Floating notes on a mortgage calculator where the heart layz


11 Feb 2019 | D.C.> Last night we wint to go get this painting we had out of storage. Sum guy was there + he had the painting on an easel + was painting on the back of it, so we aksed, "che fai?" (cuz we detourmined we was in Italy). He rattled off some long-winded explanation we din't understand in Italian so we said "no capisco" + he asked "spañolo?" + we said "si" + then he started speaking español but wasn't explaining why he was painting on the back of our painting but was just shooting the shit with some other Mexikin guys who appeared out of nowhere. Then this sophisticated lady w/a bee-hive hair-do showed up + aksed if we wanted to discuss the situation, so we thought maybe they were potential buyers so figgered we'd hear her out. She took us into this sort of mud pow-wow hut + told us to have a seat, but we saw a rat + pointed it out + then we saw another + there were rats everywhere but no 1 seemed to care. Then we saw a newt + then sum soft-shelled turtles + then it was like we were on some sorta theme tour + this was just 1 of the legs.

12 Feb| Dulles> It o-cured to us dat "Mortgage Calculator" wd be a good name for a band. Spose now dat we's to be home-oners we shd act like a dult, all grown up + what knot, witch means maybe we shd use proper granmar + carwreck spelling? Still hasn't quiet sunken in we bot a house, but synching in piano piano. Re-reading yesterday's entry spose it's about the anxiety of shopping for "real" estate. Still in D.C. trying to take care as much as we can w/ appraisals, mort-gauge + all dat.

Wanted to read sumthing less heavy than Bergson's Time + Free Will (which we started to read on the way here) so reading Floating Notes by Babak Lakghomi. Short + sweet, refreshing that's it's not trying to accomplish anything, just day to day words strung along to lure u elsewhere out of yr one body.

Lakghomi is a student of brother Markus + it shows. The book was published by Tyrant, not a book G wood typicklly go for. Might of bin sumthing we wood of publiched if we hadn't stopped, in fact think Lakghomi may of submitted at least part of it to us for Sleepingfish, after the transition to mixtape.

13 Feb | Frankfurt> Frankfurt airport is living up to it's name, nothing but frankfurter + pretzels. We finished Floating Notes + are back to Bergon's Time + Free Will.

ova the Alps

14 Feb | Rome> Back home, perhaps for the last time returning to Rome when we call it home. Valentine's day. Home is wherever we are long as our bedder-½ is w/ us. This is all our bedder-½ btw, the 1 fizzcally able to buy a casa. Financially Cal amounts to nada, in fact we even jeopardized our chances cuz of our yearly losses from Calamari Archive posted on our tax returns which lenders scoured, but hey, at least our credit's good for it. Speaking a which, it's about that taxing time of yr. Essentially we got 1½ messy rimasti a Roma, partiamo il 31 mar, offishly. 45 days to n-joy Rome + git our ducks in a row, for the move + also to prepare to live in limbo for the mess of april as we don't move into our new digs on Swann til end of aprile (assuming we close... still snafus we cd hit) + our furniture + stuff again floating ovaseas for that month, if not longer... story of our lives, these constant moves, seems we just wint thru all this moving here, this time last yr we was living in the empty shell of our attico waiting for our belongings to arrive. We also got to get our ducks in a row to live off a laptop for the month of april, get to a place where we can work on 'SSEY" vol II remotely + lay down tracks we got in our head while we gots a music room. Outside we hear megaphonic yelling + screaming from protests as usual. Can't understand ½ of what they say which suits us fine. We never did feel like we belong here, even if our "belongings" are here. We've spent our life thus far longing for elsewhere dove l'erba è più verde, now it's time to realize it don't matter where long as we are w/ our bedder-½. La casa è dove si trova il cuore.

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