424> Fancy that our 0° kidnap begins w/ «ma I am» as Dr. Awkward dawns a pair uv genes searching for xpression

[tea party location far left]

26 Mar 2015 > Zürich > Boston > introduice us here (dear Inurnet) new fwd bracket punkuation> cuz reached us a pt in our book-in-progress (Raft Manifest) where become us all uv a sudden aware uv the fwd progression uv time (self-taut as we learnt to read (+ subsequently write) found books + journels uv our father by guessing witch way the txt ran cuz no 1 showed us otherwise \> ∀fter ∀ll our chances = 50-50% weather fwd or backwords > born backwoods as we become less backwordass

boring awning (Boston)

> yesterday in Rome it rained cats + dogs > watched it come down on our rooftop glasshouse \> didn't sleep much > becoming harder + harder these dayz to tell the diffrence tween dreaming vs waking hrs \> awoke this AM + ran around Dora Pamphili jumping over fallen pines > then to Fiumicino > flew Rome to Zürich > passing over the Alps not too far from where that Germanwings plane went down > made our connexion w/ hardly a minute to spare > upgraded even

REMnants uv the snowiest winter on record

> reading Fancy by Jeremy M. Davies > a curious book about sum sort uv recluse w/ a bunch uv cats who debriefs sum couple to catsit for him > or so it seems > hard to tell wut Fancy actually = «about» > u get sucked into the varyus layers \> ends up the old kook himself = a catsitter so the couple = «sub-catsitters» > ± not > maybe like when u go to the pharmacy to buy medication «for a friend» \> not sure if this guy Rumrill catsits ± even exists independently of observer (the choosing of cats over say dogs a nod to Schrödinger?) ± sum alter ego uv Rumrill > ± or maybe neither ∃xists + the narrator = a ∑ummation uv 30 cats \> all told in viral cat lingo reduced to Beckettian dialog between Rumrill: + He:

as seen from our fancy hotel

> not sure wut we thawt > the language tedious + pedantic (presumably the intent) > Elizabethean inner-America speak @ times hard to swallow like chewing on carrots or white chicken meat which lots uv ppl like (specielly white 1s) but we wonder if we lack an essential enzyme cuz we just keep chewing + chewing like we eating wood pulp but the cud too dry to swallow \> the ideas presented thru the language tho intrested + arrested us > specially in light uv our prior post on quotidian casalingo routine \> sides a navel-gazing obsession w/ bland bunkering American-style in reading Fancy we become preoccupied w/ another otherwise boring routine > like-minded homebodies (not even mall-crawling) > like cats that never leave the apartment > + how our boring day-to-day space becomes a closed system subject to the same philosophical analysis that say Claude Levi-Strauss applied to isolated Amazon tribes

«He Added: A disruption to the more or less self-sustained system comprised by my household, which, in its continued function, constitutes wut we might call the stable axle of our life, from which I depart when I got out into the big world and return when I have concluded my business with same.»


> also watched that Stephen Hawking movie on the plane > knew we'd hate it but watched anyway to see Eddie Redmayne's performance \> everything about Hawkings rubs us the wrong way > critic darling untouchable cuz uv his physical condition cant criticize > spouting all sorts uv vague pop-science sound-bytes about naked singularities + grand unified theories as if he = the only 1 that ever thawt about such GUTsy things (better to read Penrose who he ripped off) \> the movie = more a yawning soap opera bout his relationship w/ wife + then nurse \> we saw him speak 1x (in California)(± rather heard his computerized voice) > right about the time he left his wife for his nurse + she sat there next to him + he made sum comment about her that @ the time we member thinking he = creepy + not so scientific

> otherwise timely in our current thinking of the forword/backword progression of time (the jist of Hawking's obsession = irreversibility)

abandoned cat carpeted treehouse

> arrived BOS in time to catch at least 2° round uv March Madness (16 down to 4 > our bracket intact until AZ wildcats lost) \> still lingering piles uv snow in parking lots looking like terminal moraines \> last time we visited Boston = for AWP 2013 > almost xactly 2 yrs ago > + the marathon bombing = a week or so after that \> + the xplosion in east village today next door to an apt where we used to house/dog sit (not cat tho Italian greyhounds not far off)

terminal moraine (a lot uv butts on ice)

