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Côte d'Azur (Nice)

23 June 2016> woke up Roma @ 4:45am aftr stayng out w/ th Roman Tyrant + others til past 2am .. hating life, like waking from a coma .. to termini got a train to Genoa then switch'd t' another to Sanremo .. St. Remo .. named for ½ our namesake REMus! .. ate pesto pasta then dozed under an umbrella on th plage .... Sanremo yo typickle Italian beach resort not sure we so crazy about how they roll .. nickle + dime u for a chaise/towel/umbrella etc to lay pack'd like sardines next to bronzata beauts smoking + yacking in typickle moda italiana .. th whole beach protectid w/ breakwaters t' block th waves so th awkwah = shallow + stagnant + safe for bambini .. kinda cold still since early summer .. swam around + way out past th breakwaters deep into blu blue .. dined on Ligurian food @ La Taverna 29 .. diffrent then yo standard Roman fare fo sure + th ppl much nicer .. ∫um dishes good others not so (we gonna git critickle of food here on 5cense as we git int' France .. in wich case we shd backtrack t' Rome .. last nite @ our fave place .. gotta say Da Teo has gone downhill .. + they act like haughty assholes even mo than ever ..)

on th treno nord


∫umwhere round Firenze



switching trains from where Colombus set sail (Genoa)


sotto ombrello (Sanremo)


s. Remo





24 June | Nice> woke up s. Remo + went running (we also gonna critique runnability of places this trip .. Sanremo fairly decent bikepath along promenade for running) .... originully we plan'd to take a treno from Sanremo to Nice but Italy under a train strike .. so took a taxi to border then found out France also having a strike .. cazzo sciopero! .... so took th taxi per tutta la strada .. our better-½ had t' git to a quiet place w/ Inurnet in time for an importint confrence call .. our chambre in Nice not prête so we marchéd le long la promenade t' vieux ville .. 22 yrs have passéd sints our stint in Nice .. 2 months working on a film .. th journels of wich we recently transcribed for cumparison .... wound our way up château hill to take in th vues .. then back along th promenade .. ate pizza w/ auburgine (transitioning from Italian to French food) .. walk'd round some more then an appetizer @ le Safari (where we took th photo of Chaulky flipping th bird 22 yrs ago) then dinner @ L'Atelier .. waitresses haughty + pretensious .. stereotypickly jerky, had gnocchi pistou + charcuterie ..

Nice from château hill



25 June> ran th promenade west .. early but lots of runners .. same route we used to walk when we work'd @ Victorine studios (tho then winter + 22 yrs ago so hardly recognizeable) .... spent th morning lazing sur la plage + bobbing dans la mer .. thinking about Matisse + Picasso + Chagall + other artists that lived on th Côte d'Azur + how such a landscape affected them .. ∫umething in partickler we member reading about Matisse + his use of blue .. inspired by th Côte d'Azur .... seafood late lunch in vieux Nice had oysters + salad Niçoise then went watch'd Eurocup @ ∫um bar .. sat next to a pompous old Brit who voted out on Brexit .. bragging loudly about it .. other Europeans + immigrants glaring @ us .. embarrassing to sit next to him .. weird time in generule in Europe .. in 1 sense u cant blame England for wanting to pull out .. but th rest of Europe + th world will suffer .. like jumping a sinking ship + by jumping u assure it will sink .. or not .. only history will tell ..




26 June> @ sunrise ran east on the promenade round th corner t' Nice harbor til we coont go no further pa then ran up steps of château mounden .. trash'd still from th debauchery th nite b4 .. dodging beer cans + vomit + sleeping bodys .... warnings of train strike in French so sed fuck it + rent'd a car .. (cheaper + faster innyway) .. drove along th côte thru Antibes + Cannes .... French pretty mellow + good drivers .... arrêtée pour moules frites in Fréjus .... then int' th Languedoc region .. a'rived in Montpellier like a ghost town .. no 1 dans les rues .. reeleysed France playng in th Eurocup c'est pourquoi (they won so follow'd by rowdy throngs celebrating) ....

Cannes + Antibes (in distance)

> start'd reading Rimbaud in Rome .. Season in Hell (+ Drunken Boat) .. speaking of understanding suffering (#2 of th noble truths wich we talk'd of last post) .... lire en double langue t' practise our français .. as weave sed plenty b4 we aint into poésie beaucoup so not 1 to parlez pas .. ressembled prose but ala fin du jour drogue-fuel'd poetry that we just dont git .. much as we want to like him + can appreciate him .. un génie for sûre .. wriding that @ age 19 cant imagine! .. boggles th mind .. waht we rilly kin respect bout Rimbaud tho, that he quit riding poetry after Une Saison en Enfer .. he choise la vie sur la poésie .. talk about punk rock .. his life une œuvre d'art ..

Une Saison en Enfer de notre fenêtre in Montpellier


where we riding from

27 June> slept last night under a blue neon glow (2° flor balcon next t' th Royal sine above c'est nous!) .. woke up cunfused thinking it daybreak .. walk'd around + got th lay of th land .. Montpellier th most multicultural + youngest city in France .. lots of students + punkabestias + counterculture types .. ate lunch @ Le Petit Bistro .. assez bon .. had some sorta duck thing .... now chilling in th room riding this .. laundry hanging .. breeze blowing thru curtains .. street cars dinging them bells + screeching on th rails .. Italy vs. Spain in 10 minutes ..













28 June | Montpellier> watch'd Italy beat Spain last nite .. then Iceland beat England seem'd like karmic retribution for Brexit .. ate @ Brasserie du Theatre .. tartare de boeuf .. sentis comme un lion .. une semaine plus en Languedoc .. back to riding A Raft Manifest .. if we kin manage to post this .. Inurnet worse here than in most «3° world countries» .. in menny ways they way b'hind th times ..

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