405 Jetty jank + street art gimmickry of Georgetown (Penang)

Batu Ferringghi, Penang, Malaysia—Jan 14, 2015

Dear Inurnet ..

Chilling still in Batu Ferringghi w/birds + monkeys .. j had a meeting in Georgetown but figured we'd spend a day or 2 at the beach 1st .. nice beaches but no 1 in the H20 cuz of jellyfishes ..

dusky leaf langur eating flowers

.. they also have these large lanky squirrels that almost qualify as lemurs ..

Georgetown, Penang—Jan 15

Shifted to Georgetown .. after a drive round the island .. not such an intresting place .. mostly condo developments or janky stripmalls .. tho northwest end untouched jungle w/ durian trees + nets set up to keep durians from falling on road ..

north part of the island


typical Malay architecture (likely replaced by a high-rise condo soon)


.. got to Georgetown .. last we here 24 years ago so intresting to see the difference .. hardly recognizable w/ all the high-rising development .. again kept thinking we in Florida or sumthing .... slogged in the afternoon heat downtown .. interesting mix of decaying British colonial architecture w/ Chinese + Indian flair .. + of course Malay since we in Malaysia after all ..







Buddhist temple


+ 1 of many arcades


.. lots of street art in Georgetown .. mostly commissioned gimmicky stuff it seems .. photo-op xcuse for posers + selfies .. they have maps of where to find them so loads of tourists (mostly Asian .. from Singapore or China) wanting to take photos w/ the murals as backdrop ..



walking a tightrope


«real» graffiti



rowing in the streets


motorcycle included


manikin litter


hello kitty parade






steak-eating dog



Jan 16

.. starting to get confused w/ our room #s .. seem to be slight variations of each other 1126 .. 127 .. 216 .. + where resides the toilet in the middle of night darkness when waking up in a stupor .... + it only gets more confusing .. the next 2 nights in different places followed by an overnight flight ..

.. walked around Georgetown again .. this time solo (better ½ in meeting) down to the waterfront .. 24 years ago we remember just wandering onto some janky piers where people lived .. now touristy w/ little shops to buy ice cream + souvenirs .. poor people that actually live there still .. having to put signs up saying «no photo» .. got lost + wandered into some back alleys w/ street art that seemed more legit ..

garage art




stairwell art








work in progress



on the waterfront


Chew jetty



walking the planks

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