468> Quay/Roux bros trigonometry + kangaroo hunting perspektive as a yung potrit

18 Feb 2016> we ate 4 sea urchins + then got curious wether we had pests in our apartment so laid th empty spiny husks out on the floor + rite away 1 that we put near th edge of an armchair startid wiggling backwoods so we retreat'd back 2 a couch 2 stay quiet + watch > earlier this same apt = Σum1 else’s——a big spaceous modern apt we thawt cood = cool but it had ∀ll this brite blue + green vinyl fernychair but J + i tryd 2 imagine waht weed do w/ th space + now th space seem'd a mix b'tween this apt + our 1° we had in NYC on E 89th > so we watch'd th urchins tryng 2 stay awake 1 urchin = @ th base of th armchair still wiggling undr like Σumping pooling + also a backpack on th chair also moved as if Σumping = inside then J comes home + we told her bout how we used th urchins as bait 2 see if we had pests + how 1 moved + she aksd waht we gonna do spose we ketch Σumping but we hadnt thawt that far a head weather weed ketch a critter + how + we startid 2 fret cuz we dint want 2 capture ± confront no critter just observe + know she ∃xist'd then we look'd up @ th wall + th square wall w/ a window now look'd round'd w/ no windows so we aksd J if she saw waht we saw + if so we must = dreaming cuz th wall cant just change like that + we both must = in th same dream ¡this = proof! we went down 2 git th super + xplain 2 him waht happend + how th wall had changed + he sed «trigonometry means th devil's work» (etymologickly) > we got back up to our apt + Σum udder ppl had made themselfs @ home + had cook'd a big breckfist + now stuff'd pick'd at Σum leftover pieces of saucedge in a cast-iron skillit + we aksed if they saved inny 4 us sints this = our own house after ∀ll + they dint even serve me a plate

19 Feb> ate Σum live sea urchin (4 real) @ Sushi Capitol like we do most every thursday weed show a pic as proof but we dont take fotos of waht we eat

24 Feb> riding a motorcycle Σumwhere in Africa when this lioness comes charging right @ us + we freak'd lost control + fell over but th lioness ran rite by hunting Σumthing else so we fret'd 4 nutting + then later we watch'd these seagulls on a rock where Σum chickins roostid th male seagull spent a lot of time gaining th trust of th chickins + glided up inch's away + startid cooing 2 a fat baby chick who look'd mesmarized + then th female seagull slow slow went in there + ∀ll gentle pick'd up th chick + flew off + drop'd it Σumwhere else but dint make muck of th chick not even intrestid > now sitting @ Dulles airport aft'r massive thunderstorms hit rite as we made our way tornado warnings even rereading Potrit of th Artist as a Yung Man just cuz we red it so long ago (as a yung man) cant remembr nun def'neatly not yet 2 th lvl of Ulysses ± Finnegans Wake where he learnt 2 ride

25 Feb> rite ova Cork Ireland cant see shit but th flight map sez that slept Σum watch'd that dumb movie Everest not sure why essentially a remake of Krakauer's Into Thin Air which i think they made into a movie? continued reading Potrit of th Artist much as we cd muster ∀ll th pretense + relidgus shit sucks for Joyce coming of age under such wrath we just cant relate much wreckon we shd = grateful we dint have such crap shoved down our throwt such blasphemy cathartic for Joyce tho + eventually he snaps out of frum what we r'member tho not sure we got th patience 2 ride her out 2 th end relate mo to Huck when he sez—

«After supper she got out her book and learned me about Moses and the Bulrushers, and I was in a sweat to find out all about him; but by and by she let it out that Moses had been dead a considerable long time; so then I didn't care no more about him, because I don't take no stock in dead people.»

> now on th Heathrow Express free wifi lots of gaps t' mind every1 so polite need coffee


26 Feb> ∀ll sorts of «dreams» not 1s w/ plots but visual ± where we dream th actual text normly @ home we git up + start working on those pgs 2 recreate as they appear'd 2 us but in London fortunately a pad of paper next 2 bed tho had to rite w/ our left w/ eyes closed so cant make much sense uv it but form what we member had 2 do w/ a skiier in a split skirt that took up th plane of paper but new pages kept unfolding from out of th triangular split skirt

> also a lot «about» anamorphosis + perspective how she kept shifting + unfolding new images probly induced form watching a Quay bros film (De Artificiali Perspectiva) resently where they talk'd about such things + also form jet lag + weird french food ate @ Roux @ the Landau ends up th Roux bros = famous «celebrity» chefs whatever that means w/ all sorts of michelin stars we never enjoy such stuff makes us just want 2 eat a slice of pizza after good thing we dint pay but th food felt unbalanced + dream-inducing

> wonderd around aimlessly whenever we recognized Σumthing we turn'd down anudder street our psychogeography of London ∀ll skewd we like mice membering routes + landmarks relative 2 previous places we stayd + seem 2 stay all over this time at th posh Landau sort of central near Oxford Circus wanderd up twards Regents Park then back down thru Marylebone + Mayfair

chapel across th st + BBC HQ




regents park













> th last few pics in nearby Cavendish square (not named for th great experimental physicist much t' our dismay) then back out zig-zagging thru Soho a few times thru Convent Garden 2 to Lincoln's Inn Fields (we only know all these names now looking @ a map in retrospeck cuz our smartphone aint so smart here) met Julie Reverb fo lunch then went 2 th Hunterian museum (housed in th Royal college of surgeons) where they got ∀ll sorts of morbid anatomy preserved body parts + animals in jars of formaldahide etc not sposed 2 take photos but cuz th reason = they had th skeleton of Σum Irish giant on display who when he died want'd to git buried @ sea we figured we'd sneak a photo as proof that his bones in fact got housed in th Hunterian museum against his last wishes

th Irish giant in th Hunterian museum

> sposed 2 meet Scott Bradfield aft'r but our smartphone = dumb no email ± googlemap so just ambled about mo endid up @ Foyles got The Art of Publishing by Roberto Calasso then later w/ rush hour rush went up 2 cafe OTO in Dalston 2 see Jospehine Foster who soundid as if she swallow'd a saw wash'd down w/ quayludes + used a Ouija bord 2 channel Joni Mitchell 2 make spahgetti western soundtracks






Feb 27> j had th day off so flaneured mo east to shoreditch met a friend 4 fish + chips + double-deckerd back later ate sushi



gravestone near William Blake's








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