A last repatriation act: shrugging atlas to come home


23 Mar 2019 | Roam> Rather then read the noose itch mourning we're gunna rite sumping here, deer Inurnet. Hour bedder-½ sealed the deal on the casa ieri + now she's airbound on the weigh back. Non più in attesa. Ieri the Shyknees prez was visiting our palazzo... so menny cops, riporters + fancy black cars we cd hardly walk thru the courtyard to git up to our attico. Souprized they din't stop us, long-haired tattooed freak lugging a load of empty scatole we found rifling around on the strade. Even tho the movers are sposed to pack our wordly possessions they always do a shit job of it, so wasteful + innafishant. We like using our clothes, blankets, pillows, etc. as packing material + finding the write spot in each box for the rite objet... sorta a cumpulsive obssession. In the last post we waxed on about the ambigooity between steak + stake—what about right, rite + write? Sew menny choices + avenues to take, in glish is a wonderfool landgauge!

28 Mar | Naples> Ok, maybe not daily... got wrapped up in day-2-day of translocation. All mooved out, quite a stressful prawsses... used to be moving dint stress us out much, besides the little things like will i be able to find parking out front for the u-haul, but more + more the stress accumulates, part of it is the accumulated possessions perhaps + being uprooted yet again when roots ain't even really formed + it's also stressful when you don't move yourself but movers do it for u. We still did as much as we could, to try to efficiently pack our stuff, but then they took boxes we packed + put them in their own scatole... ended up being sum 250 boxes + pieces of furniture.... far cry from when we lived in a van or a camper on the back of a truck. + to make madders worse, we got our super formal + burrocratic administrazione to contend with + after a few loads the elevators off course went caput so the movers had to carry everything down 5 flights of stairs + we felt bad so we helped, humping lode after lode giù per le scale... probly did 50 trips, great workout, pondering the while on Sissyphus + the conversion of potential (mgh) to kinetic (½mv2) enurgey + back again if u think about it. They wasn't even finished when we split, cuz they had to wait for the truck to come back for the last lode, so all our possessions was stacked in the hallways of the palazzo. The administrazione did the walk-thru + then all the formalities + then we split—ariverditching Roma! We rented a red Fiat 500 + filled it w/ plants + stuff to bring our amici in Napoli + that's where we is now, staring out at Vesuvio looming over the bay of Naples w/ our old friend Barnaby sleeping at our feet... he's aged considerably, now well over 100 in dog yrs.

30 Mar | Fiumicino> The town, not the airport. At the mouth of the Tiber. Same idea as in 2016, since we have an early flight, to just stay near the aerporto. After a few dayz in the K-OS of Naples, involving lots of bubbly + sun. 1 day walked all the way from D + A's place (between Pozoulli + Possillipo) to downtown, about 20k rt, to have our last pizza. And last nite 1 of their crazy dinner parties w/ all sorts of Neopolitan charactors. Said our good-byes this mourning then took the coastal route up.... won't miss driving in Italy + the general dysfunction, sumtimes Africa seams more sivilized. Just watched the sun set into the Mediterranean + the fishing boats coming in + now going to get our last supper in Italy.

last photo our bedder- ½ snapped of us at the pt. where Tiber enters sea

31 Mar| FCO> Getting there, piano, piano, almost "home". Jus this last flight left. Smacks of Odysseus returning to Ithaca after decades of wandering, only we never had a home to begin with. We're making it up from scratch. After this post the location will be home by default, not tied to no location in pertickler. No mo photos neither, not of places nor people at least. Maybe we shd forsake date as well? Started reading Atlas Shrugged when the movers was here... figgered it a good book to reed w/ all the distractions going on, ez enough to follow. And since we just rewatched All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace, we had Ayn Rand on the brain. Not dat we agree w/ everything she sez, but her philosophies explain a lot about the ∀merikin pysche. + it ain't the theories so mush as how they git twisted + implemented by utters... both democrazy + cowmunism sound good in theory, but can never trulie be achieved. + capitalism is just a nessysity for this modern moondough, weather u like it or not money has become the defacto metrick of our sillyvization.

In the air now We got a lot to say but can't think of what... at least dat we wanta share w/ u, dear Inurnet. Feel changes in the works, a retreat into the headspace of home. Tho we aint shore what dat means til we get their. Ore what dat means for this hear journull... perhaps wheel share more of what we're "feeling," perhaps less. ∀ll we now Rite know my noggin' hurts. Don't feel like riding mush.

1 April> On the ground now, home, but not in our new casa on Swann yet. Shacking up in hotels for a few weeks between here + Baltimore, til we can move in. It's 2 a.m... jet-lagged. Felt like shit from the plane yesterday, not shore why. Din't do much our 1st eve back except eat ramen + watch March Madness. + now it's April, fools.

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