The restoration of Chaulky White to pave the way for 3.3 x 3.3 = S.S. (as post # 669)


18 Sept 2019> R.I.P. Ric O... 1 of the best composers in the biz + by that we mean the way he arranged songs, every riff + fill had it's place. His lyrics needed help tho + weird that he lied about his age. Weave bin duing sum arranging of hour one this week, mustering to get an album to gether for a Dec 24 release... figgered weed put out a record every year on our anniversary, tho this year's will probly be more of an EP. The tentative title is "3.3 x 3.3 = S.S." but onelie if we can get 6 songs (inklooting 2 x ⅓ interstitchals) together. Our beder-½ (the vox of Sound ƒuries) has been in Buddha-pest this week, so maybe we shd inkloot the Hungry embassy in our next microcosmic walk?

On the casalingo front they was sposed to rip a hole in our roof this week to install an axssessible skylight bud there was a snafu w/ UPS so she'll halve to weight til next week. Weave bin restoring sum of our brother's art that we shipped (via greyhound) to ourselves from the west coast. There was 2 pieces that needed to be restored from wear + tear over the years. The untitled piece (all our brother's pieces were untitled) that we call Fe, or Rust, has gone back + fourth between California + NYC a few times + then sum for every time we moved w/in NYC. On at least 1 inner-city move we hand-carried her across Manhattan as she's rather fragile (made of styrofoam + sprayed w/ gritty paint that u ain't sposed to touch cuz she'll come off on u), specially since she's got a convenient bowling ball handle. Here's what she looked like before restoration:


Using styrofoam, glue, toothpicks + a gritty "liquitex" we fixed the broken tips + patched her back together best we could + then sprayed on a fresh coat of paint:

Here's what she looks like now on our wall:

The other untitled piece we call the Shiva log (tho maybe s/he's actually a budding Buddha or Bodhisattva?) was also a bit banged up:

+ this is what s/he looks like now (we took the liberty of painting the sides brown):

Kinda cool to widen our casalingo toolbox to inkloot art restoration + it inspired us to make sum art of our one. Weave been collecting sum things on our walks (like broken mirrors + TVs) but nada weave turned into "art" yet. B-sides the 2 above pieces, we also brought back a scrapbook of our brother's (from the mid-80s), that we took sum photos of + for prosperity sake wheel inkloot hear in it's entirenity.





(our mother (L), us in the middle + Chaulky (R), pre-Donnie Darko)




(that's Chaulky + us playing chESS)


(these pics are all in our room in Mtn View, in high shcool yrs)




(that's us again in the top pic standing in a field)



(Chaulky shaking hands w/ Gerald Ford at bottom left, at his graduation from RLS)


(quoting Morrisey)





(Robert Smith?)


(Chaulky (w/ orange hair) + us (w/ burgundy hair + a Clash shirt)
framed by the lyrics to Pornography (our favorite album in high shcool))


brother poseurs




(not sure where or what we're doing in bottom photo + that's our dad at top)



(our childhood home in Portland)





(back when u needed a Polaroid for instant gratification)





"... I will die an atheist even though I have a premonition of doom if I think of that word as a label on myself..."













(Chaulky (w/ beret) + us in Colorado, we think)




(us playing drums, same photo Chaulky doctored + gave to us, that we used for our bio pic)













(that's us flying on a windy rooftop in San Fran)






(at UCLA)









(that's us w/ the log + we can tell that's Chaulky just by the shadow, striking an Egon Schiele pose)





(something we drew + gave to him + he pasted in as the last page)



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