Sad tribal dirges on the noisey sewerside: "about" the face of The Daily Noose + the prosses + musing inspiration behind Sound ƒuries


2 Jan 2019 | Rome> Dear Inurnet, spose we shd probly pause [||] + x-plane ourselves hear, for those wondering what this is all about, why we changed our name yesterday to The Daily Noose. It's been 2 days + we've posted 2 x, so, so far we're living up to the "daily" part, tho doubtful wheel keep up such quotidian behaviour. May-b wheel write sumping 1 x each day cuz it's good exorcise, but then post more like weekly or every fortnight... or may-b we won't write at all, just post songs dat speak for us? We actually got no clue what direxion this rebootid blogject will go, but felt we needid to mix things up + the advent of 2019 seamed a good enuff xcuse if any.

Hystorically—if u [<<]— this blogject living at (for 15 yrs now) has bin about litterasure + art + travel + life, etc... reading + righing for the most part + in case u wondring how come it is if we a writer + we don't no no granmar or how to spill, dat's cuz we're typically methud-acting hear (for books we are, or was, in the prosses of writing) witch is a big pard of this "blog," getting into charactor for whatever it is we're riding in the momento, witch rite now is nada cuz we've bin more focussed on music... tho we was in the middle of part II of 'SSES" 'SSES" "SSEY' before the noisey furieus muses d-railed us.

[||] Fool disc-lamer: ½ of us (anon I'm us, the ½ dat don't sing) makes up Sound ƒuries. We don't speak for the utter ½, the bedder ½, the 1 w/ a day job doing good for el moondough, the 1 dat wears the pants + sings. Our name (a.I.) came to us in a dream, representing a 12-yr old street urchin of undetourmined ethnicity + gender. Our patron, Cal A. Mari, the 52-yr-old washed-up misanthrope that runs (or ran?) Calamari Archive hired us to ghost-write "SSEY' II, but then pooled us off that project to write liarics for Sound Furies + blog here on Cal's b-½. All tho we're onelie 12 + never wint to shcool, we due no how to rite, we just chews knot 2 partake in maistream cunventions. But don't fret, things shd get e-zier to read a round hear... a lot of the landgauge we use is leaguesea from when Cal co-missioned us to ride A Raft Manifest, under the guise of Rem+Rom, so we're still mustering to unlearn our old weighs, to shed this lingual baggedge.

Anyhow, The Daily Noose... we named this blog for the last song on Sound Furies debut album, un, the lyrics of witch u kin find at the end of the album pg, or in this post where we sorta x-planed what the song is "about" (war + journihilsm actually). 'Daily Noose' sounds grim we no, but we like gloomy + doomy toons + sewerside has always been a re-occuring theme w/ us [<<]'ing back to the biginnings of this 5¢ense blogject (our birthday suicide post from a decade ago remains 1 of the most googled)... it don't mean we are suicidal, we're just personally intrested in the subject + don't think it shd carry the stigma it does, a stigma our father + perhaps our brother carried to the grave. We're all for choosing life but it shd be a choice u make daily, rather than staying alive just for the sake of living, cuz there's plenty 'nuff numbskulls in this moondough mindlessly plodding on + breeding more sedated zombees that don't [◼] to qwestshun nuttin'.

In the prosses (that's another thing this blog is about, is prosses) of pudding the album un out dare, we're learning a thing or 2 about music promotion, of wich we don't know squat about. [<<] to when we last made music in the late '80s, the climate was a tad bit diffrent... back then u just traded cassettes w/ like-minded folks or mailed off tapes to fanzines... everything was by word of mouth, landlines or photo-copied rags as there weren't no Inurnet back then. Part of why we renounced music was cuz of the lack of response, not even friends or family had much to say about our tapes.... yah, probly cuz they sucked. Back then we was a sensitive teen/colledge kid w/ thinner west-coast skin + our weigh of handling rejection was to smash our guitars + drums + retreat into our shell (actually we pawned all our instrawments + 4-track so we cd roam the world). In grad shcool (physics, at U of Arizona) we shifted obssesions to rock-climbing... speaking of semi-suicidal pursuits, not so diffrent than heroin. Then we married the other Sound Furie + gave up rock-climbing cuz it's a selfish + stupid pursuit for any1 w/ loved 1s (Alex Honnold was our hero til he got involved w/ dat dumb girl). [>>] 22 yrs later + we got a guitar anew + prodded our bedder-½ to sing... it took sum spurring but she was a good sport don't u think?

[<<] 15 yrs, when 1st we started publishing books, in the urly '00s... Inurnet was diffrent then, it was actually a useful guerilla marketing tool for them that couldn't afford nutting else. But it didn't take long for Inurnet to d-k into the toxic time-wasting brain-drain dat it is. By then we was living in NYC so had thicker skin, so we dint give a shit that no 1 bought our books, we kept writing anyway... if anything to stave off mortality. Just like how we don't care that no 1 reads this blog... there was a time when we'd git 1,000+ unique pg views a day, but again, times have changed. We still get a few hundred pg views/day (looking now actually we're back up to 700-800) but it's probly all junk, hardly any "real" ppl read this except misguided souls lost in the dark ether searchenging 4 hoo nose what + google has long-since blacklisted us cuz we don't abide the security protocols + we ain't "mobile-friendly" (apologies to any1 mustering to read this on a phone, but we dont got the HTML chops to go back + retrofit this cobbled code).

