454> dRafting a 4-psychle ingene folding in cum clockwork to a 12-pronged shadow tongue

dear Inurnet > losing la track uv dayz > ya el fin de octobrr 2015 > Holloweve 2 b-come xact > knot blogging akey mucho cuz we wriding A Raft Manifest full frottle > finnished the prolog moss o menos > knot rilly into the meat uv her yet working on structure + mapping > as a tease here = pg 4 where desine us hour txt generator (based on the Carnot 4-psychle ingene) that need us 2 b-gin wriding hour manifest fur real >

> ∀ll the desine elemants set in plaze we think > 2 build the ingene drivering hour raft mecanickly > 2 input Huck Finn/egans Wake > also defined us the raft herself where all the action takes plaze (w/ 12 logs off corse) + electronickly we mapped out the circut + even the landgague 2 draft the code in (pg 4) >

> weave committed hourself 2 stet xact structure tho we halve yet 2 bite the wrook haha halve us plenty nuff content scribbled cum notes + drafts but nada concrete to call «A Raft» > wat we need now = stet outline 2 organize hour thawts > the plan = 2 halve 12 chapters (wat we call «primel intervols» (Pi)) each w/ 12 pgs + 4 quadrants (Q) ea w/ 4 pgs (+ ad dditional «postmortem») + a prolog (form wich stet xpository pgs come) + epilog as PS in stet order:

— prolog (12 pgs)
—Q 0 (4 [or 13] pgs)
—Pi 1 (12 pgs)
—Pi 2 (12 pgs)
—Pi 3 (12 pgs)
—Q 1 (4 [or 13] pgs)
—Pi 4 (12 pgs)
—Pi 5 (12 pgs)
—Pi 6 (12 pgs)
—Q 2 (4 [or 13] pgs)
—Pi 7 (12 pgs)
—Pi 8 (12 pgs)
—Pi 9 (12 pgs)
—Q 3 (4 [or 13] pgs)
—Pi 10 (12 pgs)
—Pi 11 (12 pgs)
—Pi 12 (12 pgs)
—Q 4/postmortem (4 [or 13] pgs)
—epilog/postscript (12 pgs)

> sew ∀ll togather 188 pgs n Σum> mark hour words > de veras = 144 (12x12) = the fin # 2 shoot 4 (144 also = 12th Fibonacci #) w/ the xtra 44 added as buffer [stet said [now a week later] we leave open the possibility of expanding each Q section by 9 for a total of 13 each Q wich gives us a finel tally uv 233 pgs (the next Fibonacci after 144)] > ¿why constrain hourself precisely assuch? u aks > por k no > stet mathmatickle structure just as importint as words > desining the book cum hollowgraphic hole by hour buckskin bootstraps > ya showed us hour mechanickle + electrickle analogs but moss importante we (donning the Cal Mari hat now) define 1° how the book physickly gits made > the folding + binding instruxions >

