h0ME(o\v/o)ID eSSe[que]nce: rubBEing el BOW[sp[i]rit]s in the home-o-static rhomboid

a dicEy ANCHo[r|vy] ho[i]sts the capaCity to sound aMi[d]st a t[i]errible smell

h0ME(o\v/o)ID 1: a dicEy ANCHo[r|vy] ho[i]sts the capaCity to sound aMi[d]st a t[i]errible smell

∀ topoGraphic exPLANation should[n’t be neceSSary suff]ICE to say unfURL your shoelace & go forth whilST i lash mYself to father masT | IF [on the other hAnd] yoU are [here]—[with hands on hips] when i'm [HOME]—deciPHering the ℜeality of the cuRRent SITUation of PIER 40 [withIN the constraint of the hand we've been dealt] THEN let it be known: ℜeality is boring—holes augured from the seagull flight patterns—∀ll laid down to a glorious din of raDIO eiGENie-freQuencies [p.s. click image maps if you want to view original [anaLOG] source in higher resolution] ||

& the BwO bleeds anchovy ostrich ink

h0ME(o\v/o)ID 2: & the BwO bleeds anchovy ostrich ink

a «TOURist» at home is [in D&G mode] a Body without Organs [BwO] | the gyroscopic topologies of the albuMEn—the tethered if of «ME» spawned from il blowing—∀ll because the skin on your knees is transformed to the tasseled cir[cle]-cum-stance [that sufficiently calls for the EXTension of «father»] & a boolean operation from the biFURcating tree akin to frequent pRu[i]ning | if it decodes to [HERE] then it informs the operator of POSIT ions: the marching orders from the ℜeal Bowsprit laS.S.[o then hang the n]ext of sKin ||


h0ME(o\v/o)ID 3: & H20 bleeds the curtains down the woo[d g]Rain only a HEX wrench was designed to fit

AFTer it was hooked j let it bleed in a warm bath followed by 30 seconds in organic FIX[er | «i» shouldn't be the 1 to tell yo]u to take a good hard look at your «grandfather's clock» of hair at this point || under the inFrared light you'll notice the deve[loping crow's are half gray][if you don't watch the lotion boil] | «but» says ma—«if you were weaned on wine you'd make an exception for R-G color-blindness» or at least not discriminate indiscriminately using ADverbs to color haphazardly | as your insurer i will simply write you off as an superfluous eXemption ||


h0ME(o\v/o)ID 4: H.E. [hoMEo Erectus] forges «ZEBRAVYIZ» in the alphabetical BOℜEalis

to be PURe [in a B&W sense] is to kNOT hire laundered cLaw-hammers or high-tower it at the apogee of the marble-topped amphitheater | this text piece was GENiErated looking straight into the dismantled light & the resulting shadow was cast under the g-clock | in certain circles motherly ladies leave cloaks on the floor of standing room only venues [in event of emergency] when confronted by psychos in the shower ||

h0ME(o\v/o)ID 5: parallel GENiE lines permeate the voID as if to say «we go way back» to the x-section of the stock market crAsh


or maybe you come here to find out what i've been reading | besides the Dead Sea Scrolls & Dante i started to read the first 50 pages of The Planetarium by Nathalie Sarraute but i can't honestly say i was into it enough to read more | then again it's a translation so whose to say what the experience would be like in the native tongue | some interesting things were said using interesting language i just wasn't into the overall familial drama | here's an example of one of the better things she said: «They have all understood quite well. Very quickly, without needing any long explanations. Nobody has yet discovered the language that could express instantaneously what we perceive at a glance: an entire human being, with its myriads of little movements, which appear in a few words, a laugh, a gesture. Everybody feels a bit uncomfortable now, the downgrade on the scenic railway turned out badly, they got a bump. They feel a bit ridiculous, a bit ill at ease.» Nathalie Sarraute: THe Planetarium

what i really wanted to read were Sarraute's Tropismstropisms but when i looked into getting it before coming here there weren't any for less than $100 ||


h0ME(o\v/o)ID 6: often i am the insurance carrier in the familiar typeface: I BElieve

more interesting to ME[me] would be to take this above para[Graph by Sarraute & say tran[Slate it back & for]th into 5 or 7 different lan]guages [using multibabel] & eventually back to English as such: «It is totally very totally good to understand it. The long affirmation has not had the necessity very directly. Probably represented that ognuna he in always executed them, he does not make to control volatile the very fast sight of the language something: Somigli to innumerevole of whole Epose of the person of the small movement with little caráteres of the calculation, ingualmente of the smiles. Each position disagreeable, of what fagiolo is transformed into that one inclined this manhoso, that alcanga the railroads, of what now it is credited, convexity. Those positions not very sure, this create the position laughful.»

