421 «These words lack the language game in which» hangs the bay of Naples

from where we write .. (Vesuvius far left)

15 Mar 2015 .. Naples .. 1° thing we saw looking out off the terrazza at our friends pad in Naples = dolphins .... 3 years here + they've never seen them .. beginner's luck .... our friends/former neighbors in Rome that split town around the same time we did .. the 1s w/ the dog we used to dogsit ..

sunbleached map of above p.o.v.

.. Naples only 1 hour by train from Rome but worlds apart .... went out last night around the spaccanapoli .. or whatever they call it .. always want to say spanokopita .... saturday night .. insane .. 1000s of youngsters all just hanging out .. some drinking or smoking pot but no 1 really drunk or unruly .. just a hivesh din of good-vibed real-world socialization in the dark piazzas + streets .... got to our car + guys w/ puffy jackets + faux-hawks (the prevailing look here) sitting all over it + another car double-parked blocking us in .. fortunately open so leaned in on their horn .. thawt we might just have to have another drink + stay out all night but owner finally came .... even still stuck in insane traffic (well past midnight) .... thinking here u have all this youth .. probly most unemployed .. how to harness this energy .. what will become of this generation? .. individually + collectively .... same thing in Parco Virgilano .. in the Marechiaro area of town where we staying .. lots of kids just hanging out .... then driving back along this 1 desolate stretch of road notorious for where people go to make-out ± shag .. tons of cars parked w/ windows blocked w/ hanging clothes or newspapers .. steamed up + rocking .... didnt take many photos since dark but we took plenty already back a few years ..



.. weather kinda shitty + rainy .. went running + hung out then went to the museo Capodimonte .. in an old decadent palace .. a bit like Caserta but not as grand .. mostly full of old 17-18th century art .. some Caravaggios .. stuff like that .. but also some more contemporary stuff ..

museo Capodimonte


in the museum not the streets


Mario Merz .. Onda d'Urto (1987)


Warhol .. Vesuvius (1985)


Sergio Fermareillo .. Guerrieri (1984-5)

.. ends up our friends know this Sergio Fermariello guy .. guess his shtick is meticulously writing by hand in teeny minuscule font that u can barely tell unless u look way up close ..

detail of above piece by Sergio Fermareillo


cant remember who did this installation


William Kentridge .. Regno di Napoli (2008)

.. been reading No Moon by Julie Reverb .. re-reading w/ an editorial eye .... wont comment too much suffice to say it = as if Virginia Woolf wrote Boogie Nights .. it'll blow ppl's minds ..

.. nice review of 'SSES" 'SSES" "SSEY' by Jesse Kohn in Quarterly Conversation .. «Already challenging traditional literary presumptions about the writer-to-book-to-reader dynamic, this first description of the book treats the writing to come like some sort of mechanical animal, a machine that uses its authors, its readers, and even its book—all these collective, interpretive, archival, affective, defective energies—as fuel for its locomotion, not unlike the “unmanned” boats on Lake Chapula [SIC .. actually Chapala], described much later in the text, which were introduced to the lake to combat the non-native weed overtaking the ecosystem, boats which convert the weeds they destroy into fuel to keep them moving.»

.. 16 Mar .. now back in rainy Rome .. after a dinner party late into last night at some ritzy apartment on the beachfront of Naples .. Neopolitan socialites .. 70s-styled apartment full of books + thousands of toy soldiers looking out over the bay .... then up early to take train back to Rome .... staying at some hotel near Termini cuz gotta wake up early tomorrow + go to airport ..

 420 <()> 422 > ... the same ruthlessness and aggression concealed within a set of polite conventions


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