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Aug 27, 2018 | Rome> We roamed our one rione yesterday, Trevi, # II.... the rione in Rome we currently call home.


Sum say Trevi derives her name from the 3-sum of roads that converge @ piazza dei Crociferi... tho in her emblem there's 3 swords. Her claim to fame is Trevi fountain, wich we probly wont show in this post just cuz she's an overblown spectacle @ this pt... tho dare we edmit we have a video selfie of us sumwhere throwing a coin over our shoulder, back in 2001 + here we are living here so maybe what they say is true? Trevi also harbors the Quirinale, the Italian White house u cd say, which is a stone's throw from us (if they had binoculars the prez cd spy on us sunbathing).


We started our roaming from the attic of Palazzo Colonna.

Gregory Peck in Palazzo Colonna, at the end of Roman Holiday

When we 1st moved in they gave us a tour of the p(a)lace, the art-filled wing open to the public on Sundays.

view of our wing from inside galeria Colonna (under the 5 skylights on the roof)


the throne of the Colonna pope (Martino V) (note column they put on
everything here, including the manhole covers)


column in our courtyard... "ever unchanged" or "always immortal"...

forget exactly what the inscription means

We already showed more pics from inside our place in this post. Next door to us is Basilica dei Santi XII Apostoli, church of the 12 opassholes, that butts up against our terraza. It was built in the 6th century, but as evidenced by scratchiti in the cement, sum dude Giuseepe did sum restoration on it in 1713.


side of SS Apostoli as seen from our terraza


inside SS Apostoli (bad-ass pipe organ to the right, that we can hear thru the walls)

We quickly made our way to Trevi fountain before the hordes showed up, but even at 6 a.m. the skies were full of selfie sticks.

Fellini helping Marcello help Anita Eckberg into Trevi fountain with an, uh, encouraging word

From here we wandered back + forth in no partickler order.

... speaking of the White House, our namesake hotel in Trevi


along via Corso



bridge in background goes from Palazzo Colonna to the gardens


nearby alley


fruit + religious articles


Trevi Seagull




Traforo tunnel




Bernini's Triton fountain (on a rare cold day last winter, after it snowed) in piazza Barberini

Palazzo Barberini wasn't open yet but we just wandered in around the back, past all the wild cats.

Barberini coat of arms w/ 3 bees


Palazzo Barberini




behind Palazzo Barberini


Quattro Fontani (from Trevi side looking at Monti side)


Albanian church


via della Cordonata


our favorite nasone in Rome, that we drink from every time we walk by

The 1-of-a-kind 3-pronged nasone is on via delle tre cannelle, which is also the namesake "Madonna St" where they perform the botched heist in Big Deal on Madonna Street (1958), i.e. I Soliti Ignoti.

the same triple nasone on "Madonna St," i.e. via delle Tre Cannelle, the coal bin is where they break in

The front entrance to the pawn shop they try to rob is now "The Public House" British pub. We dint eat at no restraunts cuz the good 1s close for ferragosto (or "fairy-dust-off" as we like to call her—when most Italians head for the beach for the month). Aint menny good 1s in our hood innyway, sides maybe Santa Cristina al Quirinale (up the traits from above 3-headed nasone). La Cabana is ok + we remember Hostaria Roman being good tho it was a while ago we went. We haven't been to Colline Emiliane or Moma yet, but both seem good or at least diparturess from standurd Roamin cuisine.

We actually did 2 riones yesterday, but we'll save Sallustiano for the next post...

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