452> a mongrel cowboy ghostriding a horse w/ FB eyes (not a pesky redskin nor black bean)

11 Oct 2015 > 52th post so far this year : our quota met ya en octubre (if our journeling plan = to post here weekly wich weave diligently dun since discontinuing our tweetery quotidian in 2012 (+ insidently that we started 10 yrs ago by saying «Gorillas were seen using tools for the first time») : high time to spend more tempo writing for books then for the e-ther (no offence dear Inurnet) : who has time to read this shit innyway? : saw the Snowden movie last nite : freaked us out as much as the next guyrl but running thru our mind the whole time = who got time to sort thru ∀ll our trunked junk? seams the solution = to (continue to) flood the system w/ randumb misinformation : knot that we got nuthing to hide (cept for me + my monkey) butt may as well make «their» job difficult : throw in enuf trigger words to keep them big brothers reading thinking we mite let sumfin meaningful ± incriminating slip : if millions uv us did this it wd take millions more humin resources on the other end to monitor us ∀ll : amuses us to think uv our counterpart in the NSA ± FBI sifting thru this haha : knot that they kin even find this pg to begin cuz it floats free : not on Facebook ± wut knot tethering us to other suspecked suspiciuos types : 1 uv the raisons Snowden leaked the info cuz he membered yore urly days dear Inurnet when u/we truly = a free + unfettered + neutral grnd allowing our junk to flow free + organickly for the sake of pure information + creative intellectual pursuits : nun uv this = new of course only exacerbated by yore advent dear Inurnet : b4 yore time even the FB eye file on James Baldwin alone = 1884 pages : the funny thing tho = that rather than unearth his homosexual perversions (the file compiled in response to J Edgar Hoover postit-ing «isn't Baldwin a well-known pervert?») these assined FBI ghostreaders discovered his literary merit : not only did Hoover suspeck Baldwin to = a threatening sexual deviant but evidently Hoover had a repressed penchant for Afrikin-Amerikin lit : in fact u cd purhaps say that under Hoover «the FBI is perhaps the most dedicated and influential forgotten critic of African American literature» : futhermore u cd say this surveillance in turn stimulated further creativity : that «African American literature is characterised by a deep awareness of FBI ghostreading» : leading for example to Richard Wright wrighting:

every place I look, Lord
I find FB eyes
I’m getting sick and tired of gover’ment spies

> if u cant beat em join em rite? how do we apply for a job as a covert FB eye ghostreader? to actually git paid to do wat we do naturally de todos modos? currently we reading The Inconvenient Indian by Thomas King : sorry to report that altho King = a 6'6" Cherokee he poses no real threat to US (or Canadian) homeland security cuz he = preoccupied still w/ bitching about the atrocities against Indians committed in the past + not so much w/ wat he gonna do about it : granted yah things = fucked still for Indians fo sure : every1 talking bout how fucked the situation = for blacks : but Indians come a close 2nd (in regaurds to them chances of gitting kilt by poleeze) :

> seams King cant make up his mind : 1st he rants a bout the Amerikin Cowboy vs Indian obsession from last century but then complains about how nowadays hollywood dont feature enuff Indians : granted he means «real» Indians (as opposed to dead) but he does eggnowledge that whereass the problum in the 19th century = too little information the problem now in the 21st = too much : but «Too litttle information or too much, what history encourages us to do is to remember the hindrances that Native people posed to the forward momentum of European westward migration, even though Native people were more often an assistance [...]» : not that King (like us) thinks these encouragements = such a good idea in retrospeck : + not that Indians = better off hostile toting tomahawks but wut if insted they jus dolled out randumb misinformation? : wut if they gave the likes uv Lewis + Clark wrong direxions haha ± botched the translations : that scene in Life is Beautiful comes to mind where Roberto Benigni xlates for the Nazi guard :