> note the nod 2 Sound + Fury a book also based on the #4 told in 4 conflicting voices each reveiling moss about the overarching plot > knot that we relate 2 the storyline much xcept 4 Benjy's take on her > but hour approach = simalure vox-wise > cada vox questions the udders revising them hystery xcept w/ us knot 4 but 2 (Rem + Rom) tho part uv the abuv prolog we wrote cum publicher Cal A Mari + ok hay un woolf-Dog so alltogather u cod say 4 but mainly Rem + Rom we use for dueling pen names (1 left-handed the udder rite) tho often it gits blurred who = who > @ wat pt in riding fiction do u b-gin 2 b-leaf wat u rode? how do u kumtux if u goin loco ± hystorickle? sorta like in Memento (2000) also in affect told from 2 vox > short- vs long-term memry each dueling to trick 1 anudder > in fact ROM stands for Read Only Memry + REM stands for Randumb Excess Memry > we = schizophrenic co-z? knot sole «split personality» perro cada 1 uv stet split personalities bifurcates agin sew now = 4 + eatch uv them splits 3-ways into 12 (hour magic #) > Finnegans Wake encore gits told frum 4 POVs {Shaun + Shem + HCE + ALP} > the dueling brothers Shaun/Shem akin to Rom/Rem + ALP = the sis/mudder figure in our book the woolf Dog that gave birth to us > in fact no secret that if u arrange the letters in hour 0° book (The Becoming) preseeding A Raft Manifest u git BITCH GENOME > + spose u kin think uv Cal A Mari as HCE (Here Comes Everybody) the omnipresent narrator presiding over it ∀ll > see stet = why we blog here to sort ∀ll stet shit out in hour ed b4 b-gin us wriding putting paper 2 pen > stet ∀ll mite seam hazhapard + ½-ass wackbirds but due yr diligints + check fur yrself > take a piece uv paper + fold her 4x (o even 8 2 push the onvelope furt her (tho tissue paper works gust as jood as renting out an airplane hanger streamroller + forklift)) > inny 1 who makes chapbooks a mano dows the krill > due her on paper ± traze the wires in the circut ± follow the logick > dubble-check the math > as Twain dicebats «Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please.» > the inclusion uv stet book-making instruxions (pg 11) inspired in part by Deleuze (qui dit «there is no difference between what a book talks about and how it is made») but also a recient series uv posts by Levi Bryant on folding >

Unlike chronos as described by Deleuze, where time is a succession of instants with moments passing away and new moments appearing, the text institutes a folding and stratification of time. The text preserves, it inscribes traces, and restructures time as a consequence.

> the img we b-gin w/ = 1 uv stet saltchuck taffy machenes u see @ the beach in partickler the Oregun coast where we grew up as a kid we used to git into a stare trying to fix our eyes on 1 speck + nothinge knot even our step-mudder cd pry us away

> riting = a never-finning prawcess co-zz just when s/he feels compleat s/he folds in on herself 2 reveil a new hooplole > why need us 2 jus constrain hourself 2 stet 12x12 + 44 pg structure udderwise she just keeps folding + folding + like Finnagin we never fin >

Ground perpetually recedes like the movement of so many waves because there is no final fold, only endless waves. Second, we will say that to know is to know both folds and how to fold. [a-gin larval subjects]

> yes s/he b-comes ∀ll a bout the prawcess of riding her > ∀ll hour notes we need 2 chuck + b-gin a-gin form scratch + let the fieces pall into plaze unforced > stet folding happens holistickily knot just @ string-2-pgraph-2-pg-2-ch-2-book but also fold us in The Becoming (book 0 of the West of Kingdom Come quadrilogy uv wich A Raft Manifest = contingent) > while The Becoming rests contingent on the #4, A Raft Manifest = contigent on the # 12 (a folding of 4 in a cents) > we cd rite n tire post on the # 12 but dont git us started (2 b-gin s/he informs the clockwise basis uv hour time sistem (from months down 2 hours + minutes (x5)(even yrs/animals if u go by the 中國農曆) knot 2 menshun the # uv inches in 1 foot, in a dozen eggs, in a hung jury, the # uv apostles, uv grades in school, days uv xmas, nites uv the round table, etc) > all cuz the Egyptians counted them knuckles w/ thumb insted uv just fingers > a fact we realized in Q1 uv 2012 when also we had the dream (rite in the wake of Ark Codex ± 0) that seeded West of Kingdom Come (wut then we called A Natural History)

