Mix-taping a 5-note liner for "C:/C-Change/6-yr snow," derived from whorling ethereal aether


19 Nov 2019> Almost finished w/ our album... dun w/ recording, now just need to finish mixing/ mastering. As promised, we'll continue to cerealize 3.3 x 3.3 = S.S... hear's the 3rd track, wich is actually a cobbled combination of 3 song remnants. The 1st bit was sumping we recordid in 1990 or 1991, whose journels we're transcribing in parallel hear on The Daily Noose. In fact, on 11/1/1991, 3 weeks before we met our bedder-½, the voix of Sound Furies, we wrote "Getting tired, maybe I’ll go record with my new 5-string slendro scale." Perty sure this was the track, the last thing ever we recordid before selling all our instrawments + abandoning music for 28 yrs. We recordid "C:" (back then we called her "unfinished slendro") on our 4-track but never finished nor put her on a cassette... tho the other day we reelized she already maid a brief appearance on un (at the beginning of "Rocinante"), but dat's ok, she weaves continuity, a thread betwine the 2 albums. The 2nd movement, "C-change," starts at about 1:30 + the 3rd sub-song is perhaps the 1st known "hyper-song"—a track embedded w/in a track... a song we recordid in 1989 + inklooted on our Whorl cassette, but din't inkloot on the the unheard tapes... we always dug the song we just ain't crazy about our voix so wantid to redo her w/ our bedder-½ a'singing. It's also Sound Furies' 1st unplugged (acoustic) "ballad," guess u cd call her. Ain't mush else to say xcept dat she's our ode to climate change. W/o further ado hear's "C: / C-Change / 6-yr Snow," w/ lyrics to follow, case u wanna sing along or redo the song yo self (as always we don't copyrite nada, so feel free... long as u stay copyleft).

C: / C-Change / 6-yr snow

they say it’ll take C change to sway the whirled
1 day this will all be ours
in the waning hours, we'll grab our boards
> Apply sex wax, save or abort?

the waves come in sets of 11, like el niño
how sunspots d'rive the n-tire moondough

it’s not impossible a mouse could eat us all
or dat the moon’s made out of cheese
Cesar himself was born of a C-sexion
on + on the hippocrisis bleeds

2000 yrs + we can’t undo our rongs
30 years ago we dreamt this song:

last night it snowed though it's almost summer
it hasn't snowed here for 6 yrs
maybe it was the silence, like a blanket in the night
we don't know why we had this dream

we got up + danced, to the silence of the snow
+ then we really woke up at home

we were sleeping outside
on the road right next to home
the snow covered us but it was warm
when we woke up we didn't know where we were
it's always nice to wake up away from home

we got up + danced, to the silence of the snow
+ then we really woke up at home

For the video, we collaged footage from the following public-domain flicks: Serpentine Dance (1899), Dream of a Rarebit Fiend (1906), Road to Bali (1952), The Miracle Of Bali (1969), Duck and Cover (1951), The Lost World (1925), Man with a Movie Camera (1929) + Driller Killer (1979)(the band footage of "Tony Coca-Cola + the Roosters" at Max's Kansas City). At the risk of having the video blocked, we also snuck in footage from Wizard of OZ (1939)(cuz the dream the ballad was based on was just like that poppy scene) + Endless Summer (1966)... we probly cd of used other surf footedge in the public domain, but Endless Summer was made the year we was born + we dig the techni colors + feel back then of reel film.

The footedge at the end we shot on our street... it wasn't snowing (dat's special fx), but a few days ago (when it got down to ~25°) the gingkos was dropping all their leaves at once—quiet the phenomena!—tho we couldn't reely capture the scene on our dumb phone, u had to bee dare.

gingko leaf snow on Swann St. (the S.S. in the album name)

When we leaked the 1st track from 3.3 x 3.3 = S.S. (#4, PBR Streetgang) we said we set out to make an album of "dance songs for the apocalypse" (to quote Daniel Ash, when he 1st formed Tones on Tail) but dat the album was ending up more like My Life in the Bush of Ghosts... well, as we peace more of 3.3 x 3.3 = S.S. together we're thinking perhaps we're sounding mo + mo like Portishead (but not nearly as good)(+ this 3rd track is not nessysorrily represenative of this comparison)... not dat we set out to sound like 'em, nor wd we ever want folks calling our music "trip hop" (+ don't agree w/ dat label applied to Portishead). So, like our "PBR Streetgang in the Bush of Ghosts" mixtape we made on Spotify, we seeded another playlist w/ Portishead + added udder songs dat perhaps sound simalure or (subconchusly) inspired the sound of our new album. We call this mixtape "Whorling Ethereal Aether" cuz the above "6-yr Snow" track we took from our 2nd tape, Whorl + cuz the name of our 1st cassette Ethereal Aether captures the spirit of our sound—ethereal, dreamy (tho we're also adverse to the "dream pop" label) + "sensual" (as our non-musician friends called our music). What genre labels don't capture is the choice of notes a band chooses in a song, witch seams vital to a "sound" if u aks us. Far as we know (not dat we profess to no diddly about musick theory) most all the songs on 3.3 x 3.3 = S.S. (as was most on un) are in a minor 5-note scale (usually Em or Dm) or sum other scale we ain't even shore the name uv, cuz those are the nodes we always gravitate tward sin thinking (perhaps from our early exposure to gamelan + also to blues + lots of folk music round the planet), so we mixed in sum tracks dat are in pentatonic, like "Wish You We're Here," "Breakdown," "Yellow Ledbetter," "Purple Haze," "Heartbreaker" and "Born Under a Sign" + we put a Black Mountain song cuz we saw them a few nights ago (w/ Ryley Walker) + sum utter songs we inklooted just cuz. We don't dig Beck (since we found out he was a sighingtologist), but his Sea Change was o.k. + we sorta ripped hym off for the track name "C-change". We also inklooted sum tunes by Dirty Beaches, Ariel Pink, etc. that capsure a curtain lo-fi "wall of noise" sound we aspire to, at least at the mixing phase, where all the instrawments/voices blend together as 1, but then we reelized perhaps dat's the subject of a hole nether post/mixtape...


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