> not only fucking funny ma la cosa migliore da fare in questa situazione : inundate the enemy w/ centsless gibberish : not that it helped much in the end but wut else can u do in such circumstance? : an apology also = just words but Shirley woodnt hurt : on 19 Dec 2009 the «Native American Apology Resolution» got officially made a law but Obama not even man enuf to say it out loud : such an insincere writ «apology» = no better than back-handed «indian-giving» : purhaps King wrote (in 2012) that «Maybe Obama is waiting for the Pope to clear his schedule, so the two of them can apologize at the same time» w/ foresite uv the Pope's recent visit to DC : but sorry to say Mr King no such duel apology went down : to the contrary the Pope took the opportunity to fast-track Junipero Serra as a fucking saint : a man whose missions killed Indian culture if not the ingenes themselfs (frum disease + the abuses uv forced labor etc) + while he didnt apologize direckly the pope did address this to congress:

Tragically, the rights of those who were here long before us were not always respected. For those peoples and their nations, from the heart of American democracy, I wish to reaffirm my highest esteem and appreciation. Those first contacts were often turbulent and violent, but it is difficult to judge the past by the criteria of the present. Nonetheless, when the stranger in our midst appeals to us, we must not repeat the sins and the errors of the past. We must resolve now to live as nobly and as justly as possible, as we educate new generations not to turn their back on our "neighbors" and everything around us. Building a nation calls us to recognize that we must constantly relate to others, rejecting a mindset of hostility in order to adopt one of reciprocal subsidiarity, in a constant effort to do our best.

> words we kin agree with (despite his relidgus leanings) + wile this = a sumwut positiv step in the rite direxion yeah a simple apology wd have fast-tracked us 1000 steps faster fwd in inny reconciliation effort : just when we about to quit King's book ½-way we breathed a sigh of relief when he says «Maybe it is time for Native people—such as me—to stop complaining about the past.» but so far (⅔ the way thru) he continues ranting on about all the injustices suffered by Indians : it ∀ll = well-researched + horrific + yes continues on into the present day : discomforting + tiring to say the least : starting to feel like ghostreading «The Things They Carried» by Tim O'brien only not just a short story but a 300 pg book of nonfiction : an itemized list of all the shameful wrongdoings we cowboys hump still like an albatross round our neck : for starters how about we change the name of the football team in our newfound city? another no-brainer tward reconciliation : weed happily root for a team uv any other name (such as the neighboring team named for E A Poe's anima: The Ravens) : King originully wanted to call this book «The Pesky Redskins» but even in irony his publisher found it too flippant ± offensive : so insted they deemed indians a mere inconvenients :


> the pictured Indian Head (or Bufffalo) nickel we found in our pocket change (from District Taco) a few days ago : mere coincident that weave used it as our 5cense icon from the beginning : wut = the chances? speaking uv Snowden + Indians did we mention we have a sweatlodge in our new digs? we invite u if u come to town : + speaking of neighborly Ravens friday nite we went to Baltimore to see Sun Ra Arkestra + Horse Lords : on the train we read Annotations by John Keene : we axidentally got it intending to git his new book Counternarratives (wich inkludes his retelling of the Huck Finn story : uv intrest to us in our current Raft Manifest mindset) : but regardless Annotations = a good introduction to Keene who we havent read yet + a short book slim enuff to fit in our pocket + read on the train to + from Charm City : while Thomas King complains that not enuff movies + books exists w/ «real» Native Amerikins : Annotations = yet another fine xample uv an African Amerikin getting beyond this initial step uv seeing beyond his own blackness to write about sumthing else : about non-exclusionary humun conditions we kin all relate to : not that Keene dont halve a lot to say bout growing up black in St Louis but 1st + foremost Annotations = a work uv art : language for the sake of lanugage that moves beyond bitchin bout the injustices uv the world to cureate sumfin new + novel : for sure Keene works magick at the sentence level but mostly it becomes about how the sentences mesh + ever relate back hollowgraphickly to the often seemingly unrelated sentence b4 it : take this series :