h0ME(o\v/o)ID 7: a bebe bicicyled there to aVoid bare foot prince

since a rhomboid has paralleL sides but the opposite pairs don't necessarily have the same length [as in a parallel]ogramit might require associative massaging from ℜeal-world Eve to make cents | or perhaps eve(n) a pass through the Oulipoean N+7 machine [though at the time (t) of this writing the URL appears to be down so i'm left to do as i see fit]: «It is kosher to capitalize on it | sLeap apnea has nEVEr had such dire neceSSity | probably being that «men of the jungle» typically eXecuted them—it does not take self-precaution to control the volatile sight of this «language something»: Somalians suffer innumerable episodes of loss in their seafaring movements [with little care given to navigational calCULation eXcept for reading the iguana's smile] | each potion is disagreeable | of what poppyseed it is transformed into that inclined this manhood—of all the clanking of the rails—of what now is credited to convexity | these [l|p]otions are not secure except to create a laughable post-it» ||

h0ME(o\v/o)ID 8: GRAV[e|it]Y helps deSign find it's private tombstone ID[enTITy]

or you could put the txt through the travesty generator & think about—say—the evolution of zebras [& massage your scalp liberally]: «steam is transformed—this lotion—[with little basket-case jungle men eager to capitalize on the sight [an image] of something lost: summarized in one's retina [out of sheer necessity] by an iguana s[i]mile | insomnia is credited for the calculated elevator music or it is credited for the slinky pantyhose used to create a laughable episode of what is otherwise dire [not very secure] in this here city» ||

h0ME(o\v/o)ID 9: the owl of your oLive juice beats aloe hands down for homesickness

which is not to say these are my methods in writing ∀RK Côd∃X—i typically deliberate to the point of hung [ju]ry | there will be a chapter later [if i can ever get there] where the ARK sinks & ll the anima'L & i are left clinging to each other in a flotilla grid on the high seas & in order to move the flotilla [not randomly] i need to pass directions to the paddlers on the furthest reaches of the flotilla but since each species speaks a different language the directions get tangled & misconstrued beyond comPrehension—but i haven't gotten to that chapter yet | in fact currently the ark is still on ice & there's no one to deliver the mail ||


h0ME(o\v/o)ID 10: at home at sea is where we eat our own linguini encoded in squid ink [or at lEast of the GENiE that eXpreSSES it]

or if you are the voyeuristic type inclined to sit back & watch then the below is the screening of this [frott|coll]AGE & the IMages that inspired what you are looking at between these lines of text [that is the matter] | this was also an excuse to use «Present Tense» by Romeo Void—a song that apparently never made it to CD so i was left to encode from some shoddy TDK cassette leftover from the 80s ||

at the half-way home bifurcation ensures all roads lead to Rome & ∀ll is status quo | the mined bonsai crawdads are horizontally divided rhizomes | obviously the usual [threa[d|t] of] emergencies apply | as it is this [crossed] section considers the eXcess of pure candle wax & this dismissive crayoneering whilst yelling «bonsai!» at 15-second intervals yields vertical growth in the crayfish stables w[here the ℜeal nerve re:Search takes place |mean[while the] sea]gulls roost on the rim of the amPHi-theatrical autopsy ||

h0ME(o\v/o)ID 11: the newSStadium is wHere the spectacle of evuLotion begets the body of evidence

[i|co]Nfusion aRises in my own mind due to the reconFIGuration of tranScription enZzzymes in my own brain as i try to make sense of italian [which also exPlains why i haven't been reading much lately as most of what i read is in attempt to understand italian & usually not much understanding is involved [at least of the big picture | most of what] i was watching while making these images were old subtitled italian movies & Northern Exposure reruns & what i was listening to most [besides RAI radio] while composing these images include [in no particular order]: { Swans | Bon Iver | Choir of Young Believers | Rumspringa | Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band | Beach House } ||

h0ME(o\v/o)ID 12: the absence of bRa[i]n makes it OK to tax those marching to eDen

sometimes language doesn't eve(n) matter as i focus beyond words to letters & the curs[IV]e curves | starting with your êYês out of focus on the uni[cycle verse] drill back in time to the naked singularity or to quote Finnegan's Wake: «Yet to concentrate solely on the literal sense or even the psychological content of any document to the sore neglect of the enveloping facts themselves circumstantiating it is just as hurtful to sound sense.» ||

