5cense 597> X marks the rione: hobocampin' dogs recapitulating CampyTele yo

Sept 19, 2018 | Rome> Sew, weave reached the ½-way pt. in our rioni roming—ieriday we done did our 11° rione of 22, Campitelli, rione X.

The Foro + Palatino take up most of the real estate of Campitelli + to be honist we din't tour them this time around (no payshints for tourists) but we've paid admission a few times before... b-sides, u can see plenty from the streets, in fact sum of the best views.

+ it's the rione the bedder-½ vox of Sound Furies traverses on her daily walk to + fro from work, wich she just offically resigned from ieri so now we really gots to git a move on to finish the rest of these rioni! Campitelli has the most bad-ass logo dats for sure, sposedly cuz Pope Silvester I once threw a dragon outta the Foro... uh huh. Campitelli harbors duh 2 most prominent Roamin' hills, duh Palatine + Capitoline... tho our allegiance lays not w/ Romus but loser bro Remus, who roosted on Aventino. Rione X also houses the most unsightly monstrosity of architecture in all of Caput Mundi... Mussolini's typewriter/wedding cake/dentures.

bedder-½'s scenery on the daily way to work (@ left is dat church whose roof recently caved in)


forum in the snow


Titus arch


Josephine Baker feeding cats in the forum, back when day used to let cars drive thru it


Bruce Lee driving thru the Campidoglio (Way of the Dragon (1972))

There's plenty of other movies filmed in CampyTele, like the scene in Roman Holiday (1953) where Audrey Hepburn sleeps in the forum + in Suburra (2017) the politician works up on the Capitoline (they make it look like the museo is his office).

google saddlelite view of Campidoglio (otherwise u can't hardly see Michelangelo's d-sine)


bride on our stairmaster (2012)—the stairs u can also see at the top of the above Campidoglio aerial shot,
that we run most every sunday 6 or 12 times (depending on how far we run b4)


prison up on Capitoline


Campydogyo SPQR (2008)


Marcus Aurelius on his bronze horse


the original Rem + Rom in Campydogyo museo (2010)


a reclining Tiberius fondling his, uh, cornucopia + the instrumental ½ of Sound Furies posing w/ lemon tree (taking a brake from humping a load of plants + soil from the notso nearby nursery)


wedding cake w/ reclining starling murmuration (2011)


view of Muscleleany's typewriter from where we're writing from


wrapping around behind the fatshits macchina da scrivere


forum wall view (from street)


Palatine awkworduck


Palatino as seen from via Foro Romano


When we was house-hunting earlier this year we looked at a place on the above street where a nun lived, witch was reason enough to get it yo! But it was dark + damp + smelled funny. It's an intresting little enclave tho, just a few alleys (no thru streets) sandwitched between the Capitolino + Palatino.

an udder triple nasone (see also Trevi)


S. Maria Consolazione


grim inscription in Mary's consolation church


+ there's another cluster of streets on the west side of Capitoline hill, near temple of Jupiter, tho don't think any of it is zoned residential.




monument to the Roman space mission to Jupiter


view from west side of Capitoline looking twards da Ghetto


looking east twards piazza Venezia


at the base, remnants of Jupiter temple

... + then there's a final pocket of streets between piazza Venezia + the Jewish Ghetto that qualifies as Campitelli.




funky inside of Edoardo II (hard to tell from the foto, but that's a bra lamp that matches the leg lamp the dad wins in A Chritmas Story (1983))

For our representative meal we started to eat at the above Edoardo II before realizing we was in the wrong place—no offense to Edoardo, they got intresting decor + we ate there before + member it being d-sent. The restraunt we made a rez at was around the coroner, Vinando a Tor Margana, wich we'd also eaten at before, in fact we was eating pranzo there back in 2010 when we heard from our broker that we got out our place on Titta Scarpetta. Udderwise there aint a lot of eating going on in R.X.


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