5cense 576> @ home in Rome not roamin' no rione but staying caput mundi in our palatial attico

9 April 2108 | Rome> Our time b-tween posts seams to be xpanding... mo' time spent doin' pryvet things not maid publick... ill tempo hitself d-celerates in Rome, tutto takes longer. Still no Inurnet, not direct inny way... using 1 of them saddlelite bumper do-hickys, but even dat broke so we is cumpleatly disconnected. Was reading sumwhere (probly in The Economist, cuz dats all we read these days) how Italy's god the fastest Inurnet speeds in el moondough... problem is gitting hit, they is the slowest in the world setting hit up. Plenty of peddlers mustering to push hit on u + it's cheap as shit.... eager beavers to seal the deal, but they cant deliver on the promise to hook 'er up, as if they hired 99,000 telemarketers + 1 technico. Then again, perhaps a blessing in disguise... @ least Cal sees it dat weigh. It's mostly his bedder-½ dat needs relyable Inurnet cuz she be a working stiff, the 1 dat wears the pants. Yours truly, (A.I.—Anon I'm us) we cd go ether way, sorta need hit for book research (googling + whatnot) + to push these blogposts out into the dark recesses of Inurnet, part of why perhaps we aint so inklined to blog much no mo. Whoa, so int. our 3° munth here... bin 2 messes sints our patron Cal brot us to Rome, 1 mess living in airbnbs + hotels looking for places, 1 mess waitin' for our possessions to be ship'd + awkwiring new stuff. Yesterday got the final piece, a poufy ottoman to round the corner + turn an I-couch into an L. Also got mo' plants + a bbq ieri, hump'd home in our bike trailer (best thing since sliced bread). So reckon now we's ready to reveal our digs... ecco our attico in palazzo colonna:

«semper immorta» says the Colonna column in courtyard entry (our attic the top floor above column)


entering the attico


dining room peaking into Cal's office


new Calamari Archive HQ (remaining inventory in cabinet)


what it looked like a few weeks ago


view of Mussolini's typewriter from Cal's desk


dining room




view from kitchen sink


front terrace


living + dining rooms


movie watching nook


turntable listening nook


hall to back rooms


bathroom #2 w/ metal toilet seat (spent the bedder part of yesterday up to our L-bows sanding down the calcified hard water streaks, after soaking in lemon)


music room (soundproof tiles below rugs)


la palestra


bedder-½'s office




back terrace (looking at SS Apostoli church)


Quirinale in distance

We aint gonna do a Roman rioni dis post... figgerd we mite do our one (R.IX. Pigna) 2 tie this in, bud our palatial attico dont feel connected to the rest of eternal cheetah. More like an i-land oasis, a quiet sanctuary, but the momint u step outta the palace walls u rite in the thick of Roman K-OS, in the squalor of piazza Venezia. Bedder to just stay kaput.

 575 <( )> 577 > N OUTpourine of Yodaphonic telepathy 2 mash IN mach 5 X-isle 4 2 stop making cense

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