no sleep till Roma: [DU|Li]MBO S°W [inkling & rubbing (0,0) + W + S of N-E-W-S]

sundial IKEA plaza

j in Red Hook singing ««esta decision me molesta» kNowing full well ll roads lead to Roam»

hereIN LIES the Σum of my FINal imPRESSions of BrooKLYN in nonLINEar CounterClockWise fashion starting at the origin (0, 0) & spir∀ling out W & S otherwise in no particular order [E & N & slingshotting further to FolLow in ∀ subSEQuent post] as dayz RUN on end in somnambulistic LIMB° here in the departure lounge at Plymouth & Anchorage [con tempo Romano weather snapshots oulipoohed & bABELFished & massaged d'acCORDingly] || |

c[ORE]-section (0, 0) : anatomia della mia spina dorsale

we 1st drifted to NYC from Tucson on 15 May 2000 & we our now leaving for Rome eXactly 10 years later on 17 May 2010 | to comMEMeorate our 10 years in NYC [minus our year in Africa] i got my sPineal cord inked | this was the plan [after abandoning the original iteration which you can find scrolling in the daily ƒLashes]:

manhattan Calamari ink

[the skin ink map


spinal squid inked on derek white

& the realization [by Alex Sherker of East Side Ink][still a bit scabby on 1 prong of the X]

i had forgotten the area above my plumber's butt was la parte più sensibile [se potete denominarli che] del mio corpo so really had to cease & resist my reflexive flinching & eveN though the back is typically not so bad for most people for me it hurt like a mofo more than any other place so far but in a sense it was therapeutic—like acupuncture [i SPECifically put it on my lower spine as that seamed to be retaining the accumulated truss of our time in this here città ||

the rest of the [visual] imagery herein are either fotos from our flâneurings W & S of DUMBO or rubBEings made along the way | click on an image for higher RESolution & if you're interested in any of the originals [& there's no red X] they're $150/ea [includes INTL shipping from Rome] ||

dulimbo 1 writ in water

[DU|LI]MBO 01: writ in water [Rome circa 12.2009 [rubbing Keat's grave]] [detail]

herein in betwine is where i possibly digress with textual confusion in order to arREST your êYê sprockets from the visual collagEN IMplants ||

Dulimbo 2: gen_vis-a-vis

[DU|LI]MBO 02: vis-à-vis path-o-gene [bklyn 2010][detail]

& arboreal X-macchinas of the of Roman empire d'according to the subMARine of the «THE LEAFING» ma primer andiammo underground in Kings county ||

brooklyn underground Atlantic

under Brooklyn [the Atlantic avenue subway line that never was]

& the interstitial d'giorno is the CAPUCHin collar hidden in a cubby hole for 21 days [chosen to be spaced out of a possible 49] & 3 principal investigators ignoring the CAPUCHe phyllic order in which our bedroom is sequestered to diminish the divided end it has untravelled | says j: «subsidies have turned them to «velvet berths»» ||

Brooklyn underground roof vent

looking up to Atlantic ave from beneath Brooklyn thru plugged street vent

& to thINK we originally VENTured to NYC for ZN & now to Rome to promote biodiversity jumping thrU h00ps this past month—j's medical condition rePORTed check mission visa [see next installment] check 3 overseas shipping quotes check uniQLO pantaloons check tattoo check ||

J tattoo zinc

tattoo i designed for j but she never went thru with it [allergic to ink] so
i used it in the subsequent collage:


Ark Zink

[DU|LI]MBO 03: Zink [bklyn 2010][detail]

