5cense 586> Catacombing Naples per voto + soaking in Ischia waters in the Shadow of the Sun

July 20, 2018
Dear Inurnet,

Our frends L + M from NY r a'visiting, so we've bin sight-seeing w/them, trained down to Naples + ferried to Ischia, even endured a tour of the Sixteen Chapel + up into the cupola of St. Peters, udderwise mostly eating + drinkin', taking 'em to our fave places in Rome (the originul Da Enzo has dethroned the previus 1 in same spot) + in Naples had pizza (Sorbillo good, Sarita even bedder, dint have payshints for crowds at da Michele) + great dinner 1 night @ Osteria La Chitarra, another night met our Naples friends @ Nonna Betta on the waterfront + of course numerous negronis + spritzers here + there (making up for 3 months on the wagon). Our friends went to Pompeii 1day, so we went to the catacombs + then to the cemetary + explored the Sanità hood. Saw 3 French women get robbed as France beat Croatia in the World Cup. On Ischia we rented a Citroën Méhari (like a Flinstone car/Thing) + cruised the island, but mostly swam in the sea + soaked in thermal mineral baths + read sum of Shadow of the Sun but wasn't into much, another book about Africa written by a white guy not sure why we even got hit, may-b to read in South Africa.

map room in Vatican museum


vu from Vat roof


Palazzo Decumani (Naples)








San Genarro catacombs


Adam + Eve in catacombs





Sanità hood




San Gaudioso Catacombs










Cimitero Delle Fontanelle











back above ground









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