Humping the discourse of autovampiric humanesis to a bottomless blackfoot birdcage along Colorado


12/6/19> Dear Inurnet, we postid our album up on Bandcamp + SoundCloud + uploaded her to DistroKid so shd be up on Spotify, Amazon, etc. by our anniversary (12/24... the official street date).

> If u can't swing the $3.39 on BandCamp (we'd give her away free bud Bandcamp make us set a minumum as due ∀ll the udder places (min is $5.99 on iTunes, Amazon, etc.) then go hear + enter 1 of these DL codes (if 1 don't work then try the next):


+ if they run out lettuce no. Now dat we got dat album behind us we can give our ears a brake! Hope we ain't death by our next album. Sew now we kin git back to writing, specifically "SSEY', volume II (Textiloma) witch is long overdue... tho guess we onelie got d-railed for 2½ months w/ such musickle tangents (we din't d-side til mid-September dat we was gunna make 3.3 x 3.3 = S.S.).

12/7> We can also get back to reading, witch we ain't bin doing mush of this year. Our eyes is also failing us, probly from stairing at a computer screan too mush. We've menshunned Humanesis by David Cecchetto hear, witch weave bin reading off + on this past month or 2. We reely wantid to like it cuz it's a bout 2 of our favorite subjects: sound + post-humanism, but most of hit wint ova our cabeza. Them academic types git so cot up making rigorous arguments + refuting utter philophosers dat day kill the beauty of watt day's tocking a bout. Spose it helps if weed red sum of the folks he goes on about (we've read N. Katherine Hayles but not Dyens + Hansen) + then anudder chapter he spends createeking sum art installation dat sounds cool bud we ain't seen it, yo. Weed rather just see/experience sumping then read an analysis after the fact. The utter thing about post-humanists is dat they is all philophosers... is dare nobody out dare practising watt they preach? Making post-humanist art? He goes on a bout sum folks dat maid us want to check out dare stuff + lots of food for thought no doubt, bud dunno... guess our brain just ain't cut out for such high-flutin' rhetoric. In his criticism of Ollivier Dyens he rites dat «scientific post-human is thus a posthuman divested of subjectivity and trapped in a language of scientific value, where it survives autovampirically»... 1 cd say el mismo bout Cecchetto, don't madder hoose navel u is gazing into, u is still trapped in a human body, buey, far from post-human. Weed rather just watch an auto-vampire moovie (dat Japanese movie Thirst (2009) comes close, in dat 69 scene where dat cupple feeds off eachother... but what wood happen if a vampire self-cannibalized? Implodes into themelf? Seams may-b in Thirst or sum utter vampire moovie the vampire gets so dispirate he takes a hit off their one vein cum ouroboros.

> Such self-contradicting conssesions ain't lost on Cecchetto, ever self-a-wear of the pairodocks we's ∀ll stuck in... when it comes to defining X u is always shooting a mooving target + if u do hit X u kill X, killing X's originull naychair. Thus why he calls the book Humanesis... cuz technological posthumanism = humanesis: a putting-into-discourse of the human. Hit's the age-old cop-out, bud dam if it aint true + ain't no weigh to bootstrap our weigh outta the predicament of defining our skin while still iving in it... unless u remoove «I» from the equation, beecomb anonymous as us... anon I'm us... a.k.a. a.I.

> Y bother at ∀ll, to right? Like Sissyfits pushing the boulder... spose u godda keep the discourse gong or risk deaf, ox. Why we blog hear on The Daily Noose, the book as post-poned sewerside as E. M. Cioran said.

12/8> In the end Cecchetto advocates dat we must adapt to dataverse «smart» technologies. While we proudly remain dinosaurs (skeumorphed luddites at best) we due see the «extracted value» of publishing on Inurnet. In dis vain, a few weeks ago (under the influenze of Humanesis) we embarked on thriver meme. + now we is also thinking of cerealizing Textiloma online. In fact, we's thinking it might force us to finish her, by committing ourselves to a publication skedjewel + cerealizing her online between 1/5/2020 (death-day of dare dad) + 4/3/20 (Chaulky's d-day... or 4/30/20 (his b-day)). Stay tooned.

> Ye'rday we spray painted a skeletal foot black + hung it in a bottomless birdcage we got last week + the hole contraption we hung from the sealing in our starewell turned bell-tower.


The other new member of our family is J.C. (Juan Carlos), a cactus we rescued from our local hardware store dat we notissed living under flouscent lights for months. We replanted hym yer'day in a Japanese pot, witch was no ez chore... had to grab hold of hym w/ 2 sponges so we din't get pricked.


> Haven't dun a Microcosmic DC walk for a while, our bedder-½'s bin outta town or wether was crappy but today was nice so walked up into Rock Creek then emurged at Colorado Ave NW + walked it to it's northern end. Then walked back down 14th st where almost every 1 else on the street was Ethiopian in their white robes. Sum weird mansions along Colorado utterwise not much Ls to rite home about xcept we got 8.5 miles of walking in on sum streets + trails we hadn't scene. Colorado (the state) is wear our bedder-½ wint + lived w/ sum utter guy after dumping us in '92 (the journel of witch we're transcribing now). When we was living in South Dakota in '94 we wint to Colorado a few times climbing 14,000 ft. peaks + halve bin back a few times since to hike or ski.

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