427> Reconstructing a rafting wake vox using 4-ply arc-welding in SPQR Q.XI.

> 15 April 2015 > Rome (Portuense) > shifted airbnbs across the trax deeper into Portuense > in an industrial loft near the rivir a cross from il gasometro | this = our 2° post on Finnegans Wake > now entering the heroic-aristocratic faze of Vico's 4-fold view of humun hystory | haven't actually started rereading book 2 of The Wake (tho listening to it while we sleep) > still prossesing the last 1 (primitive/theological) > applying it to our Raft Manifest > or at least the logs it gets reconstructed from | not that our book will remotely resemble Finnegans Wake > to the contrary > but sints our overarching tetralogy (West of Kingdom Come) allready roots itself in the # 4 > figured we'd apply Joyce's skeme (whitch he in turn appropriated frum Vico > just like the framewurk for Ulysses he stole from Homer) | most of whut we doing now = oregonizing the raw material but now comes the hard pard where we start wriding > linearly @ that | the vox we shooting for probly mor like Frank Stanford > or Faulkner's Sound + the Fury (purhaps hiyhtime we re-read that (or rather re-re-read it)) | whut we admire about the Sound + the Fury = the arcing shift in voice (again it comes in 4) > how w/ each sucksessive capitulation we gather mor informashun > lots of books develop unique voices but very few pull off vox arc >

> A Raft Manifest corresponds to the 2° faze/book (1° actually sints we started counting at 0) as a whole (the 0° = The Becoming) but within then drilling down each book has 4 chapters divided holographickly along these same lines | the hard pard tho—how to rite «bad» (consciously incompetent) | in our own mind (agin mirrorly to guide our thawts) the book covers ruffly the beginning 15 yrs of our life > so chapter 0 (that currently we working on) corresponds to yrs 0-3 (also the time period coverd in The Becoming but in the The Becoming the entire book we wrote unconsciously incompetent (or at least tried) whereas now we become self-conscious + awkword | dont no about u but our urly memories from yrs 0-3 = atomistic + w/ time slowly become resolved w/ finer resolution (weather psychological (per Bergson) or quantum-physical dont matter) | this time period also = the time where @ sum pt we become self-aware | what all this means (in regards A Raft Manifest) we still trying to figure out + find out how to say it (the voize) | so in loo > for this week we bring u (by a commodius vicus of recirculation) images from our current environs:

on the way down to the river where the cats live


across the Tiber in Ostiense


abandoned warehouse a stone's throw from our current digs




the gasometro across the river


mold-flooded sculpture in the piazza (in front of our old digs)


something we ate (or slurped) @ Stazione di Posta


Bucky tent further south in EUR


residual adhesion #676


nape meets eaves


banana man eyes lone orange


carciofi e arance


a squat that scares away even rats


flying + jelly






slaughterhouse in Testaccio


in our current loft


where we posting this from


Fascist architecture (EUR)


no longer functional buy hey looks killer



squatting dinosaur





where even garbage piles get graffitied






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