486> tour de france leg II: eating + château-hopping Provence to Dordogne

3 July 2016 | L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, France> tout le monde sleeps in here .. great if u want to see stuff b4 th hordes of tourists hit .. but u cant git a cup of joe for th life of u til 8 or 9 .. even then not facile pas .... saw us Fontaine de Vancluse early b4 th tour bus's show'd up .. even w/ no 1 there u kin tell she crazy touristy .. ∀ll fer ∫um springs bubblng forth from th base of a mounden .. ok, nice crysthole clear river + amazing to ponder on ∀ll that hogwah just issuing forth from nowhere .. but 100s of unsitely restraunts + tacky souvenir stands line th banks of th sprung river so u cant even see pas .... push'd on to th hilltop villaj of Gordes .. got a croissant @ ∫um bakery w/ a coffee machine (even when u do find coffee typickly from a machine) .. then t' Roussillon .. kept a going thru fields of lavender .. nice country fer sure (if not cliché) .... then Gorges du Verdon .. gorgeous gorge w/ a green river running thru her .. hiked down to th river + then back up for exorcize .... drove a diffrent way back .. stop'd + swam in th green river further upstream .... thawt to git dinner in Avignon but too much of a pain to stop + park so just saw her driving around ..

Fontaine de Vancluse


cliffs above th head of springs




vue from Gordes


cliché scene of lavender fields




th lake gorge du verdon spills into


gorge du verdon


coming out of th gorge


«birthplace of modern sport climbing»


4 July | Sète> encore got us an early start .. but agin cant git no coffee til after 8 ± 9 .. gotta drive sans caffeine wich rilly sucks .. + even when things open up gotta stop @ a boo-lingerie for a croissant + then a bra-zier fer th intsy cup of joe if u lucky to find 1 oupert .. insane traffic gitting thru Avignon .. sitting in 1 place not gitting no where pas .. 1 hr to va 1 mile may as well walk .. actually got ∫um reading done .. the traffic that bad .. no raison in pertickler just mal infrastructure .. them damn roundabouts + th dumb-ass rule where rite has th rite-of-way even tho no 1 obeys dont make no sense no how .. eventually made it to Pont du Gard .. big triple-stack aquaduck of corse built by th Romans ..

Pont du Gard


giving french them nickname


> pushed on to Sète .. on th coast .. th last mile or 2 into town took an hour .. even tho our GPS sed we had 3 minutes to go .. infuriarating .. + th French just sit all apathetic + as if this happens tout le jour .. cuntinuing to read Bergsonism by Deleuze .. pondering on bout duration .. room not pret so park'd + went + got dejeuner along a canal .. raw seafood xtravaganza .. raw mussels + oysters + snails + sum creature call'd a violet .. @ la Méditerranéenne .. viognier white wine .. 1 of th better meals so far .... then dinner on a barge .. had rouille setoise (cuddlefish in a tumato sauze) .. carpaccio w/ cavaiar + anudder regional white wine ∀ll tray tasty .... + Sète a chill laid back town no so touristy @ least ..



raw seafood platter (@ very top = a violet .. a type of seasquirt (microcosmus sabatieri))


eating on th waterfront in Sète



dining on a barge park'd in a canal



vue from our chambre

5 July | Cordes-sur-Ciel> went for run out to th lighthouse + then east along th waterfront .. good path for running .. pushed on east along th côte then inland .. stop'd @ Carcassonne .. a big castle that looks like Disneyland + just as touristy .. rather than join th hordes on th souvenir-shop lined elephant trail up into her we found a trail along th perimeter to see from th outside .. then found us a breach in th wall + snuck in + walk'd along th ramparts .. mid-evil + fairytailish + tray touristy .. not about to pay th 8€ entry ..



> push'd on further north .. beautiful countryside .. like Tuscanny .. then up over ∫um mounden thru Mazamet .. thru Albi where Tolouse Lautrec hail'd from (d'spite his name implying udderwise .. tho not far from Tolouse) .. to Cordes-sur-Ciel .. staying @ a place a few km from th hilltop villaj .. out in th cuntry in Château de Laborde .. walk'd into th villedge .. 1 of th nicer 1s weave seen .. mid-evil + stoney .. ate back @ th château .. restraunt overlooking wheatfields + Cordes-sur-Ciel in th distance .. start'd w/ «l'œuf parfait» a poach'd egg in a crayfish soup .. quite delicious .. then duck .. then cheese .. wash'd down from wine from this region (still in Languedoc) ..






6 July | Condat-sur-Vezere> woke up in th middle of th night + stuck r head out th window .. saw millions of stars .. no lights out in th country .. quiet + quaint .... went for a run .. back to th villaj .. up th hill .... then head'd out .. northwest .. thru Cahors but no parking nowhere so dint stop nun .. thru Rocamadour hanging off a cliff .. park'd + start'd to walk thru but disgust'd by th tourism of it ∀ll .. these mid-evil towns + castles look better from a distance .... pass'd a chevre farm .. weave met goats from all over the world + these 1s seem'd th most depress'd that ever weave met poor fellas .. cram'd in some dank shed .. shit + flys everywhere ... the goats made th best of it but dint have th spunk most goats have .... staying now in anudder convert'd castle (Château La Fleunie) .. wich happens to have goats in a field next door (much happyer 1s .. specially when we fed them maple leaves wich they go crazy for .. also a herd of deer wich presumably th French must manger?) ..

abandund castle




in th vllaj near our chateau


château where we stay


threshing machine



billy goat

7 July> th Vezere valley where we stayng famous for th cromagnon cave paintings oldest art known to man .. but we just cant stomach th tourist-trap rigamarole entail'd to stand in line to pay beacuoup bucks for an entry time (if u lucky) for a guided tour .. + th idea that u cuntribute to th spectacle + inevitable decay from wear + tear form all them feet passing thru to witness 1° hand .. wd rather just see that Werner Herzog movie or look @ pics on Inurnet .. they shoont even open up th caves to visitors if u ask us (in fact th most famous Lascaux = closed + waht u see («Lascaux II» = a faithful reproduction wich to us seems silly .. ) .. in sted we woke up early + went to Beynac-et-Cazenac .. yet anudder mid-evil villaj along th river Dordogne .. also touristy but whatever tout = touristy here .. then we went to these fancy gardens (Marqueyssac) .. then into a bigger town call'd Sarlaut where we had lunch .... then dinner @ our chateau .. comme ci, comme ça just gitting tired of duck + not willing to partake in foie gras (someone needs to eat th rest of th geese + duck) ± pig .. just want a pizza or plate of pasta too much to aks?








view from atop Beynac


Dordogne river + anudder château


jardin de Marqueyssac








[coont post this earlier cuz Inurnet axess truly sucks eveywhere u go here .. quite th phenomena .. not sure how ppl function]

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