2nd story where we'll start recording Swann Songs on our mini-Boog D


29 June 2019> Continuing our home tour from the ground + 1st floor:

We continue up the spiral stairs, which has large skylights capping the stairwell:

+ then head left to the bedroom...

Or that's what we plan to do in there, sleep.... forget what the previous tenants used it for (they didn't even include a pic of this room on Redfin), but we figgered it's dark + quiet so good for 40 winks.

We might put a skylight hatch in this room to give us roof access (not to mention more light), feels weird to own the roof over your head but not be able to see up there, let alone hang out up there (backyard doesn't get much sun) + not have to hire somebody w/ a 40 ft ladder just to clean the gutters + skylight. We'll either put the hatch in here, or replace the skylight in the bathroom w/ a skylight hatch that opens.


+ now we enter the studio/office, which the previous occupants used as a bedroom... here's what it looked like at the time we bought it:

We replaced the hideous ceiling fan (+ in our bedroom too), but left the drapes cuz maybe they'll come in handy for blocking out light + sound, specially if we're recording music.



Note the new toys, speaking of making music. We had a ton of AMEX points to use up, so we got an Alessis V125 MIDI keyboard + a Behringer Model D Analog Synthesizer, which is essentially a recreation of the classic mini-Moog model D, the mother of all synths, at 1/10th the price (300 instead of 3,000, but we got it free). We're in a mode where we're cashing in all our rewards points, also got free airline tix the other day too. So now that we've officially settled into our new digs, time to get back to writing + recording the next Sound Furies album, which we're calling Swann Songs...


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