Holloring why O Y O-ming on the x-callbox w/ no FX in the micro-cosmic mise en abîme of DC


18 Oct> Last nite we was sposed to play our 1st gig w/ our nu band. We was hanging out in a room b-low the stage til it was time to go on. As we was called up the spirel stairs to the stage it occurred to us we din’t know how to play nun of the songs... we never bothered to practiss nothing, couldn't even member how to play the few #s we rote. We figgered may-b we cd wing it, if we putt enough FX on the gitar, then realized we forgot our FX petals! Reckon we figgered this was sumping u just showed up for, like going to a concert as a spectator—that the powers dat be wd take care of todo for us + all we had a do was just show up. We got squirrely thinking w/o the FX it'd be obvius we din’t know how to toke the canciones at all. We couldn’t even pertend to strum or quitely pluck notes in the background. We din’t want to chicken out + let down our nu bandmates, but was starting to freak out. Then we realized we din’t even bring our guitar so had a good xcuse + then we woke up before it even came down to that.

20 Oct> ... still in a Casalingo mode, so yesterday we cumbined home improvement errorands w/ a nether state-named street in our Microcosmic DC project—Wyoming. 1st we headed north up 14th st to BB+B + Tarjay to git stuff like a pillow for our bedder-½ + parlay w/ the vacuum rep cuz the cheap-ass Hikeren we bot 6 messes ago already broke + when we emailed dare customer support (sum randumb Hotmail acct), we god a response from a personal gmail acct, ½ in shyknees, dat amongst other unintelligible things said “it's normal that the machine automatically stops working when you are using.” Also stopped at our fave used furniture store looking for a runner rug bud only god a tube of Marvis toothpaste + o, also stopped at the cleaners but when we herd our bedder-½ aksing if they cd sew new buttons on her p-coat we got a-fended that she din't aks us 1st cuz that's mos def in our casalingo DiY skillset yo. Then we wint out to get chilaquiles at Lauriol Plaza + cuntinued in dat direxion twards the edge of Rock Creek, on a scouting trip to find rocks to hump home to landscape our backyard + that's when it occurred to us we mayas well knock back Wyoming Ave since we was in the hood, Kalorama, wich is way uppity where lots of diplomats + rich folk live like Obama (whose casa we couldn't even get close to cuz of the barricades, but no matter, weave already had tea at Mama Obama's house in Kenya) + Ivanka Drumpf just down the street whose house was surrounded by secret service, on the coroner of a Wyoming actually. Passed a bunch of embassies along the way (not to mention a bunch of consular residences + other diplomatic structures): Albania, Moldova, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Dominican Republic, Guyana, Netherlands, Austria, Oman, Afghanistan, Monaco, Yemen, Macedonia, Barbados + Gabon, ware supposedly Ted Kennedy lived before it became the Gabon embassy. Don't got much to say about Y-O-ming herself... when we lived in the Black Hills (journel transcription TBD) we used to pop over to Devil's Tower to climb + have passed thru Y-O-ming a few times + halve bin to Jellystone, tho regret not spending more quality time in the Tetons. The other notable thing about Wyoming is it's the least populous state, reason enuff to moove there, yo.

route du jour (10/19/2019)


down Swann's Way (considered using the bottom panel for our album cover)
(... case u wondring what the S.S. in the title stands for, cd be Swann St, or Swan Songs)


the house of blue glass + gamelan gongs


whoever named these "Spanish Steps" has obviously never bin to Roma tho the b-lo casa looks like it b-longs caput mundi



Albanian Embassy


they've got a bunch of these x-callboxes around town that they've converted into "art"


the self-reflexive x-callbox of a callbox mise en abyme




Dominican Republic




coroner of Ivanka Drumpf's house


x-callbox architexture


hall'o'waste of food


go Oman, gitting into the spirit, man


Afghanistan, man


while we was scouting we humped a lode of stones back on our back
(...sum bigger rocks we identified we'll return for later w/ our granny cart + a pick)

We still ain't ready to show the landscaping fruits of our labor yet, need moss rocas + for them leaves to stop falling + it's bin raining all day today so we're bunkered inside w/ our heater on for the 1st time this year. Recorded vocals for Dk-2-K-OS so now weave finished 5 tracks, 3 to go. Also made a video for the 1st song, V-dubbed, wich maybe we'll reveil next post. Until then,

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