5cense 573> Bicycle thieves roamin' a snowdome in clementsea postponed

26 Feb 2018 | Rome> Still holed up in our Velabro palazzo, our bedder-½ off to NYC + since we had sum rather unseasonable weather, we int.erupt our regalure roamin' of Rome Rioni to bring u dis rather inclement post... b-sides Trump, we left the east coast to xcape cold crappy weather, but seems it has followed us... bin cold + rainy since we got here + meanwhile word is it's unseasonably warm in DC/NYC. We was living here last time it snow'd in Rome in 2012 + b4 dat it hadn't snowed since 1986 (b-sides a dusting in 2010, when also we was here). So cunsider dis an inclimate supplement to the previus 2 posts, showing riones R.XII (Ripa) + R.XX (Testaccio) in a diffrent light.

vu from our terrazza this morn


steppin' out onto via Velabro


Circo Massimo


via Circo Massimo


S. Sabina (where the little nuns was looking back at Jeb in La Grande Belleza (2013))


where usually they Q to look thru dat dam keyhole (knights of Malta parking lot)


via Marmorata




piazza Testaccio


AS Roma HQ




Tiber in the snow


Porta Portese

Whoa dare, gitting a head of ourselfs now... into rioni we haven't map'd out yet, the above in Trastevere, R.XIII. Same spot where Ricci chases the asshole dat stole his bicicletta in Bicycle Thieves (1948)).


Ponte Rotto + Isola Tiberina


Ponte Palantino (tho most Romans call 'er Ponte Inglese)

Dare's also a sceen in the Bicycle Thieves, aft'r they giv up chasing the dude at Porta Portese, they follow the ol man the thief was associating wit. They find + cunfront hym @ the x-act spot above, tho looking back (where now dare's an eni gas stn... a stone's throw from our ol casa on Titta Scarpetta).



motorini (+ our fave restraunt in Roma, Gensola)


Isola Tiberina


#8 tram Xing Lungotevere


Largo Argentina




the wedding cake w/ xtra frosting


Trajan forum





back in our temp hood

So yah, here solo for a few more days... chompin' @ the bit, aft'r almost 2 months in limbo we finally move into our new digs 1° of Mar... + then its the waiting game, aspecting varyus deliverys of stuff we found @ mercantinos (inklooting a dope harmonium) +furniture stores + off corse our main shipment still aint sure about xpect seems it made it thru port of Naples @ least... cant wait til we's actshoally saddled in yo.

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