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7 Dec 2018 | SPQR> Romed V oggi, Ponte rione:

B-sides Lungotevere + Corso Emanuele + the tail end of via Giulia, Ponte is mostly the hodge-bodge of alleys on the inner crook of the sharp bend in the Tevere.

Not so ez to navigate in a systematic fashion. We call dat area a strange attractor cuz no matter how hard u try to pass thru it in a strait line u always get pooled in circles. Funny thing about rione Ponte ("bridge"in glish) is dat they got a bridge in their << logo, the 1 Hadrian built crossing over to Castel Sant'Angelo (where Hadrian's buried). Well, then 1 of the popes re-zoned the rioni so dat Ponte Sant'Angelo now lays in the Borgo rione. But rione V kept the bridge in their logo may-b cuz they got no other claims to fame, b-sides it being the rione they parade u thru on the way to the gallows, on ponte Rione.

E.g. it was the last hood our muse Beatrice Cenci saw before her head was lopped off for killing her molesting pop. I think we menshunned here dat we got a ghost in our attic here, but did we menshun we named this ghost Cenci, in honor of poor Beatrice? She hailed from rione VII, so maybe we'll elaborate when we rome dat rione (only 1 of 4 dat remain!). For now, here's V:


the namesake bridge that aint technically in the rione


posters along Lungotevere


along Lungotevere

That scene in Suburra (2015, the movie) where Sebastiano meets his father in a cafe along Lungotevere is in the Ponte rione. His dad tries to aks for his help but the squirrely Sebastiano is so consumed w/ his one problems he gives him the cold sholder. The camera follows Sebastiano after as he walks out to his car parked along Lungotevere + in the background u see his pop calmly climb up Ponte Vittorio + jump off, which is sort of silly cuz u wouldn't die from that jump. In fact, every New Years day, a speed-o clad 'Mr. OK' + his posse of attn seekers all dive into the Tiber off dat bridge, or maybe it's the next 1 up.


guess they forgot to turn the blocks rite-side up when they re-used em




inside Giulio Passami L'Olio

For our representative meal we was thinking of going to that "Julius Pass Me the Oil" place but seems they had a ruff night (see above). Guess there was a fire in their kitchen or something at 3 a.m. So in sted we went to Da Tonino, wich i dunno, guess we feel the same as we feel about most other places in Rome we used to like, that they've just been compromised by the neverending stream of tourists, served on by tired waitstaff serving the same 3 dishes over + over. Mostly we end up at bars in them parts, bar Fico or dat place nearby where the old man used to crank out mojitos but think he must of died cuz we haven't seen him in a while. + Casa delle Letterature is nearby, where Chiara Barzini launched her Sister Stop Breathing.

Aint much else to say about rione V. Before roaming it, we went to Ara Pacis, which is technically in Campo Marzio, so spose we shd of gone then... we went to see the exhibit on Marcello Mastriani, which had all sorts of pictures, film clips + parafurnelia relating to hym.

entry from Fellini's dream journal in the Mastriani exhibit

Speaking of dreams, 1° words dat came to our mined when we woke dis a.m. @ 3 was "find a mouth, let it bleed" so we got up + wrote it down on a post-it but aint sure what we're gonna do w/ it. Then we d-sided we needed a Sound Furies logo maybe for a tattoo:

Seemed a good idea @ the time now we aint so sure. We tried to go back to sleep + laid dare til exactly 6:30 cuz dat seemed significant for sum reason, 3½ hrs after 3. Anyways, dat's mostly what we do these daze, sit around ½-awake in our attic watching movies w/ Mastriani + Sofia Loren + every mourning @ 7:15 a.m. we watch the starlings take off + every evening we gaze upone their murmurations from our attic skylight + gather footage for our video (actually the 1st few minutes of the b-lo video were take from the roof of FAO). They aint quite got the #s they had in 2010-2012 when we put together dat book where birds are the words.


1 of the statchews on ponte Sant'Angelo (in 2010)


column in front of Column Palace decorated for x-mas (our attico the top floor beyond)

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