5cense 552> Launching a Roman raft on the Columbia, still in the Zone composting intelligence on the fly

12 Oct 2017 | Rome> Official launch day for A Raft Manifest + appropriately enough we wride from Rome (back to guest-blogging as Rem+Rom) gazing out over the Tiber + Isola Tiberina, where our preseeding antsisters hail from... tho in A Raft Manifest we come form the Columbia rever. B-sides Columbus/Indigenius ppl day, tis our bedder-½'s berthday—why we d-sided to come to Rome last secund com see. Originally she plan'd to stopover in District of Columbia (that Columbus connection again) b-for jetting out to Buenos Aires, pero acabo de comprar un boleto to swing that leg as well. Ma ora siamo a Roma, andando per giros, visitando amici, mangiando pasta e bevendo vino, reoccupying old haunts, re-living la dolce vita.

Kentridge murals along the Tiber aged 1+ year






Isola Tiberina (where Rem + Rom hail from) ... the water especially low, amidst a drought


Isola Tiberina in Dec 2010 (note water level difference on bridge)


Tyrant HQ in Rome


part of Tyrant's crown collection




Pasquino statue (believed to be Menelaus)

1 thing nwavo we discovered (back to speaking now in the vox of anon I'm us) is this Roman tradition of "talking statues" (Pasquino shown above), sumthing our patron Cal, nor Rem+Rom never knew about in them years living qui. They'd seen these, ma non sapevano cosa erano—statues w/ pieces of paper stuck to them (anonymous folk used to stick 'em right on the pedestal, now they put up an actual plexiglass board). Back in the day these acted as sorts of bulletin boards where peephole cd anonymously post messages, usually political in nature... stuff they dint dare say publickly for fear of persecution.

14 Oct | DCA> Flew back to DC for 13 hours to do laundry, charge batterys, sleep a few hours + now back @ the airport 5 AM for another long haul south. Finished Zone by Mathias Énard on the way back from Rome, jumped back in the period-less stream spanning history, channeling chaos + collapse, to regenerate... «archives are the compost to grow information» le dit along the way (oringally writ in French) most of the intelligence over our heads, so much name-dropping, places + ppl, ∀ll of Mediterrornian hystery recycled thru 1 head travelling Milan to Rome, tho 1 head dat exhumes multiple ids—«i think little by little I left my identity behind in those pseudonyms» + loses hisself in place + time, proprio come noi adesso, at least Buenos Aires only 1 time zone away...

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