a latheRing SARDonic goat cheese & sarDine case study on [K|Crusoe's] Iceland [in techni©olor]

blood scum beach

sardinic sea froth

hereIN lie some textual & visual impressions & facts [& fictions] about the isLand of Sardinia [in no particular order]—the destiNation della settimana ||


pre-climatic lichen [Chia]

abStract: the pre-climax epiphytic commune of [Chia [pet] rocks] were doCumented using pastoral & culinary phytogeography || 38 phytosociological snapshots [& 2 moving pictures] were analyzed using a syntaxonomical approach hardened in SCoA [Sardinial «Colordinate» analYsis] | 2 new syntaxa within the ass. sardine allele are comPosted herein & the ecology of phytopsychography is glossed over in the context of Krusoe's IcelandIsland Krusoe ||

chia beach litmus test

Chia beach in color

in Freud's time people GENiErally thought dreams were in black & white [evidently due to the prevalence of B&W imagery at the time] | i don't dream in color nor B&W but something in between i thINK though i can never be certain ||

cagliari town hall

Cagliari town hall

Sardinia is tied with the Japanese island of Okinawa for the highest rate of centenarians in the world ||

sardo street port

street shot i forget where in Sardinia

from the barnyard funk of the Sardo cheese to the fragrant bouquet of the herbal shrubbery—it's safe to say Sardinia has the most profound smells of any place i've yet been—a fact not captured in these photos ||

chia pet rock

lava rock [Chia]


abandoned ceiling

caved-in ceiling stains

which begs the question—do we or can we write in color? or is text inherently B&W? ||

abandonment study

spores of A. fumigatus


goatbell study

goat with bell

a quarter of all Italian goats live in Sardinia ||

efl forest

Sardinian forest

from Wikipedia: «About 42% of the Sardinians belong to Y-chromosome haplogroup I, which is otherwise frequently encountered only in Scandinavia, Northern Germany and the Dalmatia-Bosnia-Montenegro-Serbia area. The Subclade I-M26 of the Haplogroup I, also known as I2a1, is almost unique to the island, with small numbers of it being found among the population of Basque Country, Castile, the department of Béarn and Brittany in France, England, Sweden and Corsica. Furthermore, the I haplogroup of the indigenous Sardinians is of the I1b1b subtype, which is almost unique to the island. The I1b1b haplogroup also has a low distribution in and around the Pyrenees indicating some migration of Sardinians to or from that area. The Sardinian subtype is more closely related to the Dalmatian-Bosnian-Serb subtype than to the Scandinavian subtype. The second most common Y-chromosome haplogroup among Sardinian male population is the haplogroup R1b (22% of the total population) mainly present in the northern part of the island, Gallura in particularly (37%). Sardinia also has a relatively high distribution of Y-chromosome haplogroup G (15%), stemming from people that migrated to Sardinia from Anatolia. The Y-chromosome haplogroup G also has a relatively high concentration in and around the Pyrenees and the Alps, again indicating migration of Sardinians to or from that area. The subclade U5b3a1 came from Provence to Sardinia by obsidian merchants, as it is estimated that 80% of obsidian found in France comes from Monte Arci in Sardinia reflecting the close relations that were at the time of these two regions. Still about 4% of the female population in Sardinia belongs to this haplotype. Other haplogroups show lower frequencies.»

