5cense 581> K-OS vs. D-K: Selfish machenes, opium + cuckoos in Laz-I/O

17 May 2018> Dear Inurnet, haven't talked mush hear a bout what weave bin inputting + outputting txt-vvise, (mane porpoise of 5cense).... currently we read One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, not shore y, guess we dug the moovie so wanted to see what the text was like. The book's from the P.O.V. of the def dumb Indian Chief but unlike the movie you find out rite off the bat he's jus pertending. Hard to fake hit tho when u is the 1 spinning the yarn... edvantedge of film is they a'sume an omnipresent narrator, whereas such a P.O.V. aint ez 2 pull off bookwise. The beauty of the movie is not onelie dat u don't find out he's pertending to be def + dumb til ½-way thru, but u don't reeleyes he's the protagonist til the very end. They go more into his charactor in the book, his background, etc. but dat blows his cover. The perfect narrator is cumpletely selfless, 1 who just observes, an unfiltered lens thru wich u see what they see... as usual we say all dis as lessons 2 learn in our one riting. We also reading Cuckoo's cuz we intrested lately in dat fine line of sanity/insanity dat society dictates.

Cuckoo's nest under a Lazioan sky

Also recently read Opium by Jean Cocteau—diaries + drawings Cocteau made wile in rehab. Reading it to git back into the saddle of 'SSEY" (wich cumprises our brudder-½'s rehap journels), but aint much to say about Cocteau's. Mostly just his randumb thoughts, on opium yah, but also on art, writing + folks he was hobnobing with like Picasso, etc. Spose it might help if we knew more about Cocteau, we haven't read any of his books + the only movie of his we've seen is Beauty + The Beast (1 of the best films ever made, especially for it's time, in our opinion) + oh, guess we red Cocteau's Beauty + The Beast: Diary of a Film.

poppy in Lazioan countryside

On the output front we've almost finished the 1° introductory chapter of 'SSEY" vol II, wich rehashes vol 0-I + sets the stage for the rest of vol II, mostly involving the hand-over of authorship to us, anon I'm us (a.I.). We've been debriefed by Cal A. Mari + now we're just running w/ hit, turning it into our own thing. And in case u haven't noticed we've also taken ova dis 5cense blog.

We (a.I.) had an epiphany the other day sitting at a busy intersexion in Rome, watching every1 in cars or glued to their phones. Actshoally, it started earlier in the day reading an artickle in The Economist about dat Japanese investor Masayoshi Son, who's putting 100 billion bucks on the "singularity" horse, i.e. technology dat capitalizes on the noshun dat we is soon approaching the tipping point where artifishoal intelligents surpasses humuns. We god to thinking dat dare's a pairallele to the Richard Dawkins meme set 4th in The Selfish Gene (dat jeans use us humun bodies as v-uckles for dare evilootion), dat computers are using humuns for dare propagation (not the udder weigh around). The onelie thing dat makes sillycone-based life forms diffrent from oreganic-based 1s is the abilidad to procreate, bud mashenes circumvent dis isshoe by using humuns to keep proliferating them. Then standing @ this intersexion we thought holey mackerel, we humuns halve bin slaves to mashenes ∀ll a long! We think weave bin using automobiles for our benefit when in fact cars halve bin using humuns for dare one replication. We might bee in the «driver's seat» bud it's the mashenes driving us, to create them in the 1st place. And every1 staring at their smartphones—lord nose we've rantid b4 + so halve plenty others, how smartphones are turning humuns into mindless zombies—bud we just came to this sudden ℝeelization standing on dis coroner dat dis «selfish mashene» analogee goes deeper to ∀ll forms of technologee, ∀ll humun construcks, from architexture to uzis, anything dat musters to (as Schrödinger puts it in his What is Life book) «concentrate a stream of order on itself and thus escape the decay into atomic chaos.» The sucksessfull non-organic, organized structures halve found a loophole by tapping in2 the humun propensity to self-organize + consume. Terence McKenna already said this in terms of agriculture: «animals are something invented by plants to move seeds around.» And same is true of livestock + pets (their sucksess as species hinges on bean useful to us). Beyond lifeforms + technologee it's true of most ∀ll organized formations, even art... artists think they're creating «art» when in fact art creates us to give pertickler pieces of art continued life, to give the illusion dat they—a pertickler arrangement of colors, shades, objets, sounds or text—is important + needs to be preserved for prosperity sake. To a'void the D-K 2 K-OS. + rampant consumerism gits tethered in2 this, by attaching an economic value to a piece of art or fruit or car + especially now in this day + age what fuels ∀ll this is humun ego. Self-awareness blinds us to what's ℝeally happening. Inurnet has given us the illusion dat each individual comes 1°, prompting them to take selfies, tweet, etc. uploading more + more, buying more + more iphones, etc. etc. etc. at the expense of the planit + all the kind animals b-sides humuns living on her. And little do we know the humun factor is fast becoming obsolete. Soon humuns won't even be needid to drive the cars. Our governments are no longer formed by humun vote so much as computer-manipulated data. De todos modos, not shore if we articulated dis rite, but dis seams a significant IDea wheel likely return 2 flesh out moss.