h0ME(o\v/o)ID 13: walking the plank is no remedy for tiger mosqu[i]Toes begetting vampires

nothing means nothing anyway so don't bother to try to make something of it | i'm not even sure why i make these IMages—perhaps they will find their way into ∀RK Côd∃X | or maybe they are PURE[ly for their own sake | may]be they were rubBEing off on me | as i was saying in the last post i am not writing ∀RK Côd∃X∀RK Côd∃X is writing me & i didn't make these images—these images are making me[ME]s | or at least trying to tell me qualcosa ||


h0ME(o\v/o)ID 14: mitigated work FURlough is suggested in lieu of a quarantine for jaundiced newbies

the problem with TEXT is text spells everything out | it narrows your mind into the ex-act accepted litEral meaning which could be a good thing but if you want to get beneath the skin or dive beneath the SURface you need to UNfocus your êYês beyond the txt to what's beneath | look backwards through the periscope into the subMARine & re:Verse enGENineer the [initial conditions from which we our sp]awning channels precipitation ||

h0ME(o\v/o)ID 15: baked into the ivory of King Leopard's bible is the abandonment of mitochondrial eveNing in place of a bee-keeping colony

this text is mereLies F.P.O.—to fill in the gaps beTwined the images to give you the allusion that i'm divulging what they mean but that's your call | i could also say what i've been putting into my body which amounts to a lot of home-grown: { lattuga | peperoncini | aranci | lemonini | pecorrino romano | mozzarella di bufala | olio di oliva | lenticchie | pinoli | zucchini | pomodori | basilico | melanzane | vino | caffè | fernet branca | mirto di sardegna }—all reconstituted into various [l|p]otions which are agitated in 1:3 developer at 5-minute intervals & then sweated out of my fingers onto the 8.5 x 11 page ||

h0ME(o\v/o)ID 16: a vanity shot is circle-cum-navigated lather than sucking poison straight from the thorax

[ X ]

this thaw is merely for ID compliance only | to fill in the pedigreedy gargoyles be[tween the i'm]migrants [to give you the IDea] watch the weather foreCAST [on acCount of the inVersion layer] | there is no need to dilute the hypo-clearing agent more | dRink straight from the boiler-plate jug | smack the tank against the counter to perCULLate any bubbles | leave the leotards in the hypo-clearing agent for 90 seconds until they re[as]semble «pinkie nylons» | FURther agitate the fur until it comes loose then rinse ||

h0ME(o\v/o)ID 17: it's behooving to trEAT your own skin within the constraints of a foreign museum

J. Joyce didn't leave any pinkies or nylons in his wake | nor oxygen nor hydrogen | i did the minimum faxing while the film was processing | 6 layers beneath the agnostic windows were subsequently overlaid | chemicals were re-used but kept fresh by keeping the original seeds soaking | all measurements were in °Celsius | when time t was up it ruptured the delicacies into perceived misapplications with an affinity for rubbing | next time you eat cantaloupe try eating the seeds | if you swallow without chewing beware it could gRow a new vine in your bell[y—this was always my fear when i didn't k]now any be[tter a good way to be] ||

h0ME(o\v/o)ID 18: blow the conch to signal the arrival to n[eu|a]tralized turf

chicken feet i'mPressIons were also used for this series as was più ephemera from the Port[ese] flea MAR[ket | these will be the last i'Mages done in this style be]fore the ark leafs the SURface of the ice at which po[i]nte (j, i)'ll look into a 2-D «lost wax casting» method | it just sunk in that o[u]r ticket here was 1-way | the day before yesterday was the 1st day it didN'T occur to me that we live in «Caput Mundi» | the sEA[gulls are back with a vengeance after a summer at the] shore | gente e genitori che hanno vissuto qui per più di 20 anni say this wasn't always the case [the seagulls ACTually living [here]] ||


h0ME(o\v/o)ID 19: «LINKS»ausage has to do with the course running through it

ieri siamo guidati dalla città secondo il fiume finché non ci sia stato enough to giocare golf or ride horses or herd sheep | this time i didn't get a Fiat ma le mie gomme entrano verso l'alto sopra | there is no defined boundary to the city limits come ci è dentro Manhattan ma there was a blocked off bridge with no trespassing signs that Romans were climbing over left & right | this is the only thing i will say now about ℜeal-world EVE[n]ts | è sempre migliore da vedere for yourself | now it's time to course up through the villa on the hill ||

h0ME(o\v/o)ID 20: guilt by association with «junk DNA» in the recessive «vampire GENiE»

is not without merit




(©omPostED|tranScribed) 2010 Derek White