& for a while there i couldn't eveN «swallow my own tonsil due to tact compromised from X as a conSEQuence of the collected fossils of swimming in the sea or volcanic lakes» in nicarAGUA [from a Hystory of the x-Factor] & now tRavel arRANGEments are set on AIR LINGUS via Dublin che arriva dentro the Holy Roman Empire il 18 maggio 2010 per il momento ci leviamo in piedi alle strade trasversali ||

dumbo tracks

defunct street car JCT in DUMBO


W sequence: bridging the gap

when i wasn't internalizing geoGRAPHy i would drift west over the bRidge to the isL&

manhattan bridge

Manhattan bridge circa 1909 as seen a few blocks from our current locale [high res]

the spanning introduces the QUESTions of reLOCAtion to the severeal overseas transPort aGents as they INVENToriED our possessions to place in the hull of said vessel ||

eyebar catenary

[DU|LI]MBO 04: eYebar anchorage [bklyn bridge 2010][detail]
[ X ]

i conSIDErated the GOTHic zones spun 90° clockwise with a sailor's ANCHOr tattoo on my dorsal fin in the plumb line & the painful odor as i shaved my stache ||

borrowed dolor

[DU|LI]MBO 05: 4-feet on the ground [Rome circa 12.2009][detail]

Roma è più vicino all'AfriQue hopefully higher than a 4th degree piano wherein now the subway rails through our sleep when there are no stitches of light to weave day into night in the «city that never sleeps» but never wakes up to sound the sound [stick your head out the window more often & yell «fishstick» why don't you] ||

4th floor elevator

[DU|LI]MBO 06: 4th floor elevator [spqr 09/bklyn 10][detail]

you have to ask yourself «¿are we well within the limits of «no implications» in that we are in Σum ways priming the pump [with an inferno di 100s delle sfere di tennis] but are we not as numerous to phase out the fire escape that cramps lifestyle choices inherent in this city?» | «¿& if this is all to aLign must we sySTEMatically empty our heaping inches of tastebudding antlers & affectionately renounce the supplier?» ||

drying fish fire escape

yes—those are fish fillets hanging to dry on the fire escape in LES just across the bridge

after climbing a scapegoat & studying my mandible from within 1 day while j was in Nairobi i watched Nosferatu eXactly as if to strike the librarian with a dead fish screaming ¡OPA! at 15-minute INTervals in anticipation ||

fish spirit taco

[DU|LI]MBO 07: fish spit taco king [Rome circa 12.2009][detail]
[ X ]

& my newfound immersion in italiano [via the Rosetta Stone] is making me rethINK Σum aBout lan[d]Gauge as a practical communication deVice & what it's role is in art | ¿am i ready to renounce language [beyond communication]?

generat sewes

[DU|LI]MBO 08: deGENerate manhole [bklyn 2010][detail]

SEW[er]ing in the streaming that begot a river was now begetting a glacier calving back into the very river that was becoming a stunted headwater to sEA | the «global warming» blamed for crawDAD's speciæl end[ear]angerment was now becoming the very rising that would float this ark that wo[o|ul]d in tUrn save crawDAD from the bRink of ∃Xtinction | [\∀/RK Côd∃x 2:1] under the guise of manhole genes ||

stiff catenary

[DU|LI]MBO 09: stiffening sinew engine [manhattan bridge 2010][detail]
[ X ]

8¢ [the m. |d] & in order rileggere: «Soviet of the Pinocchio neighbor now ¿how far beyond the skySCRAPErs are we that we are not connected to anima'L? each VARiable-bodied seaman turns the screw attributing [sull'INTerval] relative skillful disdain in the ministry & still deeper the machinna of narcissus not seizing the delicate torment i see forged in the FONT—[dipped in but not drowned]» ||

ferry slip

[DU|LI]MBO 10: rearchitecting the ferry slip [bklyn bridge 2010][detail]

per per dire il mio proprio nome in the marine blue «archetype of adebayor»: «1 HAND in the VULTURE = 1 MOUTH in the VULTURE's bush ≠ ∀ll eggs in 1 BASKET» which is to say «oh what i'd give for a fresh deli sandwich!» ||

delicate elf vice

signage [catering to delicate elf vice]

a questo punto marzo marcia in aprile & the round pegged template is no longer cursed & in order to express the worLd's opinion in «Recession Times New Roman» we remix miniscule [lowercase] & majuscule [uppercase] glyphs ||

blue revisited

[DU|LI]MBO 11: lest we forget [bklyn 2010][detail]

