Glamping in the shell of home to get in the knightly swing of things


18 April 2019> Last day of being homeless!

19 April> Down the homestretch... complete k-os in our hotel, families w/ tons of kids at the breakfast buffet... so glad we're moving to a gay hood. Going to walk it from Arlington, just cuz we gotta wait til noon to move in + heavy rains are sposed to hit right after that.

20 April> In resent transcribings of our journels, seams the IDea of "home" was a reoccurring theme... an unrequited concept we've long since resigned ourselves to live without... "home" was just wherever we was w/ our bedder-½. Well, now after 51 years of searching we're finally home! Tho right now it's the shell of a house /w an odd assortment of furnishings the previous landlords left behind. The Fios guy is here right now hooking up our Inurnet, dat's the 1° step... to connect us to the rest of el moondough. And just getting essentials to live for the next month til we get our stuff, lugging loads from BBB + TJ, etc.

21 April>... spoke too soon, Inurnet guy spent ½ the day here but couldn't hook us up. No phone neither, so hard to get nothing done. Not sleeping much neither, can't get comfortable combining camping air-pads w/ yoga mats + carpet, etc... sleeping in each room of the house to get the vibe. Otherwise just sitting pondering in each room mustering to imagine what will go where, the best way for pieces to fall into plaze.

22 April> We was driving last night form sum mining site atop a mountain, various co-workers + acquaintances was mooching rides off us. Sum guy w/ a fruit cart slowly plowed right into the back of our Isuzu Trooper, breaking our back window. Can't remember what happened earlier in the night, but we said "the hits keep a comin'" as if this was just another in a series of mishaps we'd endured. We got out + told this guy who smashed our window we needed to "exchange information" + he said to come back later, that he was busy + we said, "if we come back later it will be with clubs + chains." His father, who worked w/ him, scolded the guy + told him to give us a copy of his ID, which he did. Then driving down the mountain cars in front of us were doing weird maneuvers like swerving cross 2 lanes of oncoming traffic to pass. We were following cars in front of us cuz we were in a foreign country + didn't know the customs. Then we took a wrong turn but we figured better safe than sorry, we pulled off the freeway + we're no longer in our Trooper but pushing a cart that had all our groceries. A few jalapeños fell off our cart so we reached over to get them + accidentally grabbed sum other peppers diffrent from the 1s we dropped. A vegetable vendor wearing a pillbox hat accused us of stealing his peppers + the entire market suddenly got quiet, as if this was the gravest insult imaginable. We explained how we'd purchased these elsewhere + they fell off our cart. The muslim vendor said this showed an extreme lack of respect. We showed how the peppers we had were in fact a slightly diffrent color + he examined them + realized how sum of our peppers got mixed in w/ his, then finally he shook my hand + said "we're cool." He had a weird disc of glass in his hand, like the base of a wine glass. Realizing we were in a spanish-speaking country, we said, "en serio, no sabía que estaba en un mercado." Sum street urchins started poking at my lips, imitating me, hanging off my shoulders.

Speaking of shoulder... making it hell to sleep. Resorted to take Ibuprofen. Also in height of allergy season so was taking Claritin til we woke up 1 morning + the hole room was spinning + no, we hadn't had too much to drink. And since we just transcribed our journull 2 posts ago from 1995 when sum 1 dosed us w/ Benadryl + it was the same kinda feeling + come to think of it the vertigo we had in Rome might halve bin caused by the same thing. We knew Benadryl fucked us up, but figured we was okay w/ Claritin + took it occassionaly (maybe a few times a year on the worst days) but weed rather suffer allergies then have our head spinning around like dat. Also wondering if our ear problems are related to allergies as our rite ear is ringing again + we can't hear so well, just when we thought it was getting better. We say all this as a personal record of our ailments case we want to go back later in die-ag-noses.

Fios guys our back today... this time the supervisor came along + their discussing the situation a lot like we're sum sort of weird anomaly, can't figger out how to hook u, dear Inurnet, into our home even tho the guys before had it, was working for a second but there was sum sort of conflict cuz the previous oners acct was still active + in troubleshooting sum wires got crossed + seams a big clusterfuck now...

Yesterday we walked all the ways to Silver Springs + bot a black guitar (acoustic) so at least we got sumping to toke these next few weeks. Working on liarics to another toon we recorded before we left.

23 April> Was at some debaucherous party w/ all these Hollywood types + Mark + Brian (2 friends we've been out of touch with for over 20 yrs but perhaps popped in our head cuz of our resent journull transcribing). Brian was sitting across from sum famous director, can't remember who. We sat next to Brian but he elbowed us + told us to sit elsewhere like we was ruining his image. We walked thru the party looking at all the vain ppl + thought it was all dumb, so left + walked around outside exploring the far reaches of the compound. We started climbing up sum waterfall then Mark + Brian came along + discovered the cascade was actually an abandoned waterslide + turned the water on + came barreling down the chute knocking me along with them. Then all in a sudden we landed rite in the middle of a live shooting of The Knights Tale (a movie we've never seen, tho we did watch GoT last night) but it was also like 1 of those medieval theme restraunts where you watch knights joust + fight (again, we've never been to such a place). The jist of it was that whenever sum 1 was kilt the person who killed them wd make eye contact w/ an audience member + dat person would half to take their place. So Shannyn Sossamon makes eye contact w/ us + we pertended not to notice then we was afraid to watch cuz we din't want to participate. She then looked at Mark + he was totally into it + ran down + jumped in the ring. Then Shannyn Sossamon said they was gonna take a break cuz she had to pee + then said "remember folks, keep acting 2 seconds before + after each clip so they can edit it." Otherwise they gave no instructions for the audience participation bit or explained what was going on. Shannyn Sossamon came right by us + we was ready to apologize that we din't see her looking at us + didn't know the rules, but she was busy blabbing, really annoying, kind of dumpy looking + wearing spandex pants + riding boots + talking like a valley girl about how she had to "piss like a racehorse." Mark came back + we asked him what it was like in the inner circle + he said he didn't really participate, just watched from the inside where they could see the cameras + film crew (which weren't visible from the spectator seats).

Starting to feel like a home, sitting on our stoop drinking coffee + people-watching.... tho our bedder-½ is leaving for Ireland for a week so won't be home w/o her.

24 April> Step 1 of us being "home makers" (or casalingo as we like to call ourself) is to evaluate this shell of a a house + what the previous occupants left behind + downsize + make modifications before our stuff arrives. Mos def the prior denizens went all out + got quality furnishings + took good care of the place no doubt about dat, but they had very diffrent tastes then we do... for eggsample, they left behind Ethan Allen "box-pleated balloon shade toppers made of Shalini silk" (i.e. curtains) that they spent thousands on, but we'd rather just not have no curtains, or simple wood blinds. Sum of it we'll adapt to our style, which seams now is a sort of Swahili-Asian theme by way of Rome... you'll have to wait sum time to find out what dat means... tho perhaps we'll post sum before + after shots of pertickler rooms... 1st order of bizness 2day is to dismantle a closet + turn what they called a library into a dining room. And what they used as a dining room we're turning into a gym... a Schwinn elliptical arrives this morning (we sold our Italian 1 to the tenants moving into the palazzo attico after us so we wouldn't have to pay extra to ship it back, b-sides it was 220v). + posting stuff on craigslist to see if we kin fetch any dough + make way for the new when our shipment arrives in 3 weeks.

chandelier we're selling (intrested?).... not dat we aint crazy about it, but don't fit so well in our gym

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