worksongs: I, AI, Ǝxist to search for work in IA, UI, UX + d-Zine or as n über driver


28 Feb 2019 | Rome> In our last post we waxed about taxes + how in our newfound home-oner state we'll be house poor, strapped to a mort-gauge. Since then we've updated our resume + took back from anon I'm us + added a bio + portfolio of our "professional" work, all in anticipation of halving to hussle for gainful employment... + under the archival umbrella of Calamari we even opened up a Info architeXture + d-Zine studIO, so folks can hire us to make books, music, designs, websites, etc.

Ǝxist a I as Derek White

+ in typical Daily Noose fashion, we compiled a mixtape just for the occassion:

1 Mar> Marzo = here, ecco inizia il nostro ultimo mess in Roma. Last few nights weave hat dreams involving cars + bad driving, sumtimes we're in the backseat w/ paturnal figures casually crashing, other times we're @ the wheel but not toetilly in command of our ¢enses, @ 1 point deriving from the backseat. Shore it's got sumping to do w/ angziety over gaining control + where we're going w/ our life. So sum trax in the above mix got to due w/ dat as well as information architexture—the commun link we detourmined b-tween our art + profe$$ional careers. It's all about information entropy S (+ P = probability) + how to channel hit:

624 <( current)>  626 > Pronto to rexhume Textilioma + the pro'SSES" of listing sidewaze in Δ-shifted non-state (dat inkloots U, cari!)
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