458> 12 years a squid in th dog dayz uv december

dear Inurnet > mid-december + th last few nites we bin sleeping w/ th heat off + windows open + yesterday = a balmy 72° wah th hell may as well BBQ outside @ least them came to Σum sort a greement in Paris not that we gif a shit we dont got no kids but feel bad 4 ∀ll th udder animals

> 12 yrs ago this month we start'd Calamari Press + sints Σum uv these early chapbooks went out a print (when we moved to Africa + gave up our bellytrimmer + udder d'vices need'd 2 keep a making them) weave bin posting dbook versions online starting w/ th 1° Mining in the Black Hills:

> + rite on th heels (o purhaps in tandumb?) came 23 Text Tiles:

> + then a few weeks after that we did this collaboration w/ Sandy Baldwin wherein each of our «stories» ran in opposit direxions so u'd flip her over t' read th udder piece so as such a bit more problematic to convert to dbook specially sints we did these originully in PageMaker on a PC + weave long sints switchd t' InDesign + Macs but here = the ½ by Sandy Baldwin calld Spiritual Turkey Beggar Baste Mechanism: Screenplay for Kung Fu Opera:

+ here = our ½ we calld Trapezoidal Juggernaut: Circus Script for a Mestizo Child Abduction:

> cant member waht fonts we used in Trapezoidal Juggernaut but likely we = under th influenze uv Kamau Brathwaite who jus resently we got sum of his older books we hadnt red yet cuz use us similure pixelated fonts in A Raft Manifest wich we working on + why we not blogging akey so much as uv late

> + speaking of OOP chapbooks we also working on J'Lyn Chapman's Beastlife which folds in Bear Stories here = the cover we just finishd stay tuned:

> input-wise we finish'd The Executioner's Song not that we got innything mo t' say we dint say b4 in th last post > we also finish'd Riddley Walker by Russell Hoban wich we enjoyd th landgauge but dint git much form th story + we also red Satin Island by Tom McCarthy wich rilly rubb'd us the wrong way we liked his Remainder but it all went downhill from there like he ran out of things to say

 457 <( )> 459 > 100k miles a ROMing t' ketch up t' beecomb hystery in hour waking book of d'ark hiving in 65 beds a sleeping


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