503> shaving our hairs in pre-emptiv ∃xist ragedy to sneak a peak @ the red barn

7 Nov 2016 | DC> every so often hair grosses us out so we shaved our head yesterday .. th above = th b'fore + aft'r superimposed .. + below's waht got left on th cutting room floor .. yah, we know we shd of donated her to kids w/ cancer or whatever but we sort of superstitchus about our hairs, dont want no ppl to make voodoo dolls outta her or ∫umping .. + just sort of creepy when u stop to think ..

> + here's vid our bedder-½ took in process:

> we feel mulch bedder now .. cleaner + leaner .... anywaze thats what we bean up to lately .. sides working on A Raft Manifest .. still musterin' to git thru th pallindromic ½-way crux .. also working on th next Calamari offering .. The Red Barn by Nat Baldwin .. here's a 1° stab @ th cover we did yesterday ..

> did some imgs for th inside too but they sorta contxt-dependant .. + integrated int' th desine so they dont make much ¢ense on thair own .. just gotta wait fo' th book if u chompin' @ th bit (shootin' to git her done by AWP late Feb 2017 (yah, call us hippocrits but we sined up for a table .. only cuz she takes place in DC this time around .. + if we dont, seems ppl forget Calamari ∃xists)) ..

> read Translating Mo'um by Cathy Park Hong on th way back from Cancoon .. we dont got much to say about her .. spose she = ok but we expectid bedder .. ppl go on about how she works w/ pidgin dialects + ∀ll that but 97% of her = strait up poetry wich we aint qualified to comment intellergently on cuz we dixlesic about such stuff .. far as our untrain'd eyes can discern, aint much ∆iffrent than run-of-th-mill udder «poetry» .. not bad but nada that stands out .. udderwise havent red much else this month sides working our way thru th unadulterated Grimm's Tales (th newly restored originulls) .... like most ∀merikins we freaking out o'er th frightning prospect of Trump b-coming next prez .. wich d'spite waht polls say we got a dread notion will happen .. mark our words .. so we planning our exit strategy cuz shit gonna git ℝeel ugly fast in ∀merika .. hopefully our exist tragedy involves goats in a fairweather place like Sicily our Mexico .. vamos a ver .. mañana quizás sea th b-ginning of th decline of th unholy ∀merikin empire ..

 502 <( )> 504 > Trompin' th Colonvia dadastream under th flag of demockerysea, in wet Dog rust

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