> todos modos halving stablished hour framework + template sperrow k content falls into plaze cum clockwork > we kin turn hour attn now 2 unbrided landgauge > weave bin reading The Wake 2 put us in the mood > knot Finnagins but Paul Kingsnorth's wake > Kingsnorth wrote his book in a «shadow tongue» > a reinvention uv old english from 1000 o so yrs ago > Kingsnorth's take on her innyway in mush the way same Deadwood = a shadow tongue uv how wild west Amerikins talked Σum 150 yrs ago (+ bucking frilliant liberties David Milch took we mite add (¡hang dai cocksucker Woo!)) > tho we cant relate 2 the storyline mush (about the Norman invasion) reminds us uv Braveheart o Σum such manly period piece > the main bloke (Buccmaster) = all pissed about halving his land taken away + 4 all the injustices inflicked on them by cockfucking conquerors > call us ignorant Amerikins but we cant get into her (that sed we scarcely ½ way thru but we persevere) but the landgauage makes her worth the while dicebat shit cum «but who wants to see what is cuman who wants to see all wants to haro and plough and drink and fucc lic the blaec will nefer cum» > his way uv saying his peeps = in denile > cool the way he tocks but seams dicebat mismo cosa over + over how he got fucked over how he sick uv them cockfuckers treating him like «fuccan swine in our own land» + he gonna enact revenge w/ his grandfodders big sword > ∀ll kin git Σummed up in the xplicitly ominous 1° sentints: «see i had cnawan yfel was cuman when i seen this fugol glidan ofer» where fugol = a bird > a «great blaec» 1 @ that > almost like sints the landgauge sew hard 2 understand Kingsnorth dumbed down the plot > if we invest Σumpin into her want 2 git returns 4 suck taxing > b-yond sheer violence knot sew intresting save 4 strung together words like «with my scramasax i saws up until his throta is cut and blaec blud then cums roarin out lic gathran wind» > + nuttin mulch 2 pilfer 4 hour own Raft Manifest xcept may-b oxgang (a measurement uv land) + stunt (a stupid o stubborn person) but Σum uv the mispellings we mite loot (knot that old english got nada 2 do w/ hour story sew mulch as chinoook jargon (born a-sea in the pac NW) + now spangish as we travel south (the world gits flooded sew hour psychogeography gits blurred)

current input 2 our txt ingene

> now we into Novembrr > blotmonth as Kingsnorth calls her > also we read A Clockwork Orange just cuz never we halve b4 > knowing the story frum Kubrick's cinematic take makes her easy 2 focus jus on the words as penned by Anthony Burgess > writ partly in Nadsat (a Russified patois w/ Σum cockney + «gipsy-talk» thrown in 4 mood gesture as well as «odd bits of old rhyming slang» cum Burgess dicebat thru Dr Branom > knot that Slavs got nada 2 do w/ the story but the polyglot Burgess (knowing (even then back in '62) how quick slang kin git dated) figured ¿why knot just invent his own? > the fucker (strapped 4 cash) evidently wrote A Clockwork Orange in 3 weeks time > the time it takes us just 2 cullect hour thawts + map out the TOC > never we related mush 2 A Clockwork Orange in movie flormat mossly cuz uv the graphic violents > but the violents = ezier 2 stomick in words + in fact knot so gratuituous in the originul Burgess version specielly the Brit version that we read w/ 21 chapters (divided in 3 sexions uv 7) > when the Amerikin vers (from witch Kubrick derived the film) the publicher insisted on nixing the 21° chapter wich Burgess reluctantly agreed 2 > the polymath Burgess also obsessed w/ numerology in stet instints 21 as a symbol uv coming uv age + just cuz the book hinged on it > as he says in the intro 2 "A Clockwork Orange Resucked":

The number of chapters is never entirely arbitrary. Just as a musical composer starts off with a vague image of bulk and duration, so a novelist begins with an image of length, and this image is expressed in the number of sections and the number of chapters into which the work will be disposed. Those twenty-one chapters were important to me.