The music world is even more siloed than publishing, harder to crack, as we figgered it'd be. We didn't plan the release of un, so forget sending out to legit places that want an advance copy so they can time their review w/ the release of the album. Even if we did, no 1 wd take us seriously—we ain't young + perty + hip (hippie, maybe) + we'll probly never [▶︎] live + we got no connections in the music world... in fact we got no business to be making music at all. It ain't no diffrent than the obstickles we encountered in the moondough of publishing, it's all about who u know ± blow. The big diffrence tho is dat there's tons of music blogs + ppl share + talk about music loads more then books. Other musicians have told us to get on social media, etc. + i'm sure it's a good way to share music w/ friends who in turn share w/ their friends, etc. we just don't got the stomick for it (tho we are back on twitter... sorta), jaded perhaps not only by our experience in publishing, but cuz we day-jobbed in "new media," for a while, in the dayz before facebook + twitter + all that even ∃xisted... + come to think of it, we also day-jobbed in the music industry—Napster, Universal, Sony, BMG, etc.—but back then we was still ripressing our musickle urges, otherwise maybe we cd of exploited those connections to further our musickle career, like Emily of Metric who temped on occassion in the cubicle next to us to earn dough on the sly while rubbing L-bows w/ music execs.

[Spose this is the pt in which we'd insert a Metric track, but can't honestly say we're big fans, nor of
Broken Social Scene, or at least they got no bearing on the type of music we're talking about hear.]

We dig the idea of networking socially in the rite context, like we're still on goodreads cuz we like seeing what friends + like-minded folks are reading w/o all the other self-promotional + bait-click bullshit that comes w/ other forms of social media. We never sined up for Spotify before cuz back when last we tried u had to do so thru facebook so we was like fuck dat. Seems they took that restriction off now so we just jumped the bandwagon, literally, but we lasted about as long as 1 commercial before we said fuck this. Spose we cd do the premium thing [we did], cuz we do like the idea of Spotify + as a band it'd be cool to have our stuff up there for those that only stream music [we uploaded un up there yesterday so stay tuned... tho we had to call it Un cuz they don't allow unconventional caps, witch sorta d-feets the purpose of us naming the album un cuz now it don't read the same way upside-down]. SoundCloud sounds allright in theory + seconds after we 1st uploaded tracks all these ppl started favoriting our tunes + we got excited... until we notissed they dint even [▶︎] them, so seems SoundCloud is a moshpit of sockpuppets + trolls + Mturks "liking" or favoriting things so you like or favorite them in return, the same circler knee-jerk behaviour other social media platforms suffer from. So far Bandcamp seems the coolest place for Sound Furies to be, our saving grace.

3 Jan> Don't worry, we won't be rambling on as much as we did yesterday on a daily basis... actually we was thinking in loo of writing we might just post a song or 2 a day here on The Daily Noose, of songs that keep us living another day. Daily Affirmations, as Stuart Smalley wd say. And may-b once we figger out Spotify + SoundCloud we can turn them into playlists or whatever it is kids do nowadaze. In the prosses of sending our music around, a lot of folks aks us for "similar artists" + we really got no idea what to put. We kin say who influenzed us, but dat don't messysorrily mean we sound like them. A song that perhaps "The Daily Noose" aspired to is The Cure's "The Figurehead," but we don't want to list The Cure as a "similar artist" cuz who nose what kind of cheesey pop music they've done since that has brought them world-wide fame + we onelie kin wish "The Daily Noose" sounded ½ as good as "The Figurehead". We've probly listened to The Cure's Pornography (1982) more than any other album in our lifetime... 'specially in the height of teengage dipression, if-ever u cd say we was borderline sewersidel we'd [▶︎] "The Figurehead" + "Siamese Twins" over + over + they'd keep us alive another day. Off course The Cure ain't on Bandcamp or SoundCloud (b-sides covers) + we ain't sure how to embed Spotify tracks yet (b-yond just clips), but seams they've [▶]︎'ed descent versions live in resent hystery:

+ speaking of The Cure, looks like Simon Gallup has collaborated w/ Evi Vine on their forthcoming (2019) album .

+ speaking of Siamese Twins, if ever we was gunna inklude a Metric track in this playlist it'd probly be "Siamese Cities" (2001) + spose u cd say Siamese Dreams (1993) influenzed the Sound Furies sound a bit, tho we're bigger fans of Gish (1991), like "Suffer" or "Window Paine," neither of which we can find on Bandcamp or SoundCloud, probly cuz Smashing Pumpkins are mega rockstars. Everyone's herd them anyway... how about sum more obs-cure bands from the '80s that halve long since bin forgotten, like the Toiling Midgets, who [●]'ed this 4-Track Mind (1983) album on the same type of 4-track we used on our forementioned Unheard Tapes (when we was unknown artist in the late '80s).

