428> Romping + Rembling in The Wake (2° pscycle of the nender evening saga)

contemplating evolution in an abandoned mill (spilling over from Portuenese)

> 20 April 2015 > Rome (Vatican) > shifted again w/in Rome > this time over behind St. Peters | entouring book 2 of Finnegans Wake > in parallel w/ Campbellel's Skeleton Key > decifuring for mon intents + purpoises | surely il ya vermillion interpurtations > as meny takes on it purhaps as monkeys it'd take to randumbly bang it out on a typewriter

our hero—Huck Finnegan

> our perticular channeling (in the name of A Raft Manifest) of The Wake also splicing in Huck's misadventures | if book 1 regards the progenitors then book 2 regards the progeny .. the genie sons (Shem + Shaun > morphing into Glugg + Chuff) | in the Viconian historical 4-plan we transition from 1. the primitive/mythic to 2. the heroic > prexhumably brotherly conflick ensues > 1 rises to beecomb the aristocratic hero + gits all the chicks (in this case = 28 girl scouts—«The Floras») + the «story» becomes told in the form of a play that the children act out in front of a tavern at sunset (on Vico road)—a canonical re-enactment of the story of them genitori u cd sey

our Skeleton Key w/ St Peters as a backdrop

> not that we wd uv figured this out w/o Campbell's help > mostly we just read for the language of it > or rather listen—judging by the iTunes trackcount we listend already to the trax corresponding to book 1 at least 3-4 x ea on our laptop this trip + altro 3-4 x on our iPod > granted we slept thru sum of those listens (the intent) | usually we listun afore + befter reading the poresconcing analysis by Campbell + at least 1x we listun wake awide whilst reading along (the PDF of) Finnegans Wake

flood damuged public pome down by the Tiber

> u can never finish Finnegans Wake's the whole pt > every sentince or even wurd leads u down a rabbithole if u game (specially in this google age) | as Jean-Michel Rabaté says in his s-say «Lapsus ex machina» (from Post-structuralist Joyce: Essays from the French):

«Writing has no sooner begun than it inseminates itself with another reading. The Wakefin negans, begets only beginnings but invalidates all origins, in a system which can be described as a word-machine, or a complex machination of meanings, probing and programming the seedy sides of meaning.»

> langwhich sistems shd never complete themselves by them toobstraps > deFINitions + granmar beecomb boobytraps > dictionerries a sametary for ded wurds | landwitch shood ever be morphing + evulving > constintly in flux | sum sey ∀ll of humens hystery trails in The Wake > tho obviously slanted tawords Irish > w/ purhaps Roman history 2nd > che rende rereading it a Rome specielly interessante > como questo passagio (da book 2/ch 1):

«Go in for scribenery with the satiety of arthurs in S.P.Q.R.ish and inform to the old sniggering publicking press and its nation of sheepcopers about the whole plighty troth between them ...»

> as we eat penne w/ peccorino | + moss specifickly the Vatican > where presently we reside just oustide the walls:

«... befodt he was popsoused into the monkst of the vatercan, makes the holypolygon of the emt on the greaseshaper, a little farther, a little soon, a letteracettera, oukraydoubray).»

«... snakes in clover, picked and scotched, and a vaticanned viper catcher's visa ...»

> o questo in reference to our faverit hybrid mongruel twins:

«Since the days of Roamaloose and Rehmoose the pavanos have been strident through their struts of Chapelldiseut ...»

> o questi footnotes (in regards to sum fucked geometric problem):

«Concoct an equoangular trillitter.123 > 123 «As Rhombulus and Rhebus went building rhomes one day.»

«... asks Kev, expecting the answer guess.126 > 126 Singlebarrelled names for doubleparalleled twixtytwins.»

> (the copious footnotes of this sexion making it a pain for listening cuz the dude stops mid-sentence at the end of page + reads them all at once rather then read them in context) | + in refurence to the she-wolf:

«Your heart is in the system of the Shewolf and your crested head is in the tropic of Copricapron.»

stopping to drink from 1 of many wolf noses


Roa-sighting in Prati (bear analyzing a tranquilizer dart)


the foiled she-wolves down by the river still lingering



for comparison—she-wolf we took a photo of in 2008


the same wolf in 2012


+ now here she stands still in 2015


+ a bull + sum Roman figure now appears in the Tiber place

> the tung stesso lives + seathes brill > capace uv induction > uv physicyclely remagnetizing + realigniting le cellule in yor brain into an «altered state» | sides exorcising our brain w/ The Wake we intermingle riverrunning our bodies > still longing the Tiber > our parting stoint furthere upstream (after stiff-armed plowing thru the pilgrims flocking to St. Peters ± tunneling under the butt end of Gianicolo) sew breasier to run fino a stadio olimpico (route i of our Rome running routes) ± we can get up to Dora Pamphili by running cross an aquaduct then along the St. Peters train platform + thru the station thru a secret garden (dm us if u want to know how)

tunneling under the Giant's colo


along the Vatican wall


tangled webs we weave


guerilla graffitist


stazione Cipro (Prati)



> during this Roman residency putting in ~60 k of running per week + on days we dont run doing long wandering walks ± even on days we do > all in all maybe 100 k a week of ground covered > then come evening counterbalancing by pigging out (dopotutto > Sono Porci Questi Romani) > the last few nights hitting all our favorite places

Tiber Vice


armory from Mussolini times



the marine ministry


back down along the river



abonden barges


reflecting on Ara Pacis




presumably C215 not Alice



23 April > our last day in Rome > at least for this current spell | most uv the rest uv our knotes on rereading Finnegans Wake book 2 aRE: specifick to A Raft Manifest so wont bother reiterating here | didnt make it all the way thru book 2 either (1 of the longer + harder 1s to read) > mite halve mor to say in the next dispatch (shifting 9 time zones to N California)

back down by Ponte Rotto for purhaps the last time in a while

 427 <( )> 429 > incoping the notion of California + how rivel banks mbrace everee river charged opposite for postcreation


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