Re:FINito the biblioteca as deconstructed by the «seminal sheep of the Capuchin» [or a competitor in cellblock 91] as seen on a Darwinian oscilloscope demonstrating the terrorISM of what INItially was ancient assembly now believed [by means of a Σort of math∃matical ACHillEs tendon experienced as «enTROPEy»] TO BE [uprooted by a scorpion-postured dorsal thorn] a «lexigraphic PITA b» Read ||

downtown manhattan post-911

post 911 Manhattan as obscene from the Brooklyn Heights promenade

& yet another crane collapses in Manhattan leaving me goatless as the faceless rappel down from the bridge into our mushroom ||

Sinew Gridscape

[DU|LI]MBO 12: sine W gridscape [bklyn 2010][detail]

... singing «O U R sick» by Nurse with Wound ||

manhattan grafiti

Manhattan bridge truss graffiti

pity the rabbiT AFTer the magic reveals the ugly clone destined for [s|p|l]aces previously aliquoted to our kids [in a capraL ¢ense] that the feeding throat [spun down with turbinado] is now able to IMpress in the gunny sack ||

gut machine

[DU|LI]MBO 13: gutteral machine genie [Manhattan bridge 2010][detail]

hereby coupling itself to the amazzoniano with no add+itional reinquirements or OBJECTionS beYond Victorian pluralization scHemes diVerging from this Σort of LOGarithmic thINKing not deLINEating the serIOUsness in a series if you stop to thINK to this end | | | | | ||

dense wharve tempest

[DU|LI]MBO 14: dense wharve tempering [bklyn 2010][detail]

S sequence: canal zONE

when we didn't go W over the bRidge sometimes we dRifted S aRound Red Hook or Gowanus me&ering ||

proteus gowanus

maps of Brooklyn at Proteus Gowanus [gallery & reading room]

Σum engaging things to gleen here—items on display with uncertain purpose [all for sale] with a current theme of transPORT ||

rusty wall

rusty montage sequence [bklyn 2010]

alcune di migliori cose nella vita sono libere sulle vie se conoscete dove osservare ||

swoon gowanus

a Swoon near Gowanus

with sweeping italian [unlike English the name of the language itself is written initial miniscule lower-case] approval: «i'm in moUrning for the duration of the mission ajar» or mandible inheritance of the root cANAL [the gowANUS to be specific—in suffering bouts of recursive logic leading to lockjaw] ||

inkhead canal

Gowanus inkhead

a.k.a. catenary equation

fin achorage

[DU|LI]MBO 15: catenary anchorage [bklyn 2010][detail]

from my histamine-induced hiStory lesson: «dRinking of the EUology of Arking Log [re:bullion]» i learned that flood-induced «evacuation» is approximated by gravity & the great-grandson never begotten shifting towards the opinion to lunch off mozzarella relative to knowing our true aspirations [Rome wasn't built in a day] ||

dead empires

[DU|LI]MBO 16: dead empires [Rome circa 12.2009 [Keat's grave]][detail]

PORTions of my spinal ink date all the way back to 23 Text Tiles [2003—when we were living on 57th street]—now out of print not even P.O.D. ||

kentile floors

KENTILEd floors over gowANUS

which is to say that my dorsal fin was synchronized to honor being possessed by Manhattan granted the deSign' changed in bow sprit from the X-sezionale blow of the S.S. sses flipped 90° - 29° [deviation from true N] | & speaking of bullion i hawked my 1947 50-peso coin inherited from my grandfather on 47th street—all 37.5 gram$ worth de oro puro ||

red hook

Red Hook d[u|o]cks

or ∀ d' overseas transPort of 23¢ coinage preserved for no particular trussage sake as it no longer holds practical value & the «baa baa black sheep possession» has been deregulated in a WOOLworth canal disclosure signed on the decks of a moored tugboat with Red Hook inscribed on the bow & j as my figurehead ||

sei que

[DU|LI]MBO 17: ark que ink [Rome circa 12.2009] [detail]