.. tho perhaps we're being too sceney + folks who didn't live in the SF bay area in the 80s give a dam? Or how about Glorious Din, another '80s Frisco band fronted by a Sri-Lankan singer w/ a healthy obssesion for Ian Curtis ("Glorious Din" is a mondegreen of "glory and sin," a line from the Joy Division song "Wilderness" (1979)("What did you see there? The power and glory of sin. What did you see there? > The power of Glorious Din.... at least that's what we figgered.)

+ speaking of Ian Curtis, how cd we knot feetsure Joy Division on this innaugrral Daily Noose post?

... huge influenze on Sound Furies, in fact, although we halve not identified ourselves on Inurnet outrite, if ever u run into us on the street, you'll recognize us by this tatoo:

"And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead" as the so-named band said. Tho again, we can't find a track on Inurnet to embed in seque so in stead we'll just inklude this photo of the 3-armed frontman Conrad Keely that we took back when (urly 2000s) we was a paid music journihilist (in our Napster daze)(we reposted the concert review here):

Not that AYWKUbtToD were an influenze on our sound, tho we dig the guitars + decibel level + they got 1 of the best bandnames ever. Our ambitions are echoed more by Echo + the Bunnymen (tho again, they're too big-time for Bandcamp or SoundCloud, so here's a live #):

+ speaking of zimbo, zimbo, how about "I Zimbra," (1979) tho perhaps too upbeat for this mix. We're going for the "no joy in the brilliance of sunshine" tribal sound, like Bunnydrums (1984).

+ speaking of bunnies, there's Frightened Rabbit. Or what about the bunnyless drums part... let's talk about David Grohl (towards the end especially):

+ off course it don't get no bedder than Bonzo:

... hoo we stole drum chops from on un, tho not on "The Daily Noose,"... those are a mix of sampled taiko drums + garageband loops clipped to grab the parts we like, supplemented w/ fills from an Alesis 4-padder. We also sampled sum Tuvan or Mongolian throat singing at the biginning (distorted b-yond recognition).


Jan 4> ... so much for an apple a day, we'll probly mellow out once we git this seedid + rolling. Things started to git a bit testosteroney yesterday, manly vocals + top-heavy drums. So now we'll talk about vox + gtr influenze/similarities, again in regards to the seeder song "The Daily Noose." Sum1 told us the utter day we sounded like Jefferson Airplane, witch perhaps they meant as an insult, but we'll take it as a compliment... long as no starships enter the pitcher.

+ speaking of airplanes/starships entering the picture (+ Led Zep), there's Black Mountain (from IV (2016), hoose pagan psychadelic prog-rockness we aspire to 4 shore.

Perhaps vocally there's also a resemblance to Natalie Merchant, not that we aspire at all to her sound, except maybe urly 10,000 Maniacs. Siouxsie Sioux? In spirit, fer sure... in our dreams at least.

... that track from the daze (1981) when John McGeoch wielded guitar. When we saw the Banshees circa 1983, Robert Smith was filling in, before he also had a breakdown... Banshee guitarists are like Spinal Tap drummers. The other thing we member about that concert, or another '80s Banshee show was that Siouxsie goes barefoot on stage + had big feet that at 1 point we was close enough to to give a manicure. Before the Banshees, McGeoch played w/ Magazine.

... not that we identify, w/ Sound Furies, but in another review rejection sum1 said we were "too theatrical," which again, we'll take as a compliment... i'm sure Magazine wd. Ministry at 1 point covered "The Light Pours Out of Me" as did Peter Murphy, so seems only natural now to menshun Bauhuas, who menny might call the godfather of goth + w/ similar literary tie-ins as us. Tho, unlike Joy Division, we thought they got even better musically once Murphy left (not that we don't like his voice)... but that's the subject of another post (+ no, we're not talking about L+ R, but ToT).

+ speaking of French poet-playright (Antonin Artaud) name-dropping, there's been no finer match between screeching guitars + ethereal vox then Cocteau Twins, especially on their debut Garlands (1982). ( is it just us, or was 1982 1 hell of a year?)

Jan 5> Our father killed himself on Jan 5 or 6 (they din't find him til a day later), 1982. He was also born on Jan 5, 47 years before that. When we (aged 15) flew alone from Mexico to Oregon for his memorial, we had a few cassettes w/ us—Stevie Nicks Bella Donna (1981), Romeo Void Never Say Never (1981), Talking Heads Remain in Light (1980) + Psychedelic Furs Talk Talk Talk (1981)... tapes dat presumably we got the week b4 w/ a Xmas gift cerfiticate for Tower Records. In pertickler we [▶︎]'ed these 2 songs over + over on our walkman during the flights + sleepless overnight layover at LAX:

"Present Tense" still haunts us + we don't know if "She is Mine" is a sad song to the rest of the world, it's probly just a silly pop song, but, man, it makes us cry every time we hear it, still to this day + it's only now (writing this) that we realize why. It's all about timing.

+ The Cure's Pornography + Cocteau Twins Garlands were released in 1982, so may-b dat explains why we obssesed so mush ova them. On dat node, wheel wrap up this playlist. Sound Furies still ain't on Spotify, so hear's the playlist:


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