Ripping a fixed hole for the sueños to get in, to the dream states of AZ + NM (+ CA?)


on the way to Zepellin (NW DC)

24 Sept 2019> Bin sorta REMembering our sueños the past few nights, bud not enough to articulate 'em. Figger may-b if we rote them down hear we might get back into the habit of REMembering as it’s bean a while... maybe a seasonal thing? The last time we dreamt (June 30) we said the same, tho we onelie rote dat 1 down in our pryvet journel (probly boring to u, dear Inurnet). Before that we had a slu of sueños in April when we was transcribing our dream journels so maybe it was cuz dreaming was on our mined. We may or may not halve inklooted them hear on The Daily Noose. Pard of the problema is dat our waking life has bin mixed in w/ our sueños, at least in the last deckaid. B4 dat we kept 2 seperate journels, 1 for dreams + 1 for el reel mundough. In the ℝeal world, we're back from NYC. We just did the usual there, walked around + ate sushi, etc. We don't miss what's become of NYC nun. Wint to sum fantsy event at Cipriani's, halving to do w/ climate change + feeding el moondough + it was shocking to us how apathetic + disrespectful people is... while world leaders (presidents from 3 or 4 different countries, since the UN is in session) + big wig sighingtists was speaking, every 1was chatting + making noise, to the extent u cd barely hear. The onelie time they was quiet was when Harrison Ford was talking, tho he didn't have much to say. Every 1 was there just for the free drinks + food + probly just to be seen there so they can say they care about the fate of el moondough.

As we speak sum 1 (named Angel actually, from "the depths") is up on our roof ripping a hole w/ a buzzsaw... it bothered us that we can't get up on our own roof, partially metaphorical, but also practical cuz we'd like to be able to clean our own gutters + the other skylights + not have to hire sum 1 w/ a 40 ft. ladder. Our bedroom is also kind of dark so this will give us mas luz.

el hoyo "exploratorio"



Now we gots to get 1 of those telescopic ladders so we can go up on the roof.

25 Sept> Saw Massive Attack last night at Anthem... not a venue we'd normally go to (way too big) but our friend that works there scored us free tix. We dig listening to Massive Attack but never figgered they'd be intresting live + we was right, they was really boring. And they came on over an hour late, making 1000s of ppl stand around waiting. They butchered versions of "10:15 on a Saturday Night" + "Bela Lugosi's Dead"... adding absolutely nothing instrumentally + they can't sing for shit, really don't understand their appeal (except as ambient background music). The saving grace was that Elizabeth Fraser sang a couple of songs.... last time we saw her live was in the early '80s on Cocteau Twins 1st U.S. tour, when she had extreme stage fright, but still sang like an angel + she did last night (+ more comfortable in her skin now) tho Massive Attack din't utilize her full capabilities.

in Anthem

26 Sept> Last night at 3 a.m. we was busy writing in the back of a plane that was flying really low. There was an announcement over the loudspeaker to fasten our safety belts, that we were hitting turbulence... evidently the reason why we was flying so low, like a 100 ft off the ground, beneath the clouds. Even tho the plane was ½-empty ppl were clustering near our window to look out, talking about how many straight hours it had been raining, tho it just seemed sort of overcast and drizzly to us. We went up into the cockpit + our bedder-½ [who we called Zo in our journels from 1992 that we are currently transcribing, so maybe we should go back to calling her that again?] was in there w/ a bunch of old grandmothers. It was more like they was cooking for a holiday dinner than flying a plane. The phone rang + Zo answered. The grandmothers were all squabbling, asking the young whipper-snapper who it was, but Zo was acting all casual, not talking, nibbling on this + that while flipping the phone between her shoulders [back when we had those big phones u could cradle between head + shoulder]. We was also expecting a call, but Zo wouldn’t let no 1 in on who she was talking to, just mumbling stuff here + there about the weather, how we was about to brake the record for how many straight hours it had been raining.

B-sides the fact that it was a matriarchical cockpit, seems there was parallels b-tween flying b-twixt the clouds + grnd + how Zo was talking on the old-shcool phone, cradled between head + shoulders.

flâneur du jour

29 Sept> Yesterday did another microcosmic DC walk. In light of our new skylight hatch we picked Arizona as the state of the day, since when we think of big open skies we think of AZ. Also, we're transcribing our journels from the fall of 1991 from when we moved to Tucson + met Zo, the continuation into 1992 of wich wheel post next. We also got married there + our bedder-½ graduated from high shcool in Tempe, probly the state we've spent the longest time living, except maybe NY, at least for Zo. Arizona Ave is way in the western tip of the diamond of DC, just getting there is 5+ miles. We followed the canal through G-town (still under construction, but they've finished redoing parts) along the Potomac to Abner Cloud House (only realized now there was a bridge at AZ ave, but we din't want to take our chances).




We figgered since we was all the way over there we'd loop back on New Mexico ave, which took us back to G-town. New Mexico is also significant since they got big skies + we also own land there, the 1st + only "real" estate we own sides this hear casa.

Then as we continued home we also found ourselves on California st... tho seams cheating to do 3 states at once, but for now we can say we walked the length of her, cuz we did. There's a lot to say about California, another state we've spent a deckaid in, so sure wheel revisit her. We also knocked off a few embassies, we won't count the ones along Mass Ave yet (except New Zealand, wich is on a side street off Mass so we might not pass it again) + along California st we passed Slovenia.

NZ 'ssy


Spose we shd of included the Hungry ebmassy on our walk since our bedder-½ Zo was in Buddha-pest last week, but it was a bit out of the way + we wanted to get back to work on our new album. As it was, we walked over 12 miles. Hear's the mixtape we made for the occassion:


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