436> she seatells killer seatrain dreams by the severed salish seashore

> 10 June > woke up Seattle walked to Lake Union + got a seaplane to the San Juans > 1° time on such a plane w/ pontoons sted of wheels > strange to «land» + take off from water super smooth hard to tell when u even touch down > @ Friday Harbor on San Juan island > furthest northwest reaches of the contiguoU.S.

dorky orca plane


taking off from Lake Union (where the day before we rode around by bike)


our shadow approaching Friday Harbor


friday harbor

> then on a boat to go whalewatching > into Canadian waters > Salish Sea where detached human feet keep surfacing in running shoes > didnt see floating feet but saw sum orcas from the J + L pods > so called «residents» > 1° time seeing them in the wild pretty wild

mother + pups


j pod

> need a good camera to get decent shots > boat (thankfully) doesnt get so close > cd hear them breathing if the stupid guides not blabbering nonstop

«Mike» (obviously male)


breaching @ a distance

> next morning went kayaking (how cliche right?) > u have to get a guide probly a good thing considering the currents + all otherwise just us


smugglers bay (notorious trafficking pt back in prohibition days)


bald eagle (again need good camera to «capture» such things)


2 deer we saw swimming across quite a substantial crossing (+ cold!)

> then back to Seatell > same pilot but even smaller plane fitting only 5 or 6 > having to hop around to various places to pick up passengers > J got to sit up front at 1° before he had to resposition us according to weight (light people get stuck w/ worst seats)


tracking our shadow




strange algae (?) formations


submarine in puget sound


landing back in Seatell

> spent another night in Seatell then back to JFK > read Train Dreams by Denis Johnson > not into much > never read Denis Johnson b4 > reluctant to tackle Tree of Smoke ± his other bigger novels + just never got around to Jesus' Son > (mabye cuz weave seen it 1 too many times in used bins ± 1 too many ppl told us to read it) > spose we shd of started w/ that > Train Dreams feels like he copies Cormac McCarthy but set in the Pacific Northwest (maybe why we picked it (@ Elliot Bay books) cuz seemed relevant to place) > thankfully short so then watched The Drop > good characters + refreshingly believable unlike most movies where we constantly going «yeah right»

Seatell public library

 435 <( )> 437 > veggie nudisti in corso under a hole black sun alpine stile


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