> then again if 21 = so importint than he shd halve insisted she remain stet way > why u shd publish yourself > ha realizing now that 21 = 12 backwords + of corse the implied 12 in «clockwork» + the name of the teenspeak landgauge herself Nadsat comes from the Russian suffix equivalent of –teen the years uv wich b-gin after 12 + unofficially fin @ 21 > knot sure tho whether the NY publicher = justified in such a blatant omission > of corse sints the book ya = published u shd stay true 2 the originull + the author's wishes but knot so sure ch 21 packs plenty enuff redemption 2 make her whileworth > [spoil alert if u halve not red ch 21] no dramatick twists o innything but our dear brother Alex jus b-comes sorta bored w/ ultraviolence + the horrorshow + wile he doesnt sell out + git married + move 2 the suburbs he b-gins 2 dream uv such a grown-up life (in an encounter w/ x-droogie Peter who got hitched w/ a fine devotchka to set the exampull) > the cosa importante tho = that stet change happens by his choice > he drinks the milk by his own free will >

> but encore mossly we read 4 landgauge (in the 2° page we posted abuv notice how we borrowed vidy 4 «to look-see») > a full dictionary of wich this guy posted here > tho he neglecks 2 menshun the nod 2 Joyce (who Burgess studied @ length) + ALP in saying in saying «appy polly loggy» in loo uv just apology > as in «I make no appy polly loggies 2 thee or thine for that. The knives in the milk-plus were stabbing away nice and horrorshow now.» > + where horrorshow = a homophone 4 khorosho («good» in Russian) > like clockwork also intresting that orang = man in Malay (anudder landgauge Burgess spoke) as in Orangutan («man of the jungle») > the juxtaposed title itself (clockwork + orange) = brit cockney Burgess overheard in a pub but he meant her «to stand for the application of a mechanistic morality to a living organism oozing with juice and sweetness.» so in fin guess yr sposed 2 member the redeeming qualities in Alex but knot sure we get them wich perhaps = the point > even Alex himself in questioning whether 2 halve kids realizes theyd only end up like him >

But then I knew he would not understand or would not want to understand at all and would do all the vesches I had done, yes perhaps even killing some poor stary forella surrounded with mewing kots and koshkas, and I would not be able to really stop him. And nor would he be able to stop his own son, brothers. And so it would itty on to like the end of the world, round and round and round, like some bolshy gigantic like chelloveck, like old Bog Himself (by courtesy of Korova Milkbar) turning and turning a vonny grahzny orange in his gigantic rookers.

> amen 2 that > why we also choose knot 2 bring rugrats into the equation > ppl debate this + that + wat we kin do about war poverty lack uv H2O climet change ± wutever when bottom line if u ∀ll stopped fucking so much w/o birth control we wd knot halve all stet problems 2 b-gin > the elephant in the room no # wants 2 tock about > why do «good» shit like drive a Prius + recycle when calving a kid has 20x the impact in terms of reducing carbone (atomic # 12!) emissions > calving a kid raises your carbone footprint by a factor of 5.7 (knot to menshun the exponentially compiling effects of those kids also having kids ad infinitum) > knot that we give a flying fuck we dont drive no car 2 b-gin + dont halve us progenie 2 inherit stet fucked planet + cood care less about humanity after we gone but we do care about = the animals minus humans > humans suck when added to the eqn > take this Audubon-certified dipshit sighingtist that spent 20 yrs (+ probly our tax $) searching 4 the elusive moustached kingfisher never b4 captured on film + he finds 1 in Guadacanal + ¿wut does he do? «collect» (a.k.a. kill) her (him actually) 4 prosperity sake > pretty much Σums up human nature

died 4 our sins ¿ ∀ll 2 wat fin?

> innyway ¿wat else? we got The Gotham Grammarian back from the printer 4 inny 1 intrested > generilly available Dec 1 > we hourselves got work (from Ark Codex ± 0) in The Art of Typewriting that Ruth + Marvin Sackner put together > unfortunately she died just a few weeks ago didnt quiet live 2 see publication > undoubtedly will git out hour old REMington to b-gin drafting @ least Σum uv the pgs uv A Raft Manifest > but b4 even we b-gin wriding need us to prime the ingene > pull out the choke but dont flood her

 453 <( )> 455 > the commodified spectacle of it ∀ll + continued proliferation of dispossession (reading Debord in Atlanta)


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