5cense Defragmenting our drive along Wisconsin to chase a Chevy on a wild goosle for an Ottawa Massage


02/20/2020> How about dat for a date, dear Inurnet? Our iMac is acting up again so hopping on our laptop here wile we reboot, wich is taking forever but we don't want to interrupt cuz last time we did dat our screan looked comme ça:

2/22/2020> Another 2-filled date + another day of stairing @ a screan of DO NOT ENTER starting to freak us out cuz we're baysickly in the 26th mile of a marathon (in rapping up Textiloma)... eventually figgered out it don't help much dat we got very little available space on our harddrive wich we never paid much mined to before cuz we wreckoned a terrabyte was plenty nuff, but guess not... weed used up all but 20 GB so our machine was working OT allocating space for every action we did. Managed to free up 50 GB or so just by deleting sum files + aps we don't need + things seam bedder... InDesign still crashes as always, but we're able to recover from it, apparently how InDesign was designed to work, as well as Adobe DreamWeaver (wich we rite this this) dat also spontaneously likes to crash for no apparent reason.

2/24/2020> Yesterday we walked Wisconsin Ave NW for our Microcosmic DC project, wich is the main street running N-S thru Georgetown up to Chevy Chase. Our bedder-½ lived for a few years of her childhood in Wisconsin, but don't think we've ever even bin, tho we do like the Packers + cheese. Not a bad walking street either, hear's sum of what we saw:


baptismal font inside National Cathedral:




callbox in Tenleytown

Tenleytown is where the garbage people come from, that much we know. We walked Wisconsin up to Friendship Heights then ate at a Districo Taco + took the metro back cuz we had work to do + it was already a 9 mile slog getting up there since we started down along the Canal revisiting old haunts in G-town. Scored a few books inklooting the new Ottessa Mosfegh, witch when we googled to see if we spelled her name right it said: "Did you mean: Ottawa Massage". Oh, we also got a book "How Google Works" wich we thought was perty funny, as a book.

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