Comprehension does not hinge upon an image. This view beyond the patio too was transforming as through a kaleidoscope, changing daily its array of moods and colors into ever more awe-provoking patterns. Our dreams are but hulls for our souls. Every house had a dog, but only one dog had a doghouse. We would leap upon the car hoods when a mad dog came charging, or failing this we shimmied up the telephone poles. The authority inherent in each of these words never exceeds the dictates of practical truth. Then they would put on the albums or forty-fives and dim the basement lights, and begin to perform the newest dance. Such delivery, a diva. Everyone studied their moves with care so that at someone else's house they would not slip up. In this way, a sense of tradition was nurtured, which others wrongly attributed to their "nature." He was afraid of standing with his back to the curb, for fear that the unknown might seize him.

> hard to stop quoting as each sentence feeds brilliantly into the next : we dont entirely know wut it all means but felt oddly compelled to keep reading : 1 uv those books that the best review wd just quote the entire book for the reader to make their own heads ± tails :

> ate @ Parts + Labor in B-more than across the street to Ottobar : since seeing Horse Lords open for Matmos a year or 2 ago weave kept our eye on their tour dates : sints they never came to NYC or DC figured it better anyway to go see them on their own turf : w/ Sun Ra Arkestra to boot : unfortunately (since Sun Ra Arkestra took forever w/ their soundcheck) Horse Lords got off to a late start + had to tiptoe around on stage (for fear of interfering w/ the prima donnas setup) + they only played 3-4 songs : but still amazingly tite + mathematickly presighs (we talk more about them here) :

Horse Lords @ Ottobar


> sum other jazzy noise band then played : didnt catch their name but not so intresting (xcept for the fact that they = black playing not typickly «black music») : unfortunetly we didnt catch Sun Ra Arkestra since we had to split to catch the last train back to DC : but Sun Ra died years ago so seems weird anyway to see the living monetizing his otherworld ghostliness :

> 12 Oct : Columbus day : here in DC the district named for him : always got to aks yourself wut wd Joyce say? «Christopher Columbus, as everyone knows, is honored by posterity because he was the last to discover America.» : but 1st to lay claim ± exploit it : hard to count how many times Joyce drops his name in Finnegans Wake cuz uv all the misspellings but we member him figuring prominently : we jotted down a few uv the more memorable lines here like: «Crestofer Carambas! Such is zodisfaction. You punk me! He came, he kished, he conquered. Vulturuvarnar! The must of his glancefull coaxing the beam in her eye?» + «He sent out Christy Columb and he came back with a jailbird's unbespokables in his beak ...» : Joyce also sed «what Nevermore missed and Colombo found» : in his native tongue his name = Colon : where our shit gits processed : also a punktuation mark we rarely use pero tal vez deberíamos : in plaze of dashes : there just did a retroactive search + replaze : his name got anything to do w/ colony? irónico : como colonized by landgauge : more telling wut Crystalball Colon himself sed: «Para la ejecución del viaje a las Indias, no hice uso de la inteligencia, la matemática o los mapas.» ]i.e. «For the execution of the voyage to the Indies, I did not make use of intelligence, mathematics or maps.»] : no shit : a randumb misteak led to all this : only a madder of time b4 sum other idiota came along waving a flag bajo el nombre de dios : + the legasea of his name follows us still : now in the districk of Columbia : the ununited non-state : also born on the river Columbia became us where all the action uv A Raft Manifest takes plays : the book we write quizás to cope to grips w/ this fucked legasea we inherited w/o aksing

