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31 Aug 2019 | Baltimore> Stayed in Bodymore last night cuz we saw Ash Code + Syzygyx + sum other band last night at Metro Gallery, too late to ketch the train back. Syzygyx + Ash Code are both goth but heavy on synths... never that intresting to see electronic bands live, for us anyways, specially when they dont even play keybored but just dance around + hit buttons every now + then. Not that we don't dig the music tho + Ash Code at least gets street cred pts cuz they hail from Napoli, tho they sing in glish. We aksed them if they was popalure in Napoli + they said no, ma sono popolari in Germania, go figure. Syzygyx are from DC witch is souprizing + reassuring to know there's sum weirdo hip kids in DC expressing themselves.

Ash Code

Strolled around Vernon Hill this a.m. + had a leisurely breakfast of chilaquiles + now on the train back crowded w/ folk going to the natl book festival. On the way + in Bodymore we re-read Junky, or re-re-read it... to get us in the spirit of "SSEY' vol II, but ain't much to say about it that we haven't already said. Figgered we'd knock off a state street in our nufound Microcosmic DC project + spose it makes sense to do Maryland since we're coming from that state, but she runs down around where we was last weekend when we kicked off the project w/ Washington Ave + there'll be ample oppurtoonity in the fewchair when we're returning from Baltimore cuz our bedder-½ still gots to go there at least once a month. New Jersey ain't that far off from how'd we walk innyaze from Union Stn to our casa on ex-Oregon-turned-Swann st, so that's what we gunna due.

along NJ Ave




... + that's what we did... tho there ain't much to write home about, sides maybe the Japanese American monument + a Fire + EMS museum. Still ain't shore what direxion this DC Microcosm project will take or weather she'll even get off the ground... not that we don't dig the xcuse to walk + xplore our backyard, but we ain't shore we wanna commit to tocking about it all here on The Daily Noose + boring u to death, dear Inurnet, taking up URL real estate when we cd be talking about things dat matter most to us, like art. Then again, we renamed this blog to The Daily Noose to sorta celebrate cada día as living another day ("a good day to die" as Crazy Horse said) + such an exorcise b-sides providing exorcise (in both meanings delle parole) occupies our mind to keep us from, say, the familiar trappings of sewerside dat 1 might feel reading the news tout le jours cuz face it, them headlines nowadaze is enough to make u wanna slit yo wrists. These walks are meant to be more introspective—what's running thru our noggins while we move our feet, what "New Jersey" triggers in our mentoll state. For starters, our bedder-½ hails from NJ + there's of course The Boss + the state bird + flower + Garden State (1992) the book + the unrelated movie of the same name + our time spent in Atlantic City + Princeton + Duke Farms (when our bedder-½ worked for Doris Duke) + all those times riding the train thru NJ + how when we lived on Riverside in Manhattan we watched fires rage + the sun set every night over NJ. We was thinking of re-reading Moody's Garden State but couldn't find it in our liebury + maybe we're doing too much re-reading lately... also seems most movies we watch are repeats, is this a sign of old age? Or dat dare ain't much new art being created? We was telling sum youngin' this weekend what it was like coming of age in the Raygun years + we spun it as a positive thing cuz a lotta good art came in response... don't feel the same in the Drumpf era. Not that we give a shit about politics, The Daily Noose is less about the EXTurnal world then our INTernal moondough. Our headspace, witch as we reveiled a few months ago is cluttered w/ a B9 arachnoid cyst + Mineareye's d-zzz's dat makes us dizzy in spells + not able to here or sleep like we used to. Don't think weave menshunned hear dat we haven't bin drinking much since then, maybe 2x a week + not more than 2 drinks a night. It's bin 2 months so safe to say weave at least kicked the daily habit + feeling + sleeping much bedder as a consequence. And these walks help to unclutter our noggins as well.

route du jour

Innywaze, it wasn't dat far of a walk dieagonyly along NJ ave so when we got back we went back out to run errands. Getting into a mindset where we wanna make art out of found objets, namely doors or windows + cabinets (ala Joseph Cornell)... this after going to an art supply store + seeing how much artists pay for a canvas or supplies. Wood rather make art out of junk.

2 Sept> Yesterday mourning we went out walking again out thru Rock Creek + Dunbarton Oaks to Georgetown to hit their flea market but it's way too uppity. Stopped at the Dupont farmer's market for sum grass-fed burgers + kimchi then hit some back alleys but din't find mush xcept a large janky plywood panel dat we aims to make art on.

3 Sept> Newest member of Sound ƒuries—found hym on our doorstep this mourning.

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