27 Mar > after a month uv mostly editing + laying out got us back to writing our own Raft Manifest > begin us the 3° sub-section of 0° chapter by typing «MA I AM» on sum terminul (a computer we fashonioned from milting sand) > @ a command prompt > witch (typing «MA I AM») becomes a self-aware admission uv the xistence uv «I» + also the verb to be («thank god» u say > sick as u (dear Inurnet) are uv us-err-I writing in such an awkword + stilted fashion \> @ a pt in the book where we become shamefully self-aware + not necessarily proud about it (slipping into an awkword state (2 of 4) uv conscious incompetence) > mite make for «bad writing» but this is the whole pt > after all most ppl think bad writing is better > dumbly the zombie masses easily prefer massively vast numbers uv floweringly ghastly adjectives + overcooked adverbs that mindlessly spell very everything out in boringly gory detail \> fuck that

where we (i + j) ate today

> so i hereby end my moratorium on 1° person I + the verb to be in my methud acting here > methud acting in the name uv Raft Manifest > besides not discerning the diffrence tween dreaming + waking > there soon might come a pt where our my journeling here morphs into my current work > where «the making uv» becomes wut we i make in the end \> haven't reached that pt quite yet > for now i've just crossed this threshold \> as mentioned the cursur prompt hints @ a forword progression from here on out (in the book) > a temporal direction > a sudden realization uv the diffrence between past + future (uv which i—like all infants—have bin oblivious to til now > stuck in the now uv arrested development)

maidenhead inside the barcgni krab

> to xpress this ambiguous irreversibility uv the directional language stream for a while there i considered writing the whole book as a palindrome > before realizing that'd be insanely difficult \> just googled + seems Nick Montfort + William Gillespie (w/ the help uv «deep speed») beat me to the punch in writing 2002 >> a 2002-word palindromic novel > wow

> Go deliver a dare, vile dog!

Boston Tea Party has nothing to do w/ all this

> i myself = Dr. Awkward

> In words drown I

> wet sanitary rat in a stew

> lame that the name for «a phrase or word that is the same spelled backwords or forwords» is not itself a palindrome \> better name for it = emordidrome ± margram ± droword

> since Raft Manifest (in planned theory) can be read in either direction (sposedly .. like Finnegans Wake) figured it befitting \> tho the palindrome effect we were thinking uv not necessary to do w/ spelling but also meaning > if they (the feral wolf-kid hybrid ½-breeds who discover their father's journals) guess which direction to read they'd also read sentences backwords not just words ± passages + p-graphs etc

drawbridge stuck going neither way

> + Sator Press man dont think i didn't notice u also married a palindrome! Avid diva! Viva V! \> just change yur name to Bob + as a couple u commutate (A + B = B + A)

> Satan oscillate my metallic sonatas

> or in relation to Ulysses:

Daedalus: nine. Peninsula: dead.

> ± insted uv just «ma i am» i cd say «ma i flow til eve lit wolf i am»

> «I'm pink therefore I'm spam» is not a palindrome but still

> Devils to idiot: salt a Spam and (so cat taco's DNA maps) atlas to idiots lived

ball + chain sumwhere near Paul Revere's house

> 'SSES" 'SSES" "SSEY' just got nominated for the 2015 Essay Prize > they asked me to describe Chaulky White in 10 words > this is wut i came up with:

an abandoned pair of genes searching for expression

> it also occurred to us that a 3-word pitch for Raft Manifest = Huck Finnegans Wake \> + we thawt uv a cover img that wd also make a nice tat:

> + changed our (read-only) twitter handle to @HuckFinnegans.

29 Mar > obviously it was snowing yesterday (the above drawbridge pic we took today)

> Oh, cameras are macho.

> walked around a bit to get sum seafood but otherwise not prepared clothes-wise for flâneuring in such weather \> today's a bit warmer but still barely above freezing > walked around downtown to the north end > stopped in Commonwealth Books + got a George Perec book > the owner Joe actually gave it to us as we've done sum design work for him before (he also runs Black Widow Press)(+ he also owns the bookstore Michael Zell works @ in New Orleans)

new piling up on the old

 423 <()> 425 > backpaddling new Yawk-ward to log into a sorta thawing terminal moraine


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