5cense Re: Joyce, reJoyce! U god 9 lives of 2nd chantsses, Ulysses (as we post epi 3). Use them wisely.


31 Jan 2020—Bw/Odymore, M.D.
Dear U (Ulysses), hit episode 9, need to hit [||]+ regroup,... step outta our Bw/Ody for a spell to get purspective + keep hour one self in check, buey. Seams your trusty correspondent found a massive 3-ring binder hidden in a drawer (see epi 3. pgs 253-5) we'd ∀ll but forgotten a bout (who nose what Ls we spaced out...). When we left Rome last year we onely brot-with a few episodes a head of were we was (epi 4) in a slimmer binder, thinking dat was plenty enough till we was reunited w/ the mother ship (our 24" iMac, where we do most of our work, in InDesign). Since then we din't do squat on Textiloma this past year + onely last december did we pick it back up from the scattered reminants. Now weave drafted ahead far as episode 9, of wich this verry text (that your correspondent is typing for The Daily Noose, post #705) might very well kick epi # 9 off, along side your, dear Ulysses, journel, wherein we're now up into 1996... killing 2 birds in the bush w/ 1 stoned, however the sane goes, since our host Bw/Ody (Cal A. Mari) has tasked us (anon I'm us) to both author Textiloma + act as journihilistic correspondent for The Daily Noose.

Reaching epi 9 of Textiloma we need to take a breather cuz it's sum heavy shit, ox, your drug diarrea in the 2 yrs leading leading up to your O.D... heart-wrenching stuff, every day the same story... using, attempting to quit, using, attempting to quit,... ad ∞,... an endless psychle, just like our father Sisyphus humping dat dam stone... well, obviously not endless, unlike your alter ego Prometheus (who was eviscerated by an eagle each night but woke in the mourning w/ liver back in tact) we always have the option to choose deaf by sewerside, like Sisyphus (our pop, not the mythillogical 1), who had sir'O'sis of the liver from ∀ll that C2H5OH + like U couldn't live sans amour nether.

No doubt U drank your fare share of C2H5OH, bud it din't hook U like C21H23NO5... or C21H30O2 (Penelope's drug of choice) witch sighingtists sey ain't sposed to be "psychically" (as U always mispell) addictive, sin embargo Penelope spent her life stoned out of her gourd + U ssey in your journels U waked + baked casi cada día from UCLA on. Loco how it's just Δiffrent combos of C's, H's + O's, rite? Hooch mine-us pot ≈ dope + 9 upside-down = 6 + 3 backwords = ∃ = there exists (to mathletes like us). U god 9 lives of 2nd chantsses, Ulysses, reJoyce, reJoyce!

3 = merehorror imedge of 9, to Egyptians anywaze. They was counting knuckles on their digits (excluding thumb) or sum such shit. If we wint down the Egyptian path (duodecimal, not to be conused w/ dewey decimal) stead of the Arab way this is how our clocks would look today (mapped to musical nodes even):

Witch brings us to the key of ƒ. Our host (Telemachus + also ½ of Sound ƒuries, has 31 dayzzz of sobriety under our belt, un mes entera. And we have lots of pot lying round the crib in herb + gummy bear form + haven't touched that for months, never did form a habit w/C21H30O2 ... C2H5OH however, we started to drink habitually these past ~2 deckaids leading up to 2020 + the deckaid b4 dat (the 1 in wich U died ('90s) was off + on). So far this deckaid we ain't drunk a drop + we got lodes of wine + beer round the house to tempt us cuz we keep throwing dinner parties where folks bring us more then they drink + weave bin embibing nada but kombucha, soda H2O, O'doul's ± hot T. Ulysses's record was 17 jours sans dope or pot... if we can believe U. But why wd U lie in your journels? In letters to us, [H]ope + others U claimed to go for a month on the wagon.

It's 9:12 AM now. Our bedder-½ went to Bw/Odymore for the noche + we almost wint just to facilitate a clean break b-tween episodes 8 + 9, since weave bin working non-stop these past few weeks + might due us good to step outside this home/Bw/Ody weave bin inhabiting to stay in charactor as your journihilistic correspondent. We're writing this on our laptop tho, in Dreamweaver, as if we was on the road. Our laptop lets us write from wherever, tho the battery carries less + less capacity, down to about 1 hour max. We cd bee anywhere, in the living room, dining room in front of the fire (where we're writing from now), the kitchen or even up on the roof, tho it's too cold today for that. Such luckshorey Ulysses never had—a home, a loving wife of 24+ yrs... or actually U did, when U was shacking up w/ [H]ope in Nice + had lots of prospects lined up, but U din't appreciate what U had at the time (who does) + was hooked on drugs. Bud U are ½ of us now, so U, TU, get to expirence the rest of our life w/ US, ox!

Just cuz we ain't in Bw/Odymore (not sure ever U graced Charm City?) don't mean we can pertend we're halving an out of home/Bw/Ody expirence. In fact, we got sum photos from our last cupple trips to Bw/Odymore that we never bothered to post b4:


xzbit 129. your correspondant a.I. striking a pose in Bw/Odymore (home of Under Armour)


Josephine Baker (we saw the artist the day before pasteying the broken chards of merehorror)


Sisyphean adult day care




city of Poe




We din't ℝeely go to Bw/Odymore, but we did go for a walkabout just cuz we was getting cabin fever. Wd of gone for a run but our right calf was cramping up last week so giving it a brake to heel. Like U, we go stir crazy if we don't run or do sum sorta exorcise daily, can't imagine ∀ll the miles weave run these past 2-3 deckaids, not to mention walking (in NYC, Rome, DC + wherever else). We dint do a microcosmic DC walk ayer cuz we reserve those for our bedder-½, Nausicaa. Wint solo on a randum walk wherever + brot sum liebros so we cd cross-pollinate our Calamari liebury boox. Sides books, we even picked up a crystaly stone dat cot our I in Rock Creek + like our father Sisyphus we humped the stone home on our back to put in our back yard.

Weave bin reading The Informers by Bret Easton Ellis, a liebro we got from a liebury boox sumwhere (+ yesterday sum1 left American Psycho in our boox, cheers!.. tho doubt wheel read dat). U, dear Ulysses, wd probly rather we rote like B.E.E., in finishing Textiloma? Or maybe your style would've evolved over the years like us... your stile IS re:evolving now dat U've turned into ½ of Us. Bud B.E.E. definitely captured the spearit of the '80s + this book takes place in L.A. Our cousin whose movie we worked on together in Nice even wint on to adapt 1 of B.E.E.'s books after U O.D.'ed (Rules of Attraction). We probly won't put that past sentence in Textiloma (we call the director Spike Jonez) cuz cousin IT don't want us to use his ℝeel name. Not sure what of this text we'll inkloot in L liebro... vamos a ver. Mañana we post episode 3 ("Archival Drawers Gone South")... stay tooned.

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