rISSOtto w/green chiles & MUSHrooms [o th' enCORE: rissotto w/shRIMp & greeN chiles]
  • & my latest CREATion which is in th' OVEN REheating as i write: HATCHed Chile eggPLANT Parm ' here's what 1 [of 3] laYer lOOked like b'fore doUSED w/bosssAUCE:

Green Chile Eggplant Parm

& there's plenty still in th' ICEBOX now aNY how back to th' sUBJECT of this here disPATCH: ANTI-ŒDIPUS | i managed to reel in th' last 100 or so pages & it keeps folding & reFOLDing itSELF into th' folds of my bRAIN like saltwater taffy de:edi:territori[re]alizing my headSPAce & maybe yers twice or thrice reMOVEd for "Oedipus is one of those things that becomes all the more dangerous the less people believe in it." there's more to ANAL-REtentive than fearing a FINGER up yer arse | there's gHosts in th' BUSH: "sometimes the same man in two situations: the bush paranoiac and the village pervert" | in regards to such oedipal perversions: I acKNOWledge th' importance of sexuality as a desire that got us this far but that's as far ass i'll say | tHere's no SKeletONs in my closeT in LIghT of my own ARK ' bestiality COULD be an interesting one to expORE [in fiction that is] "libido does not come to consciousness except in relation to a given body, a given person that it takes as object." it's more about REcordING that I have always been interested in even when I was into muSIC it was the idea of RECORDING: "And we have doubtless been able to present things in a logical order where the disjunctive synthesis of recording seemed to follow after the connective synthesis of production, with a part of the energy of production (Libido) being converted into a recording energy (Numen)." Recording is a staving off of immortality:

"There where the codes are undone, the death instinct lays hold of the repressive apparatus and begins to direct the circulation of the libido. A mortuary axiomatic. One might then believe in liberated desires, but ones that, like cadavers, feed on images. Death is not desired, but what is desired is dead, already dead: images"

shOREs of hoME


"Because art, as soon as it attains its own grandeur, its own genius, creates chains of decoding and deterritorialization that serve as the foundation for desiring-machines, and make them function. [...] it is here that art accedes to its authentic modernity, which simply consists in liberating what was present in art form from its beginnings, but was hidden underneath aims and objects, even if aesthetic, and underneath recodings or axiomatics: the pure process that fullfills itself, and that never ceases to reach fulfillment as it proceeds—art as "experimentation."

[per CAGE's SILENCE & "experimental" in th' ¢ense of of an ACT th' outCOME of which is unknOWN] & now its time to do less FREEway THinking & more INKing from th' 5th STOReY HEy watch me pull a RAreBIT out of my HAT " ΣuM OBject that conFIT in an enVeLOPE] | |


(c) 2009 Derek White