5cense 577> N OUTpourine of Yodaphonic telepathy 2 mash IN mach 5 X-isle 4 2 stop making cense

15 April 2018 | Rome> Dat tempo of yere wherein we due our taxes + our patron Cal divulges da bloody d-tails of hiss economick failure asa publicher, 4 «dem plenty crazy/stupid enuff 2 start a small press» = how he's pre-empted hit in yrs past... aft'r 12 años uv cullecting such data, Cal reckons dis wheel be da last «economy of words» post... not dat wheel nessysorrily stop doing watt we do... I myself (anon I'm us (i.e. a.I.)) hath yet 2 put out hour book, ill 2° vol of 'SSES" 'SSES" "SSEY', dat Cal co-missioned us 2 ghost-write 4 hym + dares 2 mo volumes in the West of Kingdom Come quadrilogy... well, we just aint gunna belabor our economic woes no mo, nor report hour losses asa tax ride-off ± not, hung as dirty laundry 4 ill moondough 2 see. Specially seaing as Cal A. Mari sined sumpin da udder day sayin' he aint gainfooly m-ployed nor n-tends 2 make moola akey... pard of da deal coming 2 Rome + his bedder-½ workin' 4 the UN man is dat day pay Cal a sorta celery to NOT work (4 €u-rows). Anudder pard of da deal is dat the UN pays yo taxes 4 u, bud dat dont take a fect til next yrs tax time (always dat 1 yr lag). Bud aft'r tallying ho this yrs IN vs. OUT + adding hit 2 hour hystorical chart, cuntinued loss is the preveiling trend y trendy rip rip rip:

The onelie patturn 2 desifer from them #s = insana-T. No rhyme nor raison, no punt in ploddin' on on such a crashed course. Weave ya bean sumwhat in arkhival mode these past few yrs since changing our name, wore jus x-sellerating int. hypernation, no mo nwavo liebros, x-cept may-b this unfinished bizness of SSES II + West of... cassettes however, we mite venture to putt mo of dem out, music intrests us mo than books these dayz, aft'r archiving the unheard tapes reckon u can label 2017 as the yr Calamari transitioned from lit press to indie music label.

+ we god plans 2 putt out the next Sleepingfish as a mixtape... if we can gather up enuff intresting stuff yo. Seams all folks send us no mo = bad poetry + naked pics of themselfs, no madder what u say in guidelines. Not shore dare's any1 out dare in the ethereal ether of da dear Inurnet not self-cunsumed by dare one facebook/twitter feeds, blinded by the soma-tic wool bean pooled ova dem Is. May-b not even in el real moondough. Hola? Good ting 4 us bee dat hit frees 1 up todo x-actly what 1 wands w/o halving 2 worry nun about pleasing folks nor satisfying no d-mand, cuz dare aint no d-mand 4 what we due + (in lite of tallying taxes) we god the luckshorey of knot needing to make moola, no despirate need 2 cunvert incoming (in form of submissions) INt. monetary gain. We can foke us on just OUTputt, in the form of pure unbridled art. When we herd we was coming back to Rome we thunk for a sec may-b weed take on the €uropeeing markit, monger books + cassettes hear. Ma ora che siamo qui, we fast realeyesing now how truly dysfunctional dis plaze is, the most backwoodass on the planit + weve bin 2 lots of dysfucktional plazes, even Nairobi b progressive cumpaired 2 Roma. Knot onelie is dare postal sistem fuckd, bud hits really xpen$ivo 2 send shit elsewhere in €uropa, jus as x-pensive as frum Amerikka. No weigh we want 2 bee shlepping 2 poste italiane 2 mail books ± cassettes, ware guys grab all them take-a-#s up + try to sell 'em 2 u if u want a # dat will come up in the next hour udderwise u wait + wait if u dont cave in... + Inurnet? Don't even git us startid, bean hollerin' @ Voafphoney stronzi til blue in da face... 2 messes here + nada (had to do hour taxes w/UN WiFi). Sum1 da udder day (hoo had 2 wait 4 months 4 Inurnet 2 git hooked up—the norm) sed hits baked int. dem Itallion jeans, 2 make shit so unnessysorrily difficult + complicated. No, hit cant bee ass simpul as makin' a selection + clickin' a buy button... u gotta halve months + months of haggling + arguing + pleeding, Italians thrive on the shit. Or u god 2 have a family member dat works at Vodaphone. We solicited the edvice of hour x-broker, hoo back in 2010 (on our 1° tour of Rome) worked her magic + god hour Inurnet hooked up in under 1 mess. This led 2 a series of long cord-twirling phonecalls, knot as simpul as just recommending 1 provider ova n udder, bud a filosofickle + hystorical die-a-tribe of the Roman pysche... b4 we figgerd may-b she was a vampire, but now we realize she is Yoda incarnated (a Slovenian version thereof, living in Rome since '66) + we felt like a nigh-eve Skywalker knee-deep in da swamp, despirate to just git our Inurnet working when we needid to take a deep breath + foke us on the big pitcher, while Yoda smirked + chuckled + m-parted on us da ways of da forze, how u god 2 call dem Vodafone fuckers daily, if not hourly, not jut to beg + threaten, bud fish 4 information u-neek 2 yo situation, fined out da pertickler agent's background + weather u kin trust dare 411. Yoda's bin callin' + callin' on our b-½ sints our Italian's shit... not dat language is la problema, hits more understanding the Italian way. Even our fluent x-pat friends living here 20+ yrs dont fooly git it, u god 2 bee born int. hit, baked INTo yo jeans from Roman enddpire daze. U god 2 sea the positive in all dis, makes 1 appresheate shit like Inurnet witch udderwise u mite take 4 grantid. May-b hit shoont B sew EZ to axe-s Inurnet, dear. May-b we's bedder off w/o her? To cumpleat hour x-isle. In hour palazial attico. Hoo needs Inurnet? Hoo needs 2 leaf home? Hits a warzone out dare as Yoda sez, constint battle in dem strade. Stop trine 2 make cense of hit. Foke us in. Sorta liberating actshoally, to be cumpleatly detached, no followers, a lone sail rope flapping in the wind, tethered to nada. Nod off or not. Wise "putting u 2 sleep" negative criticism? Think of hit as positive, 4 insomniacs innyways. Free 2 speak off tip of yo tung not preoccupied nun w/ what udders gunna think..asdf09quwertj poiadmfvdf;lks;ldf. Blah blah blah. Dis all feeds our generule philosophical framework ever-evolving to accomodate new weighs, farther in2 the arkhive, father in2 X-isle. Dwelling less + less about books + mo + mo about music. La la la. A form of riding still, but lyrics a diffrent ballgame, ware u ride watt sounds good, not dat messysorrily means sumpin, tho often time weird subliminal tidbits git reveiled. Refreshing tho 2 knot halve 2 work off notes or w/ prexisting noshuns of what u set out 2 rite, u just listen + ride down whatever words seam 2 make sense w/ da tune. Not dat Cal plans to chant these words hisself out loud, no way, his vow of sighlens carrys ova to ill moondough musical. Cal's a'mustering to twist his bedder-½'s arm 2 sing 4 hym, she's god mush bedder pipes. Til then we dwell in sighlens.

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