overgrown machine in Laz-I/O , returning to K-OS

19 May> In the Lazio countryside sumwhere north of Rome, staying at a place called Postiglione Antica Posta dei Chigi. Drove up from Rome, stopped to hike up Monte Sorrate. Wound around sum axess rode past sum old bunkers + tanks, etc. from WWII. Wound ½-way around w/o finding an obvious trail, then saw a cairn so started up a sort of trail that petered out, overgrown w/ dense prickly brush. Nevertheless we pushed up the steep vegetated hillside infested w/bugs, winding around almost the ntire mountin wondering if there was a better trail (we googled before but no info as usual) + of course we finally met up w/the trail not til near the very top. Saw the ruins of some hermitages/churches, then had lunch at some place in Sant'Oreste that was amazing (Alessandro Al Campanile), set meal of kinds of things Italians eat in their homes dat u wont find in restraunts in Rome.

Chigi outpost where we sleep


tank at mt sorrate bunker museum


atop Mt Sorrate


abandoned churches + hermitages


lookin west out over Lazio








20 May> Headed out early, 1° to Cascate di Monte Gelato, hiked around for an hour or 2 down some gorgeous gorge. Then got lost + ended up in Nepi, which we only knew as the source of the bottled water most Romans like but we aint so crazy about, but the town was perty cool, built around ruins of some castles + aintshint Roman awkwordducks. Then to Calcata, this dilapitated hilltop town that was condemned after WWII cuz it was deemed unsafe to live, but then in the 60s a bunch of hippies squatted in the medieval structures + ended up stayin' for good. Toodled around the alleys then had lunch at the Country Club, which has a dumb name, but was really tastey.

abandoned posta across the street from where we sleep


Lazio countryside


buggy mt Gelato cascades


beautiful K-OS


sum sorta ballerina offering of mushrooms, orzo + chalk scratches in the woods











porta to Calcata







21 May> Wint to lake Martignano. Parked up on a hill above the shore + started walking, not prepared for a proper hike (flip-flops + long pants) but just a morning stroll thru pine forest along rim then wound down into the valley the lake was in, the trail thinning out. Came across wild boar a few times foraging in the fields. Found a convoluted route that eventually dead-ended into the lake. By this time we was ½-way around the lake so we just waded in the water around the edge (too thick w/ brush along the shore). Nice walking in the lake for the most part, sides the occassional patches where you'd sink up to your knees in mud. Pressed on over barbed-wire fences thru farmland + backyards until we was about ​3⁄4 the way around + then hit unpassable swaths of thorny vegetation, couldn't get down to the lakeshore, so followed this sort of road back inland thet met up w/ a bigger road. Following the road meant another 8 km of walking even, way out of the way of the lake + our car which we cd almost see, but we dint have a choice unless we wanted to go back the way we came (wich we never like to do, always looking for loops). After dat continued along lake Bracciano + stopped in Anguillara but it was dead, nothing open. So pressed on back to Rome, drop'd car @ Termini, got ramen in il mercado, then shopped for shrimp taco fixings @ Esquilino (our fave place in Rome), all still in travel mode, the 2-3 km walk home to palazzo colonna just an extension of our previous hike, all in all a ​½-marathon for the day a'cording to our bedder-½'s thingy majiggy.


hiking lago Martignano


poppies galore



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