Chia beach

Chia beach



standing goat

standing goat

Sardinia is an autonomous region of Italy ||

abstract abandonment

the Sardo language is not a dialect of Italian but a distinct branch of the Romance language family infused with { Catalan | Spanish | Phoenician |Etruscan | indigenous Nuragic } elements & is closer to Latin than Italian ||

goat sunset

goat taking in the sunset


mining tunnel

entry to an abandoned mine shaft

the adjective «sardonic» also shares a common root [SARD: a yellow or brownish-red variety of chalcedony] with sardines & Sardinia ||

dung beetle

sisyphusian dung beetle


Sardo goat

more goatbell

goat pigment is expressed by 2 primary genotypes: euMelanin & pheoMelanin | euMelanin is expressed by black/blue-gray/chocolate brown & in most cases euMelanin is a monoshade unless it becomes bLeached by the sun or is denatured by some other environMental [& therefore non-genetic] factor | pheoMelanin is responsible for tan/cream/red [SARD] colors ||

scarf surf

standing on the beach


sardonic goat

shaggy goats

did i mention the bountiful shrubbery? ||

del pozzo

some street corner in Sardinia


sardo country church

some church



unidentified mounted wall objects




mineral rich wall

SARD = SiO2 ||


elephant canefield

sardines are named after Sardinia [and not vice-versa] |

infinite eel

i didn't eat sardines but i did try these eels [anguille arrosto]

& the cheese there was quite good as was the seafood & they make pasta with fish eggs [bottarga] that is tasty at least the first time | their tomato sauces were distinctly sweet [perhaps overly so] with a characteristic pervading spice [mirto?] & of course to say mirto di sardegna is from there is stating the obvious ||

nora castle

castle on the point near Nora


blurry goat palette

goat in the shrubbery


hex ice plant

hexed ice plant

speaking of ice plant—on the way to & from Sardinia i read Iceland by Jim Krusoe | the typewriter-repairing narrator starts the book by saying he had been dying «but then the light would change and i would be somewhere else, in a pet store, or sitting on a stool in a piano bar...» | he pays a visit to a sort of cess-pool of reclaimed organs housed in a villa that smelled of salt & a «semen-Y odor or chlorine» where he has sex with a nurse that comes out of the pool of organs in SCUBA gear | from there a rather random & absurd [in a good way] saga unfolds ||

sponge ball

Sardinian sponge

rather than settle down with the organ-tender [as you might expect] the struggling typewriter repairman ends up in Iceland with a carpet cleaning man which i guess is why the book is called Iceland | i don't want to say too much more as the beauty of the book is the unexpected turns it takes ||

pipe valve

pipe & valve in abandoned mine

a passage from page 36 of Iceland to give you the idea: «And there he was, his body frozen fast to the surface of the pond, his neck chewed off during the night by a fox who had apparently visited him while he had been held in place by the ice, quacking no doubt pathetically for help that never came, quacking for me.» ||

abandoned door debris

& here's another representative sentence from page 74: «And as so often happens in life and death situations like this one, I could feel my body, relieved at having been given what for all it could tell was only a momentary reprieve, preparing to replicate itself as quickly as humanly possible.» ||

retarded sheep

retard sheep

Krusoe is not to be confused with Crusoe—though they both get stranded on islands | Krusoe is not akin to Krab & goat should not be confused with sheep ||

tempio de antas

Carthaginian-Roman temple on Sardinia  [tempio di antas]

there's a nice warped pacing & sense of time to Iceland—he recounts the afternoon of sex by the organ-nurse over & over in great detail but will then gloss over years of his life in a single-sentence or even reduce his days to a statistical tally | «Or to be exact, in later years I calculated that I'd had seven hundred and twelve days of joy, and six hundred and fifty-nine days of sorrow, plus ten and a half days of grief. Also two days of hunger and seventeen full of nausea, which I attributed to Greta's penchant for trying out new recipes. In addition there were about a thousands days I'd have to call a wash—where I wasn't sure exactly what was going on.» ||

field goats

fleeing sheep in fields of shrubbery


Sardo kitchen

abandoned roadhouse somewhere along the road

& Greta is not his organ nurse muse | nor the Calypso-singing bartender at a piano bar he spends a few years in before going to prison for a spell ||

ingersoll Rand

sardinian mining machinery


Sardonic pig

sardinian swine


self-portrait as sardo

sardonic «life's a beach» shot



(©omPostED|tranScribed) 2010 Derek White