435> a Puget sound + fury of accumulating self-justification resounding a dream machine

Seattle + Mt Rainier as scene from edge of sound

JFK > SEA > 7 June > flew westword to Pac NW > not quite West of Kingdom Come but 1 state north > Seattle > on the plane read Sound + the Fury > for the 3° time > just love the layerednest of it how things become revealed eventually thru language > in 4 steps similar to West of Kingdom Come (of which A Raft Manifest = book 2 of 4) > strange perhaps to read in the west + not the south

flying over the cascades (Rainier upper left)

> this passage pretty much sums it up:

The door opened, swung inward. He stood in it for a moment, hiding the room, then he stepped aside. 'Go in,' he said in a thick, light voice. They went in. It was not a girl's room. It was not anybody's room, and the faint scent of cheap cosmetics and the few feminine objects and the other evidences of crude and hopeless efforts to feminize it but added to its anonymity, giving it that dead and stereotyped transience of rooms in assignation houses. The bed had not been disturbed. On the floor lay a soiled undergarment of cheap silk a little too pink; from a half-open bureau drawer dangled a single stocking. The window was open. A pear tree grew there, close against the house. It was in bloom and the branches scraped and rasped against the house the myriad air, driving in the window, brought into the room the forlorn scent of the blossoms.

along the tracks (to tie into our last railing post)

> as does this 1:

What growth there was consisted of weeds and the trees were mulberries and locusts and Sycamores—trees partook also of the foul dessication which surrounded the houses; trees whose very burgeoning seemd to be the sad and stubborn remnant of September, as if even spring had passed them by, leaving them to feed upon the rich and unmistakable smell of negroes in which they grew.

the Fremont Troll who lives under the above bridge

+ this:

Jason told him, his sense of injury and impotence feeding upon its own sound, so that after a time he forgot his haste in the violent cumulation of his self-justification and his outrage.

abandoned gasworks in Fremont





Seattle as scene from other end of lake Union

> better ½ had meetings so day 1 we took bike from hotel > here not too long ago seems like yesterday so tried to find sumthing we hadnt seen yet > rode along lake Union to Fremont + along canal to Ballard then across the Chittenden Locks

Ballard trucking


locks b4 + after


quartered ship on a barge going thru locks


cross-section of a ship

> watched boats going thru the locks > unfortunately a gap in spawning so no fish going thru the fishladder xcept this 1 guy we saw from above b4 the fishladder + tracked going all the way thru

lone sockeye going thru the locks


b4 morphing into brute redness


railroad drawbridge

> then back along the waterfront along Elliot Bay



chaotic skyline


these waves by Richard Serra tucked away in the Millenium sculpture park



Belltown (where we sleep)



bar where we had breakfast

> had dinner 1 night @ Shiro's > amazing > geoduck (cooked w/ shitakes as well as raw as sashimi) + sea urchin + oysters + abalone also sorts of other raw delectables

> the next day into the depths of Capitol Hill > went to Elliot Bay books got sum little book by Denis Johnson who seems grew up in these parts + also sum yummy candies @ Uncle Ike's > crazy that pot = legal in these parts had to see for ourself funny scene oh the # of leg tattoos in these parts crazy ugly

nice plug for Divorcer at Elliot Bay


> also read Dream Machine by Sade Murphy > drills down to the eviscerating origins of dream logic

> headed even further west over the sound but we'll save that for the next post ...

 434 <( )> 436 > she seatells killer seatrain dreams by the severed salish seashore


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