> in the end (uv The Inconvenient Indian) Thomas King says Indians want sovereignty : in español sounds like «above the king» : funny that his last name = King : like Dr Marten : sorry to say Thomas but too late for that : the whole world ya colonizado + the borders staked : @ sum pt we got to draw a line in the sand «bury the hatchet» + move on sin poker chips on our shoulders : for better or worse adapt to current established intl boundaries uv 2015 : wat about us cowboys born here from settlers begotten here many moons b4 that? the birthday uv our most recent Gn-parent whose parents come foreign born = 1858 (our g-g-g-g-grandmother) : our earliest Gn-parents came as early as 1605 : we had nuthing to do w/ it + already weave vowed not to breed + propagate our genes no further dont worry : but wut uv this tumbleweed bean writing this post? if Europe wd halve us back weed happly go + leaf this plaze to the ritefull nativs : but plenty of refugees infilitrating Europe @ the moment : every1 trading plazes nomadickly just the shifting way uv the world now : countries now = based on politics not race : to aks for tribal sovereignty based on redness = racist : wat about black-skinned Amerikins where they sposed to go? back to Liberia? they wouldnt have a clue how to live there now : we all here in the same boat together just need to adapt to the prevailing culture or change it globally for every1 : no home to go back to otherwise : King quotes Sherman Alexie in saying : «In the Great American Indian novel, when it is finally written, all of the white people will be Indians and all of the Indians will be ghosts.» true that : the only way out = if we all call ourselfs Amerikin (@ least our cuntry not named for Colon): a few lines b4 this in his pom Alexie says «everybody is a half-breed struggling to learn more about his or her horse culture.» : like the popes these = words we can live by : knot that ever weed dare admit we listen to Cher but boy those 70s = the dayz :

> if any1 claims they full-breed anything w/ special entitlements then wat : wat shd we do to preserve them stick them in a museum like Ishi? make sure they only breed w/ other pure-breeds uv the same racial + cultural profile? Shirley we cannot have them tainted by us ½-breed cowpoking mongrels : honestly u think any good can come by allowing 1 tribe rites to say have casinos @ the xpense uv every1 else not members? wat sentiment can that possibly breed both within the exclusive tribe (inevitably leading to a corrupt few holding the purse strings) + the outsiders that feel cheated uv their money? no hay espacio en el mundo for sovereignty : wat about just plain equality? : another motive for Snowden = that our society fast becoming more about the rulers + the ruled rather than the elected + the electorate : need to self-police + keep govt in check : + all those yelling «Black Lives Matter» wut about the rest uv us? ∀ll lives matter : the Memphis sanitation workers got it rite back in 1968 (+ also the Ponca chief Standing Bear said the same back in 1879 + long b4 all this abolitionists aksed «Am I not a man and a brother?»):

> tho saying this xcludes 50+% uv us XX w/o Y : better yet: «I AM HUMAN» + if u Morissey u can add that u «need to be loved / just like everybody else does» : this after declaring «I am the son and the heir / of a shyness that is criminally vulgar» wich again = words we can relate to

> but even saying u = a human bean = exclusionary : specially preseeded by defensively saying u ≠ an animal like the elephant man : @ the end uv the day we ∀ll = animals + we for 1 = proud of it : amen : now matter how u slice it we = fucked : every corner uv the planit the same hystory : humans halve fucked it up beyond repair : when we see these scenes of 50-lane traffic jams in Beijing the only solution we can think uv = suicide to not bear witness : even curbing birth control not gonna do shit @ this jct : purhaps Indians tread lighter (specially in regards to animal welfare) but still once they get wind uv money ± wine they sell out like every 1 else + will inevitably fuck up the planet b4 we all self-destruct : it just = human nature : as King himself says the uranium + coal mines uv the Navajo nation in the 4 corners = sum of the most polluted places on the planit : u can blame whites ± reds ± blacks ± yellows but @ the root it gits caused by special entitlements that apply only to a select group (even to make up for a history of oppression) : that + pride for your own color above all else : when we see these traffic jams in China ± police shootings ± read about all the atrocities that King documents sure we can git all up in arms + say fuck this + fuck that OR (to paraphrase Tony Wilson speaking about Joy Division) u can take the revolutionary next step + realize we = fucked : not to sound grim but no other weigh to put it : purhaps once we come to that cullective realization we kin all move on + do nuthing about it xcept keep trine to rewrite the great Amerikin novel w/ a mas ghurmane ending

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