430> a hardened Huck Finn again trespassing in Saint Barbaric to find purchase

30 April 2015 > San Jose > our brother's b-day (wd've bean 50) + also the day Hitler shot hisself 70 years ago | weird to think of Chaulky as 50-yr old > still think of him as 32

> after a nite in Dunsmuir sleeping to the sound of the upper Sacramento + passing freight trains split back to the Bay Area


> tried to stop for a hike but everywhere u pull off in them parts signs saying NO TRESPASSING ± STAY OUT ± warnings of guard dogs w/ pitbulls + rottweilers running out of the woods to bite @ our bumper | same story in the Santa Cruz mtns where we used to live (another place notorious for growing pot) > couldn't even hike around in our backyard w/o redneck hippies coming out of the woodworks on ATVs + w/ guns | even outside of drug areas Americans = freaks about private property | we grew up thinking it normal but nowhere else in the world have we experienced such guarded paranoia > anywhere else u can walk thru ppls yards + they dont care | + if u see dogs they not trained to attack but just come up to u wagging tail | think this notion of private property ties in to this burgeoning prevalence of entitlement we touched on in this post> + also what we sort of talked about in the last post about the legacy of American colonization/rape that we learn to swallow > + some ppls way of coping = to BUY entitlement > to buy land thinking it entitles them to own it | but as whoever that Native American chief said «the Earth does not belong to man > man belongs to the Earth» ± as Crazy Horse said: «1 does not sell the land people walk on» | land ≠ property > land ≠ a tangible thing w/ a price tag > land = a part of spacetime that all life can roam freely in

Mt Shasta in our rear view mirror


Castle Crags (where hiked/ran day before)


a drought-depleted Shasta «lake» (+ a distant Mt. Lassen)—an unnatural damnation to begin

> 1 thing cool about driving (a 4½ drive back to the bay area @ 80 mph)—great time to listen to music > LOUD > listened to Swans To Be Kind on volume 10 > undoubtedly the best album so far of this century > + for any1 that says no such thing as a great double-album > To Be Kind = 2+ hours of sublime listening pleasure > not a bad song or even note > just pure mind-numbing xtasea

> speaking of land entitlement > book 3 uv Finnegans Wake opens to a sleeping/waking HCE + a reference to Jugurtha: «What named blautoothdmand is yon who stares? Gugurtha! Gugurtha! He has becco of wild hindigan. Ho, he hath hornhide!» the same Jugurtha who upon visiting Rome for the 1° time said: «A city for sale, and doomed to perish as soon as it finds a purchase» + also becco meaning beak ± nose in Italian but also to cuckold > + hornhide also suggesting cuckoldry (theme also at the heart of Ulysses) | Joyce continues by saying: «She would kidds to my voult of my palace, with obscidian luppas, her aal in her dhove's suckling. Apagemonite! Come not nere! Black! Switch out!» > another nod to Romulus + Remus + the shewolf

>there exists a nod to everything if u look > for xample here Joyce uses Queens Mob as verb:

«One bed night he had the delysiums that they were all queens mobbing him. Fell stiff. Oh, ho, ho, ho, ah, he, he! Abedicate yourself. It just gegs our goad. He'll be the deaf of us, pappappoppopcuddle, samblind daiyrudder.»

> as Billy Mills seys in The Guardian > u (dear Inurnet) became invented for Finnegans Wake

goldfish in Golden Gate park

> in real-spacetime went up to San Fran for the afternoon > walked around Golden Gate Park + the Haight > went into the new Green Apple bookstore on the park > ate @ that place overlooking the Sutro baths

Japanese tea gardens




Golden Gate



> California = great + everything but sumthing about it = too soft | ppl living in lalaland > funny to see grungy punkabestia hobos + hipsters acting all streetwise + tuffshit in such an easy-going environment uv perpetual sunshine > as if they «big city» thugs | fine for a while but u got to know when to move on + challenge yourself ± deal w/ the real world | Vonnegut said it best—«live in Norcal once > but leave b4 u get too soft | live in NYC once > but leave b4 u get too hard» | either way > travel > get out uv your comfort zone | the lifestyle Californians live not sustainable for the whole planet (the current water shortage only a small part of it)

1 May 2015 > Santa Barbara > drove down from San Jose > thru Salinas valley again > agriculture galore > 1 thing for sure California feeds the world | stopped in Pismo beach for a late mex-breakfast > then thru Solvang + the Sideways wine country | went for a run along the waterfront in Santa Barbara past the marina up on the bluffs | then walked back along the beach saw dolphins + sea lions > had oysters + beer on the pier then walked up State street had Mexican @ El Paseo | the next day went to Ojai

Santa Barbara beachfront




outdoor bookstore in Ojai


Ojai P.O.


under construction in S.B.

[@ this pt we moving faster than we blogging so we (@ SFO waiting for plane to LHR) cutting this short to post]

 429 <( )> 431 > a 63,924 fish rêver of jelly o-rizon from a 4-pliable # of ab-original words


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