5cense Eagle threads the needle to ill-annoy + how book-X-changing leads to gentrification


26 Jan 2020
Did a short (~8 mile) Microcosmic DC walk today cuz we both got stuff going on + these winter months ain't ideal weather-wise.... chose Illinoise ave NW for no pertickler reason, thru the heart of Petworth. We passed thru 1x on a x-country trip + oh, guess we've bin to Chicago a few times, in 2006 (for &Now) + 2014.


Petworth little liebury





liebury boox w/ a little bench


booty-scored du jour (for our books (Calamari + books that don't fit our box) we left in x-change)


newest memer of our family (Dogon stork we scored at Good Wood for $28 at the end of our walk

Our walks are become more + more about literary cross-pollination to bedder curate our liebury boox. Petworth's got sum quality booxes, but guess they don't come w/o contraversey (see Anonymous Note Decrying Little Free Libraries Sparks Gentrification Debate)... whoever thunk as simpull an act as putting a box up + giving away books could spark such rage? The above booty we'll put in our boox to mix things up, unless we haven't read it (we'll give the Jay McInerney a look). The other day sum 1 left Famished Road by Ben Okri + On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Vuong, the latter of wich we ain't red + have been meaning to check out, so thank u whoever left those. Not that we're doing a lot of reading lately, almost every waking hour spent working on Textiloma: or, The Postmodern Epimetheus. We finished a draft of episode 7 + now started episode 8 (of 12)(tentatively called "Eagle Threads the Needle"), 23 pgs since our last post 5 days ago, so cranking it out... granted drafty + we need time to go back + edit. We're into Ulysses's journels now so all we're doing is editing/editorializing w/ running commentary, but it's hard stuff to get thru (perty much all about his struggles w/ drugs). We've been reading Prometheus Unbound by Percy Shelley, but ain't into much. The best part was the epilog post-humoursly writ by Mary Shelley, who also edited it, against his estate's wishes, leading to sum snide contraversey... dunno, if u aks us we'd say Mary Wollstonecraft was the brilliant brain in that power couple (+ she wrote ... : or, The Modern Prometheus 4 yrs before Percy's Prometheus Unbound,... come up w/ yr one ideas, ox). We saw the (unrelated) movie Prometheus (2012)(obviously we're on an Pro/Epimetheus kick, in the name of research), but it was pertty awful, most def the worst of the Aliens franchise. Also just skimmed the above book about Langston Hughes (seams writ for grade-shcoolers) + quickly read The Tooth Book (normally wouldn't pick up children's book for our boox, but Dr. Seuss is an exception), tho we was disappointed that he only wrote it (as Theo Lesieg (his real name backwords)) + sum other guy did the illustrations.

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