the ark rival inkblot was scanned to [k]not introduce tranSCRIPTion errors & went straight to the PINEal CONifer allele ||

red hook trolley

since wharved Red Hook street trolley

& you could say this was all NEWS to me [where «NEWS» is only new to the JOURnalist in the A\V/Ant FrONT of an imMEDIAte EVEnt] eveN thoUgh it hapPENed to ME—not «NEWS» in the former sense of the worLd [as in «THIS» is all nothing «new»] but in conSEQUENTial terms of the imMEDIAte DIREction of the DISTRESSed signal SiNEWed TogæTHER with CATGUT [\∀/RK Côd∃X 3:8] & [k]Not by the INTernal LOGic wherein the letters in «N-E-W-S» represent the cardinal DIREctions |

iud 66 arch

[DU|LI]MBO 18: archival IUD Type 66 [San Clemente pagan inscription Rome circa 12.2009][detail]

an accurate examination [think an AUGUR but with RAMhorns instead of STARlings] reve[a|i]led tidy DNA isolated from the nightcrawler tractor turbines & transcribed to corkscrewing mealworms [[k]Not much different really than the typeface found at the bottom of a bottle of mezcal] ||

acque owl

[DU|LI]MBO 19: acque owl [altered take][Rome circa 12.2009][detail]
[ X ]

dipthonging itself the ‹X› in X & ‹W› in W & ‹K› in K & ‹J› & Σumtimes ‹Y› into a noun hell of alien letters [e.g.: ʒ of /d; /tsy á of the 7 of /tsy/ written as SEVERin & dʒ de lupus] with no reaction & all the of means of must-havenots of lan[d]guage ||

tom la farge adminstrative assemblages

Tom La Farge: Administrative Assemblages N° 1 in the «13 Writhing Machines» series

[on which i spilled a thermos of coffee that also soaked half of the rubbing hence the stains]

as procured at Proteus Gowanus [La Farge apPARENTly being one of the forces behind it & the curator of the oulipo shelf [of which i also scored some Sorrentino]] & [THIS] partially inspired [in theory] by text generation techniQues within though no particular recipes have been cooked in the making of [THIS] [after all art that uses another's process is not art but a craft or hobby] |

proteus gowanus maps

two alternate takes on BKLYN from Proteus Gowanus

& in an article about the London Review of Books in HuffPost it was said that: «the web is an isomorphic universe in which everything is equidistant from everything else. In this flat, undifferentiated world, the careful arrangement of content within an edition (leading the reader from one essay to another in a predetermined order) becomes disorganised. When readers can enter a magazine website through any page, the notion of an issue or an edition ceases to have much force» which they meant as a criticism of this newfangled way of textual perception while to the likes of me this is the beauty of it ||

anus canal

[DU|LI]MBO 20: gowANUS Canal sCORE [bklyn 2010][detail]

meanwhile the Dow Jones average has rambled in foreign tradition & with door ajar i spy suspect vegetation fermenting in the canal instilling the need to put our habits on stilts ||

subway undervent

gridscape beneath the F train

i light a Roman candle for each morning remaining [25 by today's count]—sublimating squid liquid to cenere dal vulcano della terra del ghiaccio che abbastanza non raggiunge l'Italia wHere parole in italiano are in ITALics—attaccatura fuori da asciugarsi come i pesci di sonno ||

cabinet proteus gowanus alley

fire escape next to Cabinet leading to Proteus Gowanus

soon to be liquidated for overseas shipment [to be reconstructed & reinvented] & to think not once did i take a flight from ISLIP & that lists are stratifying a LITeral REIgNvention of capuchin MonKey to fire—appealing to the senses so we can sleep beneath the FOuNTain & st[a|e]rling skies on the banks of the Tiber suckling come Romulus ma sino a quel momento ||

SS Hue 66

[DU|LI]MBO 21: SS hue 66 [bklyn 2010][detail]


E & N to ulimbodEN



(c) 2010 Derek White