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24 Dec 2018 | Rome> dear Inurnet, this morning we released our album un:

So Mary Xmas! Lettuce know if u want a copy + wheel gift u 1... a digital mp3, dat is. We onelie made 2 copies of the actual analog "record" just cuz, not sure who else wd be intrested. If enuff folk are may-b wheel halve s'more pressed (on regalure black vinyl). As we said in the "press" release, the date came appropriately on hour 22nd anniversary + also as a culmination of the last 9 months in labor. We dint plan it dat weigh til a few days ago when we received our 2 copies. Most of the last 9 months was spent relearning how to play guitar + figgering out the new tools of the trade as last we recorded music was in the late '80s on a 4-track + we haven't touched a musickle instrawment since nor bothered to open the Garage Band ap that came w/ our computer, or Audition, dat comes w/ our Adobe CC. We also took a crash course in Adobe Premiere + After FX to make this video (for all of side u... we still got to make another for side n):

B-sides cutting an LP, 2018 was also all about roaming the rioni of Roma. Sunday we did another dubble-header, the last 2, Sant'Eustachio + Pigna... so dat's dat! Tho may-b next sunday wheel circumnavigate all of Rome, following the n-compassing Aurelian wall. Here's # VIII, Sant'Eustachio, the sliver in the middle:

Fipped 90° strada per strata:

Sant'Eustachio is the rione dat for sum reason uses the Jägermeister logo as their emblem. It also encompasses Lago Argentina, where all them stray cats live + also probly the highest concentration of Caravaggio's—3 alone in Church of San Luigi dei Francesi + a few more in Doria Pamphilj (actually in the neighboring rione Pigna, see below). There's that famous cafe Sant'Eustachio that we've actually never even been to cuz it's always packed. For our representative meal we ate at Trattoria Moderna (★★★★) + a few weeks ago we ate at IlSanlorenzo (★★★★).


largo Argentina


theatre in Largo Argentina (in 2010)








where we had lunch to celebrate finishing our rioni project


book nasone (in 2013)





Pigna, #IX, is the neighboring square rione smack in the middle:

Expanding st x st:

Rione IX is named for sum pinecone statue dat don't even exist no more in rione Pigna (except a scaled down replica) cuz the Vatican stole it + put it in their own private gardens, the bitches. Sorta like how Ponte is named for Ponte Sant'Angelo dat aint even in dat rione but in Borgo. The Pantheon anchors the NW corner of Pigna, while Piazza Venezia anchors the SE corner. Our attic is just a block away from being in Pigna. But still we hadn't been to Palazzo Venezia nor Doria Pamphilj til yesterday, which is part of the point of this whole Roming Rione exercise.

Pantheon (in 2013)


Pantheon (last winter in the snow)


Umberto D (1952) in front of the Pantheon, the scene where he gets his dog Flike to beg for him



San Marco Evangelista


Doria Pamphilj



barrel talking statue w/ punched-in face


faceless Amazon woman


ruins cutting thru ppl's houses


the namesake pinecone fountain replica


more Caravaggio




stairwell in Palazzo Venezia


piazza Venezia as seen from palazzo Venezia


The above €376,000 xmas tree was paid for by Netflix cuz of the fiasco w/ last years "spelacchio" tree that disgraced Romans... don't know why they didn't just embrace it just like how Linus convinced Charlie Brown + crew to acceept his pathetic tree. Rome don't nearly got the street cred that neighboring Napoli gots (their tree was stolen!).

Anyways, happy holydaze dear Inurnet, c u in 2019.

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