God ain't dead, it just never lived, or ∃xisted as landlords w/ ∀ll dead souls (the greatest trick ever pulled)


1 Nov 2019> Feliz Noviembre. Anoche we due what typickly we due on Halloween... go out to eat (Korean) then sneak home + sit quitely in the dark cuz we don't dig neenyos + curtainly don't wanna be pard of no dumb capitilistic tradition where u give candy to 'em. 'Twas in the '70°s + rainy last nite + t'day cold + dry, feels like 1st reel day of fall. We wint + recollected moss rocas down near Rock creek to finish landscaping the back of our backyard.

(it's black bamboo btw, just needs another yr or 2 before they turn) (+ the rocks we scattered randumbly,
in time they'll settle into moss of a natural state)


we also brot in + repotted sum suckulents + cactii cuz tonite mite git down to freezing

2 Nov> Feliz de los Muertos. Hit o'cured to us the utter day Nietszche was rong when he said "god is dead," cuz it leaves the door open dat ever it ∃xisted. God ain't dead, it just never lived. Dat's all we god to d'say hoy as we riflect on our mort antsisters this ∀ll dead soles day. Tho we did make a playlist for the occassion:

1 of the trax we wantid to inkloot we couldn't find on Spotify... hit's on our computer as "Who's the Devil" by Angry Red Planet + features a sample of Kevin Spacey saying "the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist," witch googling now has been used sample a # of times, most notably by Ghostface Killah, but nun = the songs we're thinking of + the Detroit punk band Angry Red Planet ain't the band we're talking a bout nether, this is more of a late 90s/early 00s drums + bass affair. We can't shazam it nether... ironically no record of it ∃xists xcept on our computer! Who's the devil now? Convincing L mundo we don't ∃xist. If any1 gots an IDea who this band might be lettuce no... the onelie utter clue we god is dat the filename is: angry red planet - a.r.p. night breed whos the devil.mp3, but googling "night breed" as a band don't produce no results nether. Spose we shd get out of the habit of saying "googling" bud saying "duck-duck-going" just don't god the same ring to hit, buey.

3 Nov> Ayer wint w/ our bedder-½ + her stewdents to a farm about 1½ hours north in Merryland, outside of Bodymore, in a hired bus + ∀ll, a proper "field trip". To visit a yung farming cupple w/ no hired help, mustering to eke out an ∃xistence as certified organic vegtable farmers. They toll us all a bout dare trails + tribulations... fascinating bud ain't gunna go into bloody d-tale, suffice to say it's the same story in any field—the little guys toiling away in a dead-end life at the xpense of obese corporate entities that win in the end by never leaving dare armchairs. For starters this cupple rents there land (sum 8 acres) so rite dare 40% of what they earn goes to rent, witch is a vishus psychle hard to git out of yo. Bad enuff to rent apartments + casas like weave dun our n-tire life (til 6 messes ago) bud to bee a farmer on rented tierra seams reludicrous, 'specielly an organic farmer where takes yrs to git yo dirt to a good enuff e'state, u got little insentive for long-term investmints, rewards come to them who reap for immediate personal gain, for this season, not the next. Or worse, month to month. U can say well communism or socialism is the solution, bud lord nose dat's been tried w/ little sucksess x'cept in Scandanavian countries. The idea of land onership is reelly at the root of hit all... if u live off the land + don't even one yr finca or shamba then what's the point yo? It's bean the same storey since the biginning of time to the dead souls of Gogol... landlords + surfs in a never-ending psychle w/ rewards reaped by fat fucks that don't earn hit.

The utter thing dat struck us is the a mount of food waist. Fields of peppers, for eggsample, dat they couldn't fined a markit for + since last nite was the 1st noche b-lo freezing, all them chilis was destined to rot back into the ground ¡k lástima! A sad sad site for pepper fanaticos like us (we stuffed our pockets w/ all we cd muster to carry + roasted 'em when we got home + froze em to use on a rainy day). This cupple din't seam to be too hot + bothered by hit tho, they din't see hit as food "waste" since the rotting veggies was goin' back into the soil + si buey, curtainly bedder to rot on the land rather than on sum shelf + end up in landfill. But still, such inafishinseas wd eat us up + keep us up at nite. Even a field of black-eyed peas they harvested the day before w/ a combine we found all sorts of dried pods the machine missed... weed be inklined to go out + gather those by hand so they din't go to waist but they said they just don't got the time (we gathered a few handfulls for 'em wile we stood tocking) + ain't in no position to hire laborers or even a donkey.

field of harvested x-black-eyed-peas



∀ll them po peppers goin' to waist


pocketful of peppers we rescued to roast + put in our belly

Actually, a few endid up in our bellys last nite, mixed into hummus/babaganoush (also roasted an eggplant we had in our fridge dat was on the verge of goin' off). If ever we did rite a cookbook, it's primery concern wd bee a bout what to make w/ what u halve on hand so as to waist nada, witch we due daily... never does sumpin' rot on hour watch, buey. It's all about timing, knot buying too mush. Our onelie recpie wd be to NOT fallow recipes, so it'd be a boring cookbook, tho the nite before we made uni spaghetti, witch was quiet delishus lettuce tell u buey. Sea, for dat we find out when the Japonese market get's fresh urchin (Fridays) cuz that's the onelie day it's available (if dat), wich is how it shd be in markits + restraunts—u shouldn't be able to git anything anytime cuz then inevitably shit goes to waist. Uni spahgetti is pertty straitforward... we just mixed the urchin in w/ olive oil + garlic + lemon + sum little tomatoes (again, just cuz we had 'em on hand + needed to use 'em up before they spoiled). Perhaps wd of bin good w/ parsley but we din't halve any bud we gots a bunch of basil plants that we took in from outside so they wouldn't freeze, so putt a handful of chopped basilico in stead. Save some uni to mix in raw last second + voilà.

4 Nov> On our way back to Bodymore for a few dayzzz. Yesterday we recorded vox on the 7th song, so now we just god 1 togo... + to mix + master 'em.

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