5cense 569> Parroting parabolic pairodimes twine DC + B'more mo mo. Rinse. Ripeat.

16 Jan 2018 | G-town> Movers moving our shit as we speak so we's hunker'd in the loft spaze w/ jus the stuffy duffel we gunna live off these next ~6 weeks... a fortnite in this here empty shell of n ol row home, a fortnite in n air'b'n'b in Roma + hoo nose aft'r dat, we aint got nada lined up, so yah, we's in limbo + outta sorts knot nowing quiet wha todo w/ ourselfs we so xcited bout the transition cant sea strait + in case u wand'ring, we aint quiet reddy to hand the rains ova to anon I'm us (th proxy urchin we dreamed up 5 months ago) to take ova the rains of 'SSES" 'SSES" "SSEY' vol II... in fact, we discovered dis genderless + ethnicityless 12-yr ol' orfin hiding under our rafty mattress, wich dem movers is loading up in a truck as we speak to hump hit down to the port of Baltimore (+ Frank Sobotka wheel take hit from dare), so we + our bedder-½ we's a'sleepin' on the carpetted flor w/ the padded cover we took off the mattress cuz hit was gitting grimey form 8 yrs of sleepin'/dreamin' (we got hit ridgenully form Ikea when 1° we moved to DUMBO). We took a brake from anon I'm us to don our sound engineear hat + cumpile a tape as Unknown Artist + guess (aft'r sum time in limbo in South Africa gettin' x-foliated by cheatahs) we sorta keepin' dat vox now cuz we got co-missioned to ride a peace a'bout our obsession w/ cassettes + they sed we cd ride comme ci... bud we reckon by the time we land in Rome wheel be back to bean anon I'm us. Up + movin' will make 1 like dis, not able to foke us, limbotic zombees waitin' for time to pass, gittin' thru mediate milestones, dis here removal of our shit bean major 1, aft'r dat 6 weeks sin possessions we used to livin' out of a suitcase like dis... kinda fun actshoally, gits u out of yo ruteen. Wipes the slate clean to stablish new 1s, reinvent 1-self. Seeing sites for the last time makes it a new lens.

eyeing the natl archives from the shape of Italy


FB Eye bldg

1 of many official looking bldgs in DC




along the C&O tow path




Roosevelt island (running route #6 from previous post)


Georgetown from Roosevelt isle






Arlington semetary, sign says "no recreation allowed"...






"arts of wars"



national cathedral


bramble along the Potomac


deer hoof



DC Chinatown

23 Jan | Baltimore> Perhaps our last trip to Charm City. Our bedder-½ specially glad she dont gotta commute here no mo. Stay'd the nite in Fell's Point along the water. Bin reading Prayers and Parables by Paul Maliszewski, our onely lit frend in D.C. Strange title, specially w/ the foto of sum vestal statchew on the cover u mite think its a sorta relidgeus book of devotional novenas or sumpin, but if u look carefully the face of the statchew is sorta fuckd up + then when u start readin' u realeyes they aint prayrs at all, nor parables for dat matter, at least not dat we cd tell at 1st, theys like typickle short stories, but as u read a few mo, u realeyes they is sorta incantations, like Zen koans, to be recanted ova + ova, to reveil the meaning. I mean, on the surfizz they's about typickly mundane drama, some goody 2-shoes bickering w/ his girlfriend, etc. then u realeyes whoa the petty shit is often most reveiling + just when u think everything is hum-drum hunky dory, sum subtely demented d-tail creeps in that leafs u feelin' unsettled. These the sorta stories u meant to read mo than 2x.

«He looked to his girlfriend and shrugged. He tried to smile, too, and he continued to rub. Why he rubbed—or when he might stop—he had no idea. His hands were tired. His fingers cramped, but he rubbed her feet as if the very action—the simple, repetitive, mindless motion—might lead him somewhere new.»

And then a story or 2 later he rites: «Doing something over is the real work of this life.» This god us to thinking bout this idea of redoing, b-yond jus duing for the 1st time. And th diffrence tween 1st + last time. Hoo nose how menny times weave done dis trip to Baltimor. Weve stayd at this hotel b4. And this = our 2° time moving to Rome (not to menshun countless trips visiting, inklooting a 6-month stint back + 4th in 2015. NYC the same, weve left + returned 3x (to live, again, hoo nose how menny times visiting) not quite able to quit her. B4 dat, we had to quit Tucson 2 or 3 times to git her outta our sistem. Same w/ our bedder-½, we broke up 1 or 2x before hooking up for the long haul. Whatever it is u revisit, each time new d-tails git reveiled, perhaps in revelation, or dat prawvide closure. More + mo lately we find ourself revisiting places + rereading books, rewatching films. As Paul says, this is the real work of life.

West Baltimore


charm city




old town mall





sleeping on the harbor


in the fog



Peabody liebury


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