5cense 604> Flipping Galileo's finger, reading Wittgenstein + sleeping a stone's throw from David

Florence (as seen from cemetary)[hi rez]

4 Nov 2018—Rome > Florence
Reading Wittgenstein on the train... not sure we totally agree w/ his basic premise (in Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus)—that if u can't say sumping concise don't say nothing at all (as paraphrased by Thumper). I mean, we're all for silence + think ppl dat are fool of shit shd just shut the f up, but we also tink sum of the mos intresting things said = nonsensickle, not rooted in lawgic. But this = an artist's take on it. W/in the context of lawgic + sighence ppl shd adhere to Wittgenstein + it's a shame dat politicians + the media don't abide his mantra.


5 Nov 2018—Florence
We often use 5cense as a resource to refresh our memary if we revisit a place—see where we ate ± what we saw then, etc. + how it cumpairs w/ the passage of a time. Well we couldn't find no Florence post here b-sides 1 from 2001 before we even officially started 5cense or had a digital camraw. But we member going to Firenze not so long ago + seeing Galileo's finger + other morbid shit + dat it was snowing in Rome when we left on the train to come here. Looking thru pics on our computer we found a batch from Feb 2012, but we never logged them here on 5cense for whatever reason... either we was busy + forgot ± just din't care, or we was going thru a phase where we was more self-conchus of 5cense being about books + art + what we was working on + din't want this to come off as sum dumb travel diary, ± maybe we was jus too embareassed to edmit we went to Florence... i mean, who hasn't? Or maybe it was the phase we was going thru where we never menshunned place names or proper nouns, so it's impossible to search for (like our trip to Bologna from around this same time that we had a hard time finding when we went back a few weeks ago).

Living in Rome this past yr has jaded us on tourism to the extent dat we don't really want to go nowhere (we're only in Firenze cuz our bedder-½ has a meating). There's an aritcle in this month's Economist about how insanely touristy the world is becoming, fueled by a confluenze of forzes—budget airlines, air b'n'b, selfie-culture + this idea of bucket lists, the rise of Chinese middle-class, etc. Despite the ability of Inurnet to virtually put the n-tire moondough at your fingertips, toto mundo needs to see toto mundo for themselves + they can afford to. + beyond just seeing these places, people want to tick them off, say they've bin there, or worse, get wasted in these places. Cities like Amsterdam + Budapest have become unliveable for locals cuz of brah gringos + Brit stag + hen parties, filling the streets full of vomit, piss + staggering idiots. Anyway, we've bitched about this all before blah blah, nada's gunna change, it's just the new pairodime we live in. All we wanna do is seek out plazes w/ no ppl in them. Ain't nada left on our bucket list.

Yeri we postid our journel entrees + photos from Bolivia, 1991. Call us hippocrits cuz we had/have the same compulsion that drives all these tourists now, to not only see every place in el moondough for themselves, but to document their experiences on Inurnet. This is just 1 in a billion such photo blogs/journels whatever u wanna call it, the only diffrence i guess is dat it's not tethered to instagram ± facebook ± whatever socialized online platform. We's completely detached + free-floating, black-listed by google even, all we do here is for our sake. So why even blog here, postid on Inurnet? Or why take photos? Specially in light of Wittgenstein, who'd probly think this was a hodge-podge of rambling non-cense. + also who ever goes back to look at their old photos? But we like to revist them to jog our memory + posting select 1s here in a searchable organized way enables us to easily reaccess these memories so they are not lost to the ether. + as always these things might 1 day find their way into our art, which is the main purpose of 5cense.

train to Florence (Feb 2012)


La Specola (2012)






Galileo's finger (2012) (w/ our fingers snapping a pic of it)


wax cadaver (La Specola, 2012)




the white lines are overhead flourecent lights FYI wich made it hard to take photos
so we just embraced them



Nov 6
In the real moondough, in real-time (2018) we walked around yesterday, doing our best to avoid the touristic sites, nice thing about Florence (as opposed to Rome) is that it don't take long til u are in the "countryside" where u can smell plants + dirt + they actually have sidewalks you can walk on + not risk death being hit by cars or motorinos, or at least not as bad as Rome.

graveyard above Piazzale Michelangelo (Nov 2018)






Arno river

So we was looking at googlemaps + evidently we are sleeping about 60 meters from David. So even tho we din't "see" David (not this trip or even the 1 before), we 're sleeping within a stone's throw from him, slingshot or not. Funny how everyone thinks they need to see David cuz it's "famous," stand in line + pay who knows how much to crowd around + be bumped by annoying ppl taking selfies w/ him, when u can just go online + see him in the privacy + peace + quiet of your own home (granted it's 2d, not 3d). We aint' big fans of David anyway, they make him out to be the underdog when in fact Goliath is the god-less underdog + David was the goody-2-shoes Israelite... 99% of el moondough is behind David now abiding + fearing god, it's high time Goliath got ressurected.

the roof over David from our room + the duomo even further in the distance


Piazza Santissima Annunziata



going underground




Today we walked in the rain to the nearby town of Fiesole. Not much to see, mostly we went for exorcise. They got some Roman amphitheatre, but it was closed even tho google said it was open. Same w/ Boboli gardens yesterday, also closed even tho their displayed horario said otherwise. We also wanted to go to the Museum of Pathological Anatomy but u had to arrange for a private visit. So ended up not doing much as usual except walking around + seeking out cemetaries + decaying things. That + eating good food + drinking good wine, at Osteria Pastella, Trattoria Accadia, Taverna del Bronzino + some wine bar across from Piazza Pitti.

road to Fiesole


monastery in Fiesole


Florence as seen from Fiesole


Etruscan wall


cemetary in Fiesole



7 Nov 2018—Firenze >Roma
Back on the treno reading Wittgenstein... as an illustrative example of why context matters (insofar as not saying nutting at all if u can't say sumping concise), in the sighingtific meeting our bedder-½ is at sum 1 made the statement dat women have mini-orgasms when they breast-feed. From what we herd (we wasn't there) every1 cringed but no 1 said nada to her + even at dinner no 1 wanted to rock the boat cuz they have to work w/ this wanna-B α-♀ (who was also really loud + dominated conversation at both our dinners in Firenze). But after a bottle or 2 of wine we took her to task about her choice of words to witch she sed her Israeli doctor told her this very thing + then she started to back-pedal + get all defensive like "do u want the name of my doctor?" Then she said she also read this "fact" (that u have mini-orgasms when u breastfeed) "in books" but couldn't say witch. Not dat we don't think there's a grain of truth to what she's saying, dat there's some sort of reward mechanism associated w/ breast-feeding, there must be, but by using this word "orgasm" she's making it sound creepy + sexual (mind u this was at a meeting about child welfare). So in this context Wittgenstein is absolutely right, if she can't articulate her thought concisely w/ the rite words then she shd just shut the fup